Partner can't take all of your cock?

So this forum is called sex with a large penis, have you ever been frustrated because your partner couldn't take it all the way? What do you do in those situations - force it in

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Partner can't take all of your cock?

So this forum is called sex with a large penis, have you ever been frustrated because your partner couldn't take it all the way? What do you do in those situations - force it in or only use part of it? Any experiences or stories cause I'd love to hear them
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I'm not that big, But I think i nearly hit the very back of my gf's pussy when she's on top. it would probbaly be painful if I were an inch longer.
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I used to get complaints from my ex when I'd hit her cervix (if that's what it is) when I'd try putting it all in. More of a frustration from her side of things though. Not that it stopped me from doing it again
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A lot of girls would say:

"Can we just stop for a minute?" (and never start again)
"Can I have a rest for a minute, I'm sore."

But there were a few diamonds who I could fuck as hard as I wanted for as long as I wanted. One could fuck for longer than I could, she literally loved my cock.

I think a lot of girls experience a bit of pain but they accept it.

The girl I'm seeing now (long, dramatic story) can't really take my penis but she tries her best because she wants to please me. She is naturally a 'smaller' woman and even told me she prefers smaller guys.

We will see how it goes. Maybe the less than ideal fit is an omen of things to come.

Sometimes I have put my dick in someone too fast and they wince/pull away. My girl's eyes turn really big and she looks like a deer in the headlights when I enter her. It's actually quite sweet. But it is frustrating that I can't fuck hard or even at a steady pace as I like to.


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Some days it's frustrating (for both of us), others it's a turn-on. I'm probably developing some kind of complex.
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Sometimes ya just have to only use positions where you don't go real deep. Some girls liked it rubbing on their cervix if they were on top but not usually when pounding into it.

I've even held my cock at the base so it only went like half way so I could pound her without going deep. When it's a problem I just let her pick positions and whatever is comfortable.

I love it when I can find a girl I can fuck deep with their legs up by her head.
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I never get all the way in without my partner pushing me back!
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Originally Posted by bignlong View Post
I never get all the way in without my partner pushing me back!
Be patient, big guy, you have one of the largest dicks in the world
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I have never had a partner that I was physically unable to penetrate all the way, but I have certainly had some who didn't want me too, or didn't want me to some of the time.
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For the most part all of my partners have been able to take all of me. Save for the occasional position in which I get too deep and hit bottom - but other than that.

My previous partner would never let me put her leg on my shoulders because I would get too deep and hit bottom. I would tell her that I wouldn't go deep but she wouldn't let me. So that would be the only case in which she couldn't take it. But I'm not THAT big so I've never had this problem.

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Its not a problem with her vagina, she has admitted in the past to having a boyfriend with a massive cock, which she freely admits that she could take and enjoyed. Its just that she has a gagging reflex and finds it very difficult even to get the head of my cock in her mouth. We love oral sex but it puts a bit of a downer when she can only suck on the head. Although in a strange way it is very good for the ego when she keeps saying your too big. Even better when she complains to her friends about my size :)
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Well...I am a bottom and from my experience I am fully capable of taking my man's cock without much effort. Then again, for a fun little experiment in the name of science and fun, we used a double-ended dildo and found that I could take up to 13 inches (with tons of lube) without being too uncomfortable. That's why I think toys and training are such a wonderful thing. You get to find out your limits a lot better that way.
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Different kinds of sex raise different issues. Vaginal sex, when I take a lot of time and pay attention, no problem. There have been a few times when I was having acute horniness attacks that it was a problem. Almost all women can take a lot if they have time to adjust. Oral sex has presented a few more problems, because I like to get in deep and I've had a few women whose eyes were bigger than their mouths. On the other hand, one of my favorite partners couldn't take more than 6 inches or so, but she found ways to make it entertaining.
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B_blessed boy

most times i get it all in...except virgins....for obvious reasons. lol

just dont let her see ur cock alot...just work it in, keep eye contact and ask her if she wants more when she's into it.

sometimes i like to make em wince and turn though....had this girl cry recently then cry out "F**K me" << was a weird big turn on. she says it was tears of joy
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I'm 8 X 6 and quite a few women have found it a struggle. My last partner was bottomed out with an inch to spare, and she didn't really like it. Quite a few positions were verboten. My current GF has a longer vagina (in fact her gyno said it was abnormally long), and I bottom her out also, but she likes the pain and fullness of total penetration.

Lol. I've just noticed that the root of the word "penetration" is "pene" which is Spanish for penis. Cool. You learn something new every day.
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cock, partner

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