The Most Embarasssing Doctors visit!!

Yesterday the MOST embarrassing but...kinda funny thing happened to me...Even though im straight i enjoy using a aneros prostate massage every now an again(once a month)...so last Saturday i decided to blow a couple loads

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The Most Embarasssing Doctors visit!!

Yesterday the MOST embarrassing but...kinda funny thing happened to me...Even though im straight i enjoy using a aneros prostate massage every now an again(once a month)...so last Saturday i decided to blow a couple loads and on my second one i decide to use the aneros because it usually makes me shoot cum hard and almost instantly after hitting my prostate....WELL. after i came (HARD too) i noticed every time i squeezed my ass muscle i had slight pain...this continued for several hours...so later that night i decide to insert a finger to see if i hurt anything. After using one finger to move around i found my prostate and it was little sore and oddly as soon as i pressed it immediately started to leak shit loads of precum and i felt like i was about to orgasm. I was fuckin shocked. even though it felt good I WAS NOT expecting that to happened.

Well the slightt pain continued into sunday. but i couldnt tell exactly where it was coming from. so i decided to put a finger inside and check to see the source of the pain again...and once i pressed my prostate i had to QUICKLY withdraw and it took everything in my might not to cum afterward but my cock was throbbing like crazy. This fuckin weirded me out and I got kinda scared so i decide that i needed to see a doctor. Now My doctor is a easy going italian guy down to earth in his mid-late 30's. I ended up choosing him as a doctor because he graduated from the same high school as me (years before of course) and he and i both at one point played varsity. So the connection was cool. although i had only seen him twice since i was 15 (i'm 20 now)so he didnt know much about me.
So i went in the office Monday. when it was my turn for me to see him i got NERVOUS as hell. I was ashamed to have to tell him what happened but i knew i had to be honest. The most part that shook me up was i was worry i would get hard (just taking off my clothes makes me get semi boned alll the TIME) and for someone to see me naked most definitely gets me hard. and theres no mistaking this bad boy when it gets hard! lol

Well he came in and asked about why i was here and i explained to him, that i had been mastubating and i used a prostate stimulator and now it seems sensitive to touch and theres light discomfort. He instructed me to remove my clothes so he could take a look, and left the room. So here i am naked siting on the doctors bed waiting for him to come back...in the mean time my schlong gets semi hard( I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!) i tried too relaxed but nothin helped! So in walks the doc and he locks the door behind him....he checks my pupils, ear, nose, throat and then asks me to stand so he can check my groin. as i stood my semi was pretty evident that it was there. and right when he touch my balls my cock jumped.. I WAS SO Nervous...but he remained calm...Then he checked the other ball and as he rubbed it my cock grew more. So now its fuckin pointing out and starting to grow!!!. I was trying so hard but nothin worked. I looked down and said sorry about that. be he just chuckled and said "no worries. Infact i would be concern if someone of your age did not respond. By the time he finished(which was like less than a minute) i was on ROCK HARD. He looked like he was thinkin something but he didnt make any comments.

He then told me that he had to check the prostate to see was going on. As he grabs the lubricant next to me ( my cock is standing proud like a flag pole still) he just adds some small talk and asks about college and how soon before im done. after i responded he told me to lean over the bed and to relax (my cock was throbbing by then because of the fact that im nude in front of someone else) anyway my heart starts racing he put s the lube on his finger and then a little on myself he sticks his finger in and asks does it hurt here and he presses i said no then he presses another place and i said no (my cock is throbbing so much but i dont think he could tell.) THEN all of a sudden he curves his finger slightly and pressed directly against my prostate...Then so my surprised what i never figured would happen DID..as soon as he pressed and asked me "what about here" my cock starting throbbin like crazy and i began shooting A HUGE load all over the paper on the bench my cock was jumping and i could help but grunt a little my orgasmed lasted about 5 to 7 seconds and i jumped up...he just removed his finger and and stepped back a little. I was just shouting "whoa " and "sorry sorry sorry" but he just smile and said "dont worry its not the first time he;s seen this and it happens in people my age". So here i am sitting on the bench with my cock stil mostly hard and cum running down my shaft and this HUGE (not over exgagerating) load on the bench paper...he walked over nd handed me tissues "i kept apologizing and he just chuckled more and said "relax at least the hardest part is over" i laugheded and said "literally man". He askd now that i had ejaculated involuntary did i currenty feel any tenderness in the testicle or increased pain.. i told him my left testicle felt a little sore and the pain in the rectum felt kind of less...he check the testicle agian for swelling...which was wierd cause im stil wiping my cock off and he is checkin my balls....(it was quick though so i paid it no attention....All i could think of was how embarrassed i was and how much the room smelt like my spunk....He said i was all done and he think he knows the problem he left out i put back on my clothes and sat in the chair away from the bench...he came back a few minutes later and said that i had little Epididymitis (swelling of my tubes) from the strain and force of my orgasm when i used the aneros...and that i just had a build of of prosactic fluid which cause the discomfort and made my prostate very sensative.. He said it will subside and gave me some antibotics for the swelling in my nuts. He removed the paper off the bench to clean up..I apolgized once again.. He laugh and said "u dont have to apoligize" and he said that i could most likely be prone to this agian because seems as if am a big producer when i cum (and he looked at the paper as he folded it to through it away) andi laughed...i said thanks and i left...I COULDNT FUCKIN BEILIVE IT....and now im NEVER fuckin around with that aneros anymore...lol

but i have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks and he'll most likey have to check it again...hopefully this time i wont jizz all over the place..But the cool part is even if it does happen again i felt much more comfortable with my doctor now so if i cum then DAMMIT i just cum!...i'll wipe up and walk out proud
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embarrassing but yet really hot
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Really hot
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see, how much fun a trip to the doctor can be
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I've never heard of "aneros". Might have to look it up and try it. LOL
Most embarrassing with me was going commando one day and forgetting I had X-rays on my legs scheduled. My cell phone rang on my way to town with a reminder. I didn't have time to turn around and go home and put on shorts so I proceeded to the doctors office. Guess who was there to ask me to remove my pants. His female assistant. I slid them off, laid back and she placed some paper towels over my pubic area and did the x-rays. Why can't I get a good-looking male assistant?
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literally you guys i came about this much.....this pic shows and example of what it was like
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Getting a hardon in front of my doctor is pretty up there on my list of "worst fears." I feel like the fact that I'm already anxious about it happening some day means that when I inevitably do need to get checked out down there I definitely will get a stiffy!
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lol, thats a great story :)

the first time i had my prostate checked by a doctor i didn't got hard, but i remember it was a strange but very nice feeling. a lot better than what i expected.
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What a lovely story.
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D_Coupeland Clydesdale

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fucking hilarious,,,,
If I were you I would still using that stimulator, I've allways wanted an orgasm like that
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Watch a lot of porn but don't play with your cock for 3 weeks.. Then tell us what happens when you bend over the bench and the Dr. slips his lubed finger deep in your ass.. Ha!
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We are waiting for your next three week story
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Ah the possibilities...

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Sooo hot!
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doctors, embarasssing, visit

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