Biggest breasts you have had your penis between

My wife's normally aspirated 34Ds were 42F when she was prego. Can't remember if I put my dick between them at the time though.

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My wife's normally aspirated 34Ds were 42F when she was prego. Can't remember if I put my dick between them at the time though.
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Originally Posted by windtalkerways
Are there that many implants around these
days that guys have too keep adding.."and
the were real."
sadly, yes
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To answer the question posed: full C's

I've been with women with Cs to a DD, some were natural and a few were not.
Natural is almost always better. I didn't really try to TF the others as I was more interested in putting my penis in someplace lower, warmer, wetter, and lots more fun!

100% Heterosexual, 7"+ by 6"
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D_Beauparte Plungerwand

My missus is a 34ff and i love every inch of them
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my current girlfriend has 34GG, damn i love soaking them in a nice big load!
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i'll bet you do!! OMG am i jealous!!
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Was with a girl for (unfortunately) a brief period of time who had real 36DDD's.......they, and she, were incredible!!
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Wife's 34 DD, call her "Double D" from Ed, Edd, and Eddie cartoon. He's the smart one, so kids think that's why.
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36DD and god they were great.......sheliked to use em'
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Originally Posted by tobiasbethlehem

I've tried with A but it didn't work out.

My current girlfriend has beautiful C cups, I like it now.
All the times I've done this has been with girls with D's or better. If the girl had any smaller I wouldn't even think of doing it.
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One of the biggest was a g/f of mine during senior year. She was, if I recall, a 34JJ cup. They were truly a sight to see.
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Email Unconfirmed

At 19, when my gallery pics were taken, my girlfriend was a 34DD and that was one of the best times of my life. Now that I am bigger I can't find a anyone above a B Cup.
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Over many years I have been very fortunate to have been with quite a few women who were very hugely endowed. Most naturally so, but some were extreme implants. Most of these women who were extremely endowed could not buy a bra "off the rack" and could not buy a bra to fit even from the specialty bra stores. Some could of course. I remember a 36H, 32J, 38H, 36III, 40HHH, 30III, 38KKK, 36PP, 38MM, 34G, 32GG, 36LL, 40LL, 44MMM, 38N, and several others but you get the idea. Some of them bought "off the rack" from specialty stores, and quite a few of them had their bras sewn and tailored to fit them. I was not sure that some of the sizes they told me were "industry standard" but rather their best guess estimation because their bras were hand made and just had to be figured based on measurements of chest, back and breast size. For instance, one woman told me she was a 38KKK because her chest was 57 inches around and she wore a 38 band. Then again, I was not so sure, at least from memory, that the lady who was a 38MM was that much different from the lady who was a 40LL and the lady who was a 38N. Hard to tell but they looked huge and I was not able to tell the variance in size. The 36PP was an exception. She probably looked even bigger than the number she was using. And one of the ladies who was a 36H (I have known a couple) looked similar to someone who was suppossedly larger breasted. The lady who was a 30III was so petite (5' even if I remember correctly) that breast sex, oral sex on her, and masturbating me was about all we could do because she was so tiny and her vagina so small nothing else would work. We had a lot of fun with each other, and she was a delight, but on her, her boobs looked like that was all she was composed of.

Some of them really liked breast sex with my penis and some it was exciting but not what they really preferred to get off in orgasm. All thought the idea of me in their cleavage was visually exciting to them. Some women can orgasm with breast play and some can not, from my experience. The one thing they all shared with me was they were used to being looked at and stared at and so they understood some of my life.
I really like bigger breasts on a woman as I find that attractive, but what works best is if the woman with the big bustline also has a very big vagina too in which case that is a woman after my own heart! lol
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My current GF is 48H....black, and totally awesome. They're all natural, and nice and soft. Only one problem...my bone is 4.5" and she admits she needs more! We play lots of ways, but I know she notices well endowed men.
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