I want to watch my girlfriend fuck...

This is a long story, so bear with me, but here goes... I have a fantasy of watching my girlfriend fuck another man, but I just feel like a freak... am I weird? I think

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I want to watch my girlfriend fuck...

This is a long story, so bear with me, but here goes...

I have a fantasy of watching my girlfriend fuck another man, but I just feel like a freak... am I weird?

I think the motivation comes from many different places, starting with the fact that I grew up fairly unattractive and couldn't get any female attention. I thinned out and suppose I'm decent looking now, but still always see myself as the fat kid I used to be. Because of this I see a lot of guys as more attractive than me. Also, the lack of attention (and therefore sexual attention) makes me feel inadequate sexually even though I've had 2 of my 6 girls tell me I've been the best sex they've ever had (I'm roughly 8x6.75). Seeing giant dicks in porn and on this site doesn't help either! haha! I've just never had the opportunity for lots of sex and it makes me feel undesired and therefore makes me feel small. Three of these girls told me I'm big (including my current gf), but just my downward attitude of myself makes me believe that they're just being nice to me.

I like thinking of my girlfriend fucking other guys because, #1 she is VERY attractive and I love watching her body and seeing her pleased. #2 It's almost a form of fantasy to see her with a chiseled, VERY hung guy, because I can kind of pretend it's me. I can escape my views of myself and imagine that I'm the guy fucking her with all the physical qualities I know girls love. #3 I feel undeserving of such an attractive girl (because of my self image) and I almost worship/adore the kind of man I wish I was. #4 I've never had any agressive women and the thought of her wanting sex so much that she'd fuck another guy even though we're dating is so hott. Cheating is a really taboo stimulation for me. The idea of sexual desire being SO great that it supercedes even a relationship is just amazing.

I don't think any of it's gay, because the thought of touching another man just makes my stomach turn. It's more of an adoration of a beautiful body and penis, and a desire to be like that myself.

I've discussed all this with her and she says she understands. She says she has no real desire to be with anyone else besides me, but she gets where I'm coming from. So after some discussion, I suggested to her that she go try out a friend of hers (a couple years younger than me) that we both knew to be hung. I told her that I'd rather her try it out now than always wonder about it later. So one night she met him and followed him back to his place. They had sex for about 3 hours and I got him to tell me all the details later. She claims that she could barely notice any difference between him and I, and also says that she'd rather be with me. Even after all this, I can't shake that feeling of inadequacy.

I think about the story of them fucking and it always turns me on instantly. I requested that when they fucked, that she let him do so unprotected because she likes it better that way, and also I love natural sex. It's so exciting to think of the risk of pregnancy and her potential desire to want his perfect genes in her baby. She complied and when he offered a condom, she told him definitely not. I also love thinking about him cumming in her. It's so sexy because it's just the heighest height of the whole act... and also when it's a big cock that's squirting all that cum, it's like the ultimate symbol of manhood. He did cum in her (which she also likes internal ejaculation), and he still fucked her in another 2 positions afterward! Lucked out, no baby... but I still fantasize about him being her stud playtoy. We use it during sex and dirty talk, but she says she only does it because I like to hear it. She said it was good with him, but she doesn't really care that it even happened or not.

I wish I had gotten to see her, or wish they'd made a video or something, but since they didn't, I just cant seem to shake this desire. It remains unfulfilled.

I know I've got some issues, but does all this make me a bad person?

and here are some pics of the guy she got to fuck...
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D_Woody Wilson
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Voyeurism is normal in all of us.. Can't imagine why you would have a body image problem, you look awesome!

Your gf is a lucky woman. First to have YOU, and second, to be able to enjoy someone else with your blessing. Perhaps you might consider NOT comparing yourself to anyone else and just accept yourself for the great guy you are.
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D_Woody Wilson
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As for your thinking "it's not a gay thing" no, but it is definitely bisexual. Embrace yourself and enjoy life.. it's already far too short.
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ok if you know how to measure you are also cut and hung, so you need to put that part of it aside and just focus on the voyerism and possible bisexual part of it

edit: missed his pictures the first time, he isn't 8 inches long, so if you are smaller than him you aren't close to 8 inches.
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Its not that easy... I hear what everyone tells me, but I have that residual self image that's been burned into me for 20+ years. I always see myself as inadequate and feel a need to defer to someone better.
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Originally Posted by hud01 View Post
ok if you know how to measure you are also cut and hung, so you need to put that part of it aside and just focus on the voyerism and possible bisexual part of it

edit: missed his pictures the first time, he isn't 8 inches long, so if you are smaller than him you aren't close to 8 inches.
And yes... I know how to run a ruler and from my stomach to the tip is like 7.75... and the way I worded it " about 8" " sounds accurate to me.
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Love the story. I'd let you watch me fuck her.
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I have come across other men who want to watch their girlfriend having sex with another man, including one who positively got off on it.
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First of all you are not fat! You might not be the most muscular or ripped guy out there but you are in pretty good shape. Second,my suggestion to you is that if you enjoy watching another man fuck your girlfriend,maybe you should try goin to a swinger club or find some swingers. Trust me when I say,when you involve people that you guys know involved in that form of setting,it might get messy. Good Luck
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Many people used to be something, but are not anymore. You need to find a way to get over your past and live in your present. Have you ever talked about your feelings with a counselor? Maybe you need to start your day thinking of your positives...1) you have a great body 2) you have a big dick and 3) you have a hot gf who wants you.

Looking at your pictures and the pictures of the other guy...I'd pick you!
Your body + your dick = HOT!

As far as wanting to watch your gf with another guy, I don't think there is anything wrong with it, as long as it's for the right reasons. But you want her to do it because you feel inadequate and I think that is the wrong reason and could damage or end your relationship.

Sorry, but I don't cam.

It's not the dick that makes the man, it's the man that makes the dick.

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You really need to feel inadequate. There are only 137.1 Million men in America that wished they had your cock and body.

Come see me and I'll show you how adequate you really are.

PS There are 138.1 Million men in America.

I'm sorry but I do not accept friends request or Chat from those who have not posted cock pictures or haven't sent me a friendly Hi via message of some sort.

Unless you have a real 12 inches with pictures. Then forget all of the above, just come on over.
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I will suggest that it is based in some bi feeling. Do not be ashamed, it is ok!!!!
Anyway, I think your are getting with the guy by proxy and you like mens bodies and you like penis.
It is ok, you can also like Pussy. =)

Enjoy who you are, because as Dadd up there said, it is TOO short, life that is, not your dick!
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Every so often someone posts on this topic.

Pitbull understands.
However, your feelings of inadequacy seem to be restricted to you.
Your hot girlfriend wants only you.

Don't mess up a good thing.
Your girlfriend does not find you inadequate.
You keep pushing her towards other men and she will feel like she doesn't meet your needs and will eventually want to be with someone who appreciates her, desires her, and doesn't want to share her.

Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when she leaves you.
And you will say to yourself at that point - "I'm inadequate."
and unfortunately, you will not recognize that it is not your body or your cock that is inadequate but your own self image and ability to have a healthy relationship with a great woman because of these stupid thoughts.

Originally Posted by petite

I think Pitbull is on to something!
I think he's right.

Pitbull, have I told you lately I you?

QUOTE=(Name Protected)
"I haven't been on LPSG for Months.
If I want to see a big penis, I tell Pitbull to drop his pants."

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Eloquently put Pitbull!
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Pics should have been of you, you're hot!

Why would your gf want anyone else when she's already got a hot guy? Your fantasy is not hers, she would be freaked out at the suggestion.
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fuck, girlfriend, watch

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