Height preference

Ladies what is your preferred height of a man

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View Poll Results: Ideal height your attracted too
6'4 6 16.67%
6'3 2 5.56%
6,2 5 13.89%
6,1 6 16.67%
6,0 4 11.11%
5,11 5 13.89%
5,10 3 8.33%
5'9 1 2.78%
5'8 4 11.11%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

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Height preference

Ladies what is your preferred height of a man
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Can you change the poll to include a 'don't care' option?
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He has to be at least 6 foot.....


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My girl's a height queen...

That aside, the majority of women will say "taller than me", and the rest won't care.
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Any height over 6'3" is perfect for me. I fetishized height somewhere along the way. I haven't lain with a man under 6'2" in 14 years, and I do not see that changing. The one time I was planning to make an exception, the dude was literally painfully bad at kissing, and had a 2.5" penis, so it didn't happen. I suppose it is still possible for me to get excited by a guy who is average height, (as long as he is taller than me when I have on heels) but it's only happened once in 14 years, so I'd say it's rare for me. I don't care much about penis size, but I do care about height.

I didn't answer the poll, because I don't have any one specific ideal height, but rather a range, and my husband's height is 6'5", not on your list.

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.

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In other words: Men under 5'8, please jump off a bridge because you'll never get a woman.

This is not a womens issue.

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You just have to be taller than them when they're in heels.

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Prefer men to be 5'10+ as I am 5'7 so I can wear up to 3" heels without being taller than them.

Prefer women to be a few inches of my height, but no taller than 5'9".

Note I wrote 'prefer', I've been out with a 5'6 man and a 5'11 woman, so my preferences are not set in stone.
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Six foot and up please.

I wish my nipples were half as sensitive as some of the users on this site.
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I am 5'8. So as long as they are taller than me, I don't care. Except I do wear high heels that can take me up to 5'11ish.
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height, preference

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