Scars after circumcision !?

i did already ... so don't tell that i shouldn't do it better to give me information regarding my questions ...

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i did already ... so don't tell that i shouldn't do it

better to give me information regarding my questions ...

*** 29-y-o German ... NOT Thai ***
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Well then, that scar's there for good chief.
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There is no way to get that perfectly even color back. Mederma and vitamin E oil might help. This is a question you ask BEFORE major surgery. It is unfortunate that you waited until after.

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

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ThaiDude, doN't put vitamin E oil until your scar has closed and is "solid". After that, you can apply vitamin E *oil* once or twice a day to the scar area. This is the pure oil you get in a small jar.

You shouldn'r worry too much about the scar. Within a year, chances are good that you won't see a scar anymore. But you will see the colour difference between the two skins that are joined at the circumcision.

Welcome to the club.

Oh, and as soon as your scar is healed in an area, you can remove the stutures. The quicker they are out, the more comfortable you will be and the faster the rest will heal.
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Some circa scars are so sexy - and the colouration

Almost enough to make me want to have the op
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back to germany ...
yesterday i bought the pure vitamin E oil at CVS ...
I will apply it every day ... let's see what happens ...

If there are any other suggestions regarding "how to deal with scars", please let me know!

*** 29-y-o German ... NOT Thai ***
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Scar formation after tissue damage. Is the Pope catholic?
I have no idea how many years ago you got circumcised, but leave it as it is and wait and see, if the scar has nothing to do with any functional problems. Time is a healer.
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Originally Posted by jeff926 View Post
I have no idea how many years ago you got circumcised
i can tell you ... 0,15 years ago ... 2 months ;-)
i am quite satisfied with the result.
however, i'm trying to figure out if there are any products that help to get a perfect optic ...

at the moment i am using neosporin + the german contractubex + vitamin E oil + TIME :)

*** 29-y-o German ... NOT Thai ***
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2 months after circumcision, your scar shoudl be perfectly closed, and neosporin is of no use. You don't need antibiotic anymore.

The *theory* about Vitamin E oil, and it is just a theory (as for all thsoe scar treatments) is that it accelerates the rare of collagen cell destruction.

A scar has much collagen in it. It dies at a certain rate, and builds up at a certain rate. If you increase the rate of death, the scar will be reduced.

Note that for most males, after a year or two, the scar isn't visible anymore, only the colour difference where the 2 skins join.
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Jeff said time is the best healer. I guess that's right ... cuz I found out that the scars feel hard after applying Vit E oil ... and if I don't apply anything, it feels soft and nice ... I guess I really shouldn't do anything. Just wait ...

The first days after circumcision I was really shocked because everything looked so horrible ... but now it looks better day by day ...

However, I am sure there must be a product which helps to get a nice optic ... maybe I should try the scar gels or lotions that I mentioned already !? Maybe the Mederma?

*** 29-y-o German ... NOT Thai ***

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ThaiDude, while applying VitaminE oil, the scar area feels different and redder. Burt that is because of the "process" going on, and when you end it, you notice the scar is much better.

Vitamine E is not PROVEN to be better at reducing scars. Neither is Mederma. It is also very hard to gauge the effectiveness because every individual heals differently, so two guys circumcised on same day, one using Vitamin E oil and the other not using it, you couldn't compare the results anyway.

However, the theory that VitaminE oil accelerates destruction of collagen cells seems to be well founded. (scars are made of hard collagen cells). During scar formation, more collagen is formed than destroyed. Afterwards, the hope is that fewer collagen cells are formed than are destroyed which causes the scar to atrophy/disapear.
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OK, at least I should go on applying the oil for a week or two ... let's see what happens.

*** 29-y-o German ... NOT Thai ***
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I have a large white scarred area on the top of my cock just behind the head. Got tired of the remarks and the way it looked, so I had a flame tattoo done to cover the area. I do have a nice brown circumcision ring scar that looks quite nice. Check out my pic.
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Your scar is at the brown ring. The white spots are probably vitiligo. Skin cells lose their colour. (that is what michale jackson had).
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The doctor told me it was scar tissue, not vitiligo.

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circumcision, scars

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