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Originally Posted by Big Jake I'm guessing he's dreaming, right? I withdraw the above statement due to my being a complete moron.

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Originally Posted by Big Jake View Post
I'm guessing he's dreaming, right?

I withdraw the above statement due to my being a complete moron.

If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared” (Nicolo Machiavelli) Especially when in the gym.
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Chris awoke the next morning with a horribly dry mouth and cramping in his arms and legs. He started to sit up, but suddenly felt light-headed. His stomach and thighs felt strange. The entire bed was wet and clammy. What the hell? Chris carefully levered himself to a seated position and immediately leapt out of bed, though doing so nearly made him stumble. The sheets were soaking with a flood of cum, like someone had dumped gallons of jizz all over the bed. His thighs, stomach, and chest were all coated with a dried film of spunk as well. Looking down at his improved organ, Chris could see that it seemed to be fine, though even longer and thicker than the 14 inches flaccid he had estimated yesterday, before the second ‘incident’ with the cream. However, his huge meaty balls seemed almost deflated, hanging loosely in his nutsack. Again, a wave of lightheadedness and nausea washed over him. I think I’m dehydrated! I’ve got to get something to drink. Despite his queasiness at being coated in dried semen, Chris carefully stepped around the cum-filled socks littering the floor and the pools of jizz leaking from them as well. He bent almost double at the sink and began to guzzle water from the faucet directly. Chris didn’t stop gulping water until he felt his stomach start to distend and he could barely swallow another drop. He started to rub his full, bulging tummy until he realized that it was still covered in his own spunk.

“Ugh! Gross! I’ve gotta wash this gunk off!” Chris realized that the dorm room, however, had only a sink, and no shower. The showers were down the hall. How do I get down there without anyone noticing? Fuck! Do they even have shower curtains? Chris quickly considered his options as his skin crawled with the sensation of the jizz all over his body. He retrieved the white terry cloth robe and donned it, loosely fitting on his smaller figure. He lifted his flaccid cock to his chest, and closed the robe around it. He carefully arranged the robe to cover his balls, and picked up a towel. Slinging the towel over one shoulder, the folds of the towel obscured most of the outline of his cock through the robe. He then picked up his toiletry bag and held it in front of the visible bulge in the robe caused by his scrotum. He examined himself quickly in the mirror and, satisfied, poked his head out of the door. Seeing no one, he quickly exited his room and swiftly walked to the showers. He entered the bathroom and heard both showers and male voices. Damn! I knew this was too easy. Chris started to turn around, but saw someone else walking down the hall towards the showers. He quickly changed course and progressed towards the shower stalls.

With a silent sigh of relief, Chris saw that the showers, while not separate private stalls, each had a curtain at least. He selected the one on the far right, which seemed to be empty. He carefully faced the wall before putting down the bag, which had served to camouflage his massive ballsack. He retrieved his soap and shampoo from the bag, and tried to figure out how to get into the shower without being seen naked. As he paused, a glistening, wet teen stepped out of the shower next to him. The guy appeared to be maybe Spanish or South American, with tanned skin and well-defined, if not overly buff, muscles. His limp cock, however, was fairly large, or would have seemed so to Chris yesterday. He had a well groomed mustache and goatee, and smiled at Chris as he stepped out of the shower. “Hey, man. How’s it goin’?”

Chris almost leapt into the shower, still fully dressed in the robe. “Uh, OK I guess. How are you?” Chris carefully removed the robe, keeping his back to the other man. Unless he’s checking out my ass, I don’t think he will see anything. Chris reached backwards and hung the robe on the hook outside the shower before sliding the shower curtain closed.

“I’m doing good. Hey, are you the guy from room 202?” asked the stranger, toweling off unselfconsciously. Chris turned on the water and swallowed nervously.

“Well, yeah. How did you know that?”

“Man, all of us were talking about who you were. We all heard you banging that girl last night. I’ve never heard a girl scream like that. You must have fucked her brains out! Girl was moaning for like, two hours.“ Several other voices agreed with his comments.

“Uh, actually, that was my room-mate Terry, not me, ” confessed Chris.

“Oh, shit! Really, man? It’s going to suck rooming with that guy. She kept screaming about his horse cock. He must be fucking huge! It’s gonna be rough when your roomie’s got the biggest dick on campus. He’ll get all the girls.” The guy finished toweling off and pulled on a pair of tight jeans. Several other voices agreed, laughing. “Keep him away from me, man. I don’t need that kind of competition. Catch you later, man. Name’s Javier.” Javier gave a quick wave and strolled out of the bathroom.

Goddamn it! Now everyone here thinks that I have a tiny penis compared to Terry’s horse cock. Walking around with those baggy Goth pants is just going to make me look even more pathetic and self-conscious. Chris began to shower, listening to the other guys talking about the ‘huge’ guy in 202. Now I look even more like a ‘tiny Asian’. Why else would I jump into the shower stall before undressing unless I have a little dick? Chris shampooed his hair, fuming. Shit! These guys haven’t even seen Greg yet. I’ll be the little emo Asian with two huge dicked roommates. Only I could fuck up growing a bigger cock.

As Chris moved from washing his hair to scrubbing his body, however, his feelings about growing a bigger cock rapidly began to improve. The warm water felt fantastic cascading down his thick shaft and pouring off his massive balls. The huge amount of water Chris had gulped down in the room seemed to have both refreshed him, and replenished his “supply”. His nuts now swelled out his sack, fat and round, rather than sagging and limp. As he soaped up his hands, he could already feel his rod swelling in anticipation.
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The story is still going great can't wait for more.
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definitely! Just a curiosity: we know Chris woke up in his wet bed, but where did Terry and Greg spend the night? Didn't they return to the room?

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Been quiet..... Where are our writers.... :(
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Sorry! It's been a busy few days, and a home repair emergency just ate up the time I expected to have last night and today. I do have some more in the works, but it probably won't be up until Monday (including the return of Terry and Greg).
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We all wait anxiously, but take your time and thanks :)

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a collective thanks...
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good work
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Man, I’ve can’t get enough! Chris grasped his prick at the base with his right hand and began stroking it smoothly with his soapy hand. His left hand cradled one ball, and then the other, caressing them through his sensitive sack. Before Chris had even completed a second stroke, his massive fuckstick was already too thick to grasp in one hand. Reluctantly, he stopped massaging his nutsack and moved both hands onto his hot, throbbing dick. Chris shuffled into a wider stance, letting his huge, heavy nuts swing between his legs. He turned to face the showerhead, feeling the warm spray running down his chest and over his balls. Mmmmmm…Spreading his legs even further apart, Chris backed up until his firm, smooth buttocks touched the cool tile of the shower wall. He then leaned back further, feeling both his back, and his weighty ballsack contacting the colder shower wall as well. Unhh...As Chris continued to slowly stroke the gigantic meat in his hands, he angled his shaft upwards, so that the hot shower massaged the underside of his cock with a steady spray of water. The strong jet of water churned against both his throbbing dick and drummed against the soft skin of his testicles. Fuck! This feels sooo good! Chris spared his monstrous member a moment’s attention and turned the water up. The feeling was incredible, and Chris shifted his grip on his erection to nearer the head to allow the cascading water to caress as much of his cock and balls as possible. Doing so brought his massive, reddish cockhead directly in front of his face. Oh, what the fuck? It’s perfectly clean. I’m in the shower!

Chris opened his mouth and tentatively licked the side of his cockhead, avoiding its huge slit. The sensation felt so incredible, and so taboo, that he nearly came on the spot. Fuuuuuuck! That feels amazing! Chris began to lick his cockhead with wild abandon, slurping up the water on it. Mmmmmm. Tastes sooo good. It was far too massive to possibly insert into his mouth, but Chris manhandled his cock with one hand below the head, and started kissing it with his open mouth, sucking on the small expanse that he could encompass with his mouth. His other hand continued to stroke his shaft aggressively. As warm as the water was, it was nothing compared to the heat of his hard, throbbing cock. Even his tongue felt cool in comparison as he furiously lapped at his own cock. Oh, God, yes! I love this cock! I fucking love this cock! As Chis maneuvered his dick so that he could lick the very tip, he felt the beginning of an unstoppable orgasm. “Uggggh!”, Chis moaned, his voice echoing in the tiled shower room. The first massive gobbet of spunk splattered into Chris’s hair and on his shoulder. Chris reflexively lowered the aim of his cock, and the first was followed by a second, and third, and fourth huge eruption of thick, ropey jizz. He continued to pump his fat cock and it continued to respond with more and more semen. Yesss! Yes! Come for me! Come for me! Chris stroked his monster until no more jizz emerged. Then he straightened up and rinsed the spunk out of his hair, and off his shoulders, continuing to gently massage his softening shaft with one hand while doing so. That’s a good boy.

Once he felt he was cleaned off, Chris turned off the shower and carefully reached one arm out to grab his towel. He toweled off slowly, relishing the feel of the cloth on his cock and balls. He dried them off with particular care and attention. It’s a good thing I wasn’t licking the tip of my cock when I came. All of that cum would have gone in my mouth! I don’t think I could even swallow all of that, even if I wanted to. It felt really good, though. I’ve got to find some way to get a girl to lick my cock! Chris dried himself off, though his continued attention prevented his cock from going completely soft. He reached outside the shower curtain again and retrieved the robe. Wrapping it around his body, he pulled his semi-hard cock against his chest again, marveling at how warm it was. Chris carefully draped the robe over his bulging balls and shut it tightly, pressing his cock to his torso. He tied the robe closed and again draped the towel over his shoulder, concealing the thickness of his penis underneath it. He stepped out of the shower and grabbed the toiletry bag, using it to disguise the massive bulge of his balls. Carefully walking down the hall, Chris savored the sensation of his heavy balls swaying beneath the robe. He lightly stroked his cock through the towel, feeling it start to harden again. I probably have time for a few more before class. Chris opened the door to his room, revealing a floor covered with two dozen cum-soaked socks, three discarded bottles of lotion, two empty pizza boxes, a drained two-liter, and a bed drenched in jizz, as well as two roommates glaring at him with crossed arms.

“Dude! What the fuck!?!”, said Terry, and Greg.
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“Dude! What the fuck!?!”, said Terry, and Greg.
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Still loving this story!
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The two larger, muscular athletes advanced on Chris, who dropped his hands and tried to look non-threatening, which only served to expose the massive bulge in the front of his robe, and the outline of his swelling cock under the fabric.

“What’s the idea of cumming all over my bed?” demanded Terry.

“That’s not fair! You had sex on my bed first. I tried to catch it all in your socks, so it wouldn’t soak the mattress, but I ran out of socks!”, said Chris, defensively. I can’t believe all this cum is mine! This cock is unstoppable!, he thought with pride.

“His socks! Those socks are mine! You jerked off in twelve pairs of my socks, and now you’re wearing my robe!” Greg grabbed the shoulders of the robe and slid it off Chris’s lithe body. Chris’s thickening cock, freed from its confinement, swung forward and hit Greg in the chest. Both athletes stepped backward with a shared gasp. Chris could feel more blood surging into his massive prick as it stiffened into a gigantic, thick erection.

“It’s not my fault! Look at my dick! i can’t control it! I jerked off twenty four times last night, and I still spend all night cumming in wet dreams. i just jerked off in the shower and I want more! My cock can’t get enough!” I’m rock hard right in front of these guys! Yesterday I was so embarassed, but what do I have to be embarassed about? My cock is bigger than either one of theirs!

Greg seemed amazed by the sight before him, a slim, wiry Asian teen with an enormous, thick, veiny cock bobbing up and down, legs spread apart to accommodate huge, heavy balls. “I think you’re even bigger than you were yesterday, dude. That thing is gigantic. It must weigh a ton! How does it-“

Terry, however, did not seem as mesmerized by Chris’s titanic boner. “What do you mean ‘It’s not your fault?’ You’re the one who stole all my growth cream. You put it all over your dick! It’s totally your fault, you little jerk!”

Chris, unthinking, advanced on both of them, and marveled inwardly as they both stepped back from his massive cock. “You’re blaming me? You two good-looking jocks both come to college and get a room together, so you don’t have to share a room with a stranger. One of you has a foot-long dick, and the other just lucks into a cream that gives him a foot-long dick. I get here and you both treat me like some stupid joke. You don’t make fun of your friend for being gay, but you looked at me and immediately dismissed me as a nerd and a loser. You didn’t do anything to be good-looking. You didn’t do anything to earn twelve inch cocks. You both walk around showing off your big cocks and hot bodies, and you humor the nerdy little Asian guy and let him tag along. You dump him in somebody’s room and go off and have sex with hot girls. Then you come back here and jerk off together, too!”

“I’m just supposed to lie there and take it? I’m supposed to be happy to be the laughing stock of college, like I was the joke at high school? Were you going to call me “Spring Roll” too, or did you guys have some other name thought up? It wasn’t bad enough being smaller than my brother; now I’m rooming with two studs with foot long cocks! I’m sorry I used up all of your growth cream, but I’m not sorry I took it. Were you planning on getting this big?” Chris finished his diatribe by turning to the side and swinging one arm out, as if to display the tremendous erection that he sprouted.

Terry seemed to deflate. “Chris…I hadn’t thought about it like that. I still think it’s a douche move to steal my growth cream. You could have asked me, and you might not have gotten so big. If I’m being honest though, I don’t know if I would have shared it with you. I was really caught up in how cool it felt to be big, and I immediately forgot about how it felt to have a small dick. I knew you were smaller than me, so it made me feel more important. The dumb thing is, I bet I was smaller than you were before the cream, and I know how badly I wanted to be bigger. I remember getting teased about it all the time, and I didn’t even have a brother rubbing it in.”

Greg stepped in to interject. “Chris, we all have to get along as roommates all year. Let’s try and be fair. If you will wash up Terry’s sheets, Terry will clean up your stuff.”

“I’ll wash your socks, too”, offered Chris.

“Uh, I don’t think I’ll be able to look at those socks again the same way. How about you buy me a few new pairs?” Chris nodded, his gigantic member bobbing with the motion.

“And, as long as we are on the topic of fairness, you got to see both of us jerk off. It’s only fair that we get to watch you jerk off too.”
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I just read this whole story so far in two hours. Definitely caught my attention!!!
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