When you cum do you arch your back or flex your abs?

Apparently women arch their backs and men flex their abs? I definitely flex my abs hard when I cum and so have the men I've been with. The only time I have arched my back

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When you cum do you arch your back or flex your abs?

Apparently women arch their backs and men flex their abs?

I definitely flex my abs hard when I cum and so have the men I've been with. The only time I have arched my back is when I am topping doggy style and even then I often end up bending forwards mid-orgasm gripping his body hard and close to me whilst I thrust to maximum depth and ejaculate with my abs flexed.
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Dunno about the abs as such, but I do curl forward a little. Main thing for me though is the thighs and calves tensing up.

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I clench my butt muscles when I cum. As a result of doing this for so many years, my ass is hard as a rock when I flex it! :-O
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I tighten my butt and quads too but nothing in my calves. My toes curl, I clench hard on whatever I'm holding on to, and I throw my head backwards. I also scrunch up my face as if in intense pain. Come to think of it that's a lot of muscles being used
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D_Freddy Bender

That's pretty hot how u do ur butt fuckin. It's nice to pull him tight as ur ready to explode.
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I've watched lots of guys cum and as the fucking gets close to climax, the muscle definition of their bodies stands out. It is common for the ass muscles to be clenched and the pelvis to be pressed forward and hard into whoever they're fucking and the back to be arched forward and their abs contracting hard.

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Toes flex up and my back arches.

It is exciting and it is a sure sign that the moment will very soon happen.
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I don't know about my abs specifically. I clench my ass and my thigh muscles a lot, and my toes curl. I think I tense most of muscles, in fact. I'm told my face takes on an expression where it's hard to tell (by looking) whether I'm in ecstasy or agony, and I know my jaw clenches.

All good stuff.
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D_Jared Padalicki
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I use the abs to shoot with more power. But when someone gives me a blowjob, handjob or any other job I arch my back. Or when I'm edging, I arch my back.
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Not much of back archer, but do tense my abs and especially my leg muscles. I must be tensing my ass muscles too since on occasion I bust ass while orgasming.
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I definitely flex my abs and sometimes my back arches. My head arches back sometimes too.
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My toes curl when it's a good orgasm!
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Funny this thread should appear...my GF and I just talked about the difference in male and female orgasm and the power of each. I tried to explain to her that when I cum the best orgasms for me are when I am standing behind her and can tense my buttocks, thighs and calves. I don't know why but doing this clenching does give me huge powerful orgasm's that make me shake and twitch!!! I love them!!!
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While jerking, my abs become very tight at orgasm. Sometimes I like to push my thumb into my stomach just to feel it harden as I approach the big O.

But when receiving oral, I have been known to arch my back.
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Usually everything from my butt to knees tenses up.
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