Young Guys seeking Older men

Now don't crucify me if I'm wrong but I've noticed in the gay community that there is that trend of young guy wanting/dating a much older guy. Why is that? I mean I would think

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Post Young Guys seeking Older men

Now don't crucify me if I'm wrong but I've noticed in the gay community that there is that trend of young guy wanting/dating a much older guy. Why is that? I mean I would think you would want someone round your own age, near it, or at least I wouldn't wanna fuck/date a chick 30 yrs older than me... Thoughts?
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I don't think anyone can speak about gay tendencies, everyone's pretty different. I'm really into older men, one might think because of daddy issues buy I had none, other guys atracted to older men might feel like that because of daddy issues... Maybe a poll would be more specific for this subject!
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I get ya man, though I don't know how to do a poll. I know its up to individual preference, I just noticed more gay guys go with older partners, or maybe thats just a stereotype, then again a stereotype must come from somewhere
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I wonder if that's really the case.. "More gay guys go with older partners than hetrosexuals."... I mean, just look at the whole "Cougar" and "MILF" stuff that so many young guys seem to be all over.

I don't really go for "older guys". I want someone my own age, or preferably a FEW years older. Like.. 1-5 years older or so, under 30 anyway. :) I don't know why, but just a year or a few older is hot to me. :P But guys my own age/a year or so younger can be just as hot. :)
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what makes you think it's just a gay trend?
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Just once I'd like to get with a gorgeous ripped young hung guy, who was actually into an older guy, and didn't want $omething in return.
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I've always been surprized at how many younger guys seem to be interested in me or older guys. Not complaining!!!!!
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I have hooked up with a lot of younger guys and gals who were attracted to me because of my age and/or silver hair. None of them seemed to have a pronounced "daddy" issue, they just preferred someone older. One thing I have noticed, however, is that they all seemed very mature for their age; perhaps they found people their own age too puerile for their tastes. Other than that I can't really explain the phenomenon, I'm just happy for it.

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I lost my virginity to an elderly guy and he was great and really knew how to use his fat cock. we fuck every summer still.
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Thank goodness for those younger guys who like older guys. Especially since I've always been attracted to guy who are about 20-30 years younger than I am! Without them, I'd be in a REALLY dry spell right now!
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I like guys in their 30's as they have better things to talk about and aren't as judgmental. Plus they're usually more assertive in sex. Granted if I can find a young guy who has these traits that's great.
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SAN DIEGO here and ready to chat etc with any younger guys here in San Diego...
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I personally have been attracted to men older than me as long as I could remember. I notice a different attitude I take when I'm with someone that I know is even a year older versus a year younger. There's probably a connection with this and my childhood somewhere, considering that my father died when I was six and I had very few (if any other) male role models at home. But that has nothing to do with how I came to the realization that I'm gay, so the connection has to be a small one. In matters of love, age is nothing more than a number. I know people who are younger than me that make more sense intellectually than those who are nearly twice my age. It's the combination of intelligence, personality and in some small way appearance that ultimately makes me look at someone as a friend or hopefully something more.

If you're young, into older men and are truly honest about it, then by all means you should go for it.

Seriously... fuck it all.
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I looooove older men, both from a physical aspect and that overall, accounting for huge variances, they tend to be a little wiser and ready to talk. But the opposite can be true I concede. But a hung older fella is h-o-t! Young guys just do nothing for me physically, though again, this might change!
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Originally Posted by hard69guy View Post
Just once I'd like to get with a gorgeous ripped young hung guy, who was actually into an older guy, and didn't want $omething in return.
Being ripped is not a trait I actively look for in a younger partner. Just have a good head on your shoulders and please don't make it obvious that you're into me because I have $$. I've been there however and it has caused me to be extremely cautious about newcomers. My last partner of 3 years moved in and first thing wanted a vacation. Then it was getting his visa to the US. Then it was another holiday TO THE US. Then he met another guy - who, btw, made more money than me - and started seeing him behind my back. I found out and threw his ass out. Now I'm single and looking around.

I do think that too young can be problematic so I'd prefer someone around 15 to maximum 20 years younger. The last guy was 30 years younger and see how it turned out!

The problem now is that he still works for me and does a great job. I can't fire him because he really does work hard and performs. I'm just over him. He on the other hand thinks it will all iron out and we'll be ok.

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