Hulk - an original story

Here's a new original story I've been working on recently. Taking my inspiration from the famous Marvel comic series... HULK Part 1 Tom painstakingly filled in the next column of figures on the spreadsheet on

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Hulk - an original story

Here's a new original story I've been working on recently. Taking my inspiration from the famous Marvel comic series...


Part 1

Tom painstakingly filled in the next column of figures on the spreadsheet on his laptop, taking care to transfer the numbers from the readings on the apparatus onto the screen correctly. He knew that one tiny miscalculation would risk wasting years of research time and jeopardise funding for the new research proposal his team was putting through this week. Research funding was now incredibly tight and his project was up against three others competing for the next round of expensive animal, and hopefully, human subject testing.

Tom was one of the physicists working for GammaMed Solutions, a medical research unit exploring the use of controlled gamma radiation systems for cellular and gene molecule modification. The potential for this research to revolutionise medical care for many chronic diseases was enormous with likely trillions of dollars of profits to be gained from the new advances. Phase three human testing was only months away and the computer model simulation and animal results so far had been incredibly positive. Toms main task was to recalibrate a prototype genetic analyser and cellular modification system for a new testing phase on monkeys that was meant to have started already but had been set back due to technical failures. Part of the process was to reset the gamma radiation settings for safe tissue interaction in order to minimise risk of cellular damage that would counteract the possible benefit of molecular and genetic manipulation that the device offered.

The last column of figures had almost finished computations when the door to the lab opened and Dr Ross walked in. As usual, this completely distracted Tom, who had harboured a deep and longing crush on her for many years. Dr Elizabeth Ross, known as Betty to her friends, had been one of the company medical advisors since its creation and was responsible for medical care to the research team and chief advisor for the application of their research to clinical practice. Tom had tried for ages to muster up the courage to ask her out on a date as they had always got on well, and were good friends in the workplace, but had always chickened out.

“Hi Tom!”, said Betty, “How are you getting on with the final recalibration?” she asked.
“Good thanks.”, Tom replied “Almost finished.”
“Great. Forward the figures on the final phase to me as soon as you can please. I’ve got to put a report together for the Research Strategy Group this Friday.”, said Betty, looking miserable about the prospect.
“No problem Betty. I’ll email it to you tonight”, said Tom. It was already 11pm he realised. Shit. He would have to get a move on.
“Thanks Tom. I knew I could rely on you. See you later!” she said, walking on through the lab to the administration office entrance accessed at the far end of the room.

Tom watched her go longingly. Her athletic but curvaceous shape was as well presented as always in her sleek, business-like clothing. Her femininity could not be ignored but her powerful intellect and academic profile were also incredibly attractive to Tom. She had been a star graduate from Cambridge University and had led research into molecular and genetic manipulation from an unusually young age following graduation. He often fantasised about her but knew in his heart of hearts that she was way out of his league. He got on with his calculations, trying to shake the vision of her out of his mind.

As he completed the final column, he hadn’t realised his finger had traced the line of figures that he had already calculated. As well as that one of the numbers he had typed had missed a decimal point although the auto-recognition system hadn’t picked this up either. He completed the transposition and did a quick visual check. The system was designed to show up out of range figures in red highlight, but there were none so he saved the datasheet and ran off the macro calculation to the calibration sub-system. A few minutes later and a high-pitched double “beep” confirmed the data had been saved, loaded into the calibrator and was being reprogrammed into the gamma emitter control terminal on his work station.

Tom opened the door to the leaded glass lined chamber immediately to the centre of the lab space and walked in. The safety controls had all been engaged and he set the emitter module to auto-calibrate, whereby it would send out focused beams of gamma radiation into the receiver grid in the centre of the chamber in order to reset the system to the new gene sequence his team had spent the last few months confirming and reconfirming. This new sequence would provide an exciting method of reversibly inducing absolute male infertility by effectively stripping the gonadal tissue of its ability to produce functioning sperm. As a form of contraception this was felt to be unique and of enormous potential. It would bypass all the side effects and complications of other methods of contraception and was completely painless and reversible. As the male reproductive system was so easily accessible and simple to manipulate it had been the only research stream that had reached phase three trials, and the only one to show consistently good results. The next set of tests was due to prove its worth and commercial potential once and for all.

The modified receiver grid was designed to capture the gamma radiation beams and analyse their accuracy and waveform. As yet, a test subject bench had not been fitted, instead the receiver grid and its bank of multiple analyser units and thousands of wire connections was stood in the centre of the chamber. Tom leaned over it, as he had to in order to reach the central control mechanism linked to the ceiling-mounted power supply gantry. He switched on the receiver grid and the power-up sequence began. Pausing to check the emitter array was centred via the laser guide point, Tom left the chamber and set the calibration cycle to begin. The process would take several hours as the computer ran repeated gamma beam emission sequences and the analyser calculated the accuracy margins necessary to check its calibration. Even the most infinitesimal error in the gamma emission cycle would create anomalous genetic modifications with potentially disastrous consequences.

Tom set the calibration computer to run and the automated systems started up one by one. He sat down at his desk and reviewed the process from his work station. The computer screen image displayed graphs and emitter array grid references along with the receiver statistics. Fortunately, the monitoring systems were all showing up green with high concordance between the predicted computer model and the receiver characteristics. So far so good he thought, breathing a small sigh of relief. The calibration would run in an automated fashion unless there was an error and confirmation was required, pausing the system and alerting him with an alarm. Toms concentration slowly drifted off as the programme ran. After only ten minutes he was fast asleep, snoring quietly in his chair.

An irritating and persistent sound woke Tom from his sleep with a sudden start. The calibration programme was still running but several amber alarms, and one red, were flashing on his work station monitor. A large text box with the word “MALFUNCTION” had appeared in the centre of the screen. Despite this, Tom could tell that the calibration programme was still running. As he watched, more and more of the alert systems flashed to yellow, then to red. Shit! A feedback malfunction was in effect Tom realised and he stood up to run over to the override control panel beside the central testing chamber. As he neared the chamber he realised he could smell a faint smell of burning. After a while he realised that the receiver grid was gently smouldering from one of its corners. The rest of the rig was intact but several of the wires seemed to have burnt out. What could have gone wrong? Tom wondered. There was no time to dwell on such thoughts though, and he flipped the override panel cover up, inserted his master key into the terminal and turned it clockwise until it clicked. As he reached up and started to flick each of the switches off one by one there was a sudden flash and burst of flame from the receiver grid.

“Oh shit!” Tom cried out, and ran over to the fire extinguisher in the corner of the lab. He ran back and tried to open the door to the chamber but realised that both the safety system was active, therefore the door would be locked, but also the override hadn’t been completed and the emitter would still be running.

Further flashes of flame pulsed from the receiver grid and the resulting smoke set off the main fire alarms. Warning klaxons sounded and a computerised voice came over the intercom warning “Fire in Main Labs. Repeat – Fire in Main Labs. Personnel are to evacuate to their predetermined evacuation areas”. Tom quickly flicked through the remaining override switches, removed his key and pushed it into the safety system control terminal, turning it clockwise he heard the click and wrenched the chamber door open quickly. Before thinking he ran into the chamber to reach the receiver grid and attempt to extinguish the flames before the whole unit was destroyed, setting the research back by weeks if not months. If he could repair the small number of receiver arrays damaged it would only take a few days to get back online.
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The emitter array console was still flashing up its warning message that the calibration programme was active when Tom entered the chamber. Without realising he was unwittingly risking exposure to harmful radiation beams. The fire was quickly extinguished from the corner of the chamber but sparks and occasional flashes from the damaged receiver grid continued and risked further ignition. Tom realised he had to disconnect the power circuits and leaned over the grid to reach it. Suddenly he felt a severe pain in his body, centred on his groin. Looking down he discovered the cause – part of his body, while leaning over, had touched the sharp upper corner of the receiver grid. Tom leaned over again and just managed to reach the power supply and disconnect it. This time the pain was more intense and prolonged, causing Tom to fall to the floor, clutching at his groin in agony. He looked across at the emitter unit in dismay – his body must have passed into range of the gamma beams and could have exposed him to some of the radiation. Thank goodness the calibration cycle is low power Tom thought, it would be unlikely to penetrate through his clothing very much and it was likely the radiation beams had interacted with his trouser material and rapidly heated. He ran his fingers over his groin area and felt a fairly warm sensation over the cloth but the metal buttons and zip were incredibly hot. Tom hurriedly left the chamber and ran over to the emergency decontamination showers and stuck the lower half of his body underneath it before pulling the cord. A cooling shower of water soaked through his clothing, drenching him to the skin. Lucky my pants didn’t catch fire! thought Tom.

The smoke had cleared and the incident management team were helping to dismantle the receiver grid to take it for repairs. Tom sat in the lab office room, dressed in an old but, more importantly, dry set of scrubs from the nearby clinical examination suite. The head of research, Professor Wilson, and Dr Ross were also in the room to check on Tom and find out what had happened.

“Don’t worry Tom“, said Wilson, “we’ll run a set of computer simulations to confirm the radiation levels were too low to cause physical harm. The calibration cycle will have a complete set of readings to calculate the total dose and any gamma beam phasic variations.”
“We’ll conduct a full physical tomorrow afternoon as well including blood tests and so on”, added Betty. “That way we can check if you are showing any initial features of acute radiation sickness”.
“If the cycle was programmed as before I wouldn’t worry though Tom,” Wilson said reassuringly. He patted Tom on the back and left the room. As he did so, he added “Don’t worry about the research proposal either. Doug won’t get to hear about this until we’ve checked through all the relevant data. It was probably a system error. These feedback issues have happened before and are a quirk of our gamma beam algorithms. I’ll get the nuclear techs to dismantle the emitter and run a diagnostic scan.”
Tom turned to Betty. “What do you think?” he asked.
“I’m sure it will be fine. “, she replied. “You’re our most experienced physicist and vital to running these research projects. I can’t imagine Doug giving you a hard time over this.”
“Thanks Betty” said Tom. “I guess I’d better get home and get some rest.”
“Yeah, you do that.”, she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow at 3pm in the clinic. It will only take 30 minutes or so to take some samples and run through a few basic health checks.”
Tom stood for a short while, unsure of what to say.
Betty placed a reassuring hand on Toms shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. “Anyway, whats the worst that can happen? If all the test results so far are to be believed you might end up temporarily infertile and you’ll be our first successful human subject!” Betty winked and smiled at Tom.
Tom smiled back, and laughed to himself. “Yeah. I guess so.” He said. “Thanks again.”. Tom patted Bettys hand, he noticed still resting gently on his shoulder, and walked over to the door. “See you tomorrow.”
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Part 2

Tom entered the GMS building executive and healthcare annex through the flashy atrium entrance, surrounded by expensive looking marble and sculptures with the GMS logo tastefully etched onto a slate background over which running water flowed. The expenditure on the new entrance had been justified years before on the basis that international investors would be suitably impressed, despite considerable opposition from the scientific teams and research staff at the time. Tom had visited the executive offices a few times on the second floor and the expense had clearly not been restricted just to the entrance. The CEO’s office and conference suite were an example of the finest private corporate excesses. The ground floor housed the healthcare units, with examination rooms, laboratories and treatment facilities. Company staff annual health checks were also conducted there.
Tom looked around the three examination rooms but, finding them all deserted, made his way around to the medical staff offices instead. Tom checked his watch – it was 3.05pm. Dr Ross’s room was at the end of the corridor and, unusually for her, the door was closed. After waiting for a few minutes Tom leaned up to listen, hearing muffled voices from behind it sounded like Betty and two other voices, possibly one male and one female. After waiting a little longer the voices became more agitated and raised although Tom still couldn’t make out what they were saying. He knocked on the door, the sound of talking from within immediately ceased and after a few moments the door opened to reveal Betty and Wilson standing in the office. Dr Jennifer Ineson, the GMS’s Chief Medical Officer was also in the room, reclining backwards comfortably in a chair.
Jennifer had joined the company only two years previously and, in that time, had managed to offend almost every member of the research and scientific teams. Aged only 32 she had overtaken Betty to become the CMO and was responsible to the executive board for all medically related matters from both a personnel and research perspective. Her reputation for being difficult was demonstrated by a series of high profile but short lived positions in various medical departments of well known hospitals and medical research companies. Her father was a wealthy businessman himself also in medical research and this, along with rumours of her having an on/off relationship with the CEO, Doug Wallace, were widely believed to be the reason for her employment and later promotion at GMS. Jennifer was tall, solidly built but slim thanks to her frequent attendance at the company gym. Despite her personality she had gained a popular following amongst male visitors to the gym due to her slim muscular build but almost ridiculously out of proportion breasts, which had clearly benefitted from at least two surgical augmentation procedures in the past. Brash and outspoken with a fiery temper and an outrageous sexual appetite her often inappropriate behaviour had led to several staff members leaving the company due to alleged misconduct although these episodes had been brushed under the carpet with large pay-offs. Despite all this her medical expertise and scientific knowledge was considerable, and her outspoken views had frequently beaten down many objections from the research teams. Tom knew she was not a woman to be messed around with both socially and academically.
“Ah Tom.”, said Dr Ineson. “Good to see you’re looking well after your little incident last night. I trust you slept well?”
“Oh. Yes. Thank you.” ,Tom replied.
“Good. Our legal team would like you to drop in later to sign off some paperwork. Just a few documents reconfirming the GMS liability agreements for research staff, that kind of thing.” she continued.
Tom had expected this. Her latest innovation had been to remove the company protection for incident liability from the terms and conditions of employment. Any injury due to work carried out for research in the company labs was now exempt and staff had to have private personal insurance arrangements. This unpopular change had led to many staff handing in their notice but had gone down well with executive and shareholders alike.
“Yes. Sure. No problem Dr Ineson.”
“I’m glad we see eye to eye on this then Tom. Keep well.”, she said, leaving the room. Her huge breasts swayed rhythmically high on her chest, struggling against the confines of her business suit, a hint of deep cleavage visible above the line of her blouse. As she passed they almost brushed against Toms arm.
Both Betty and Wilson watched her leave with barely concealed looks of dismay and exasperation. Wilson looked particularly uncomfortable and was unusually quiet. Betty sat in the chair and looked up at Tom.
“Hi Tom. Sorry I’m later for our appointment. I’ve asked Sue to take some bloods and go through some of the assessment paperwork before I come through. Is that ok?” she said.
“Sure. OK.”, replied Tom. “Is everything ok?” he added.
“Yeah, just work stuff. Jennifer is doing her usual bitch trick.” Betty replied, seeming a little distracted.
“Right. I’ll catch up with you in a bit then.”, said Tom.
“Yeah. Sue will be in exam room three. I’ll see you in about ten minutes. I just have some things to go through with Wilson now. Is that ok?”, she asked. Wilson shuffled a little uneasily, shifting from foot to foot like he wanted to be somewhere else.
“Yes. That’s fine.”, Tom replied. He allowed the door to swing slightly closed and started to walk back down the corridor to the examination rooms. As he did so the door to Bettys office closed shut and the sound of raised voices restarted, again muffled by the wood.
Tom headed to exam room three, puzzled and suspicious. Something weird was going on here, he thought. It must be something to do with yesterday night. Was the company closing ranks on this? Was he going to be made a scapegoat for the incident? He was fairly sure he hadn’t done anything wrong, had followed procedures and had saved the company a fortune by risking himself to stop the fire and prevent more damage to the lab and its sensitive equipment.
Sue was sat in the exam room, waiting for Tom, filling in some forms as she worked at the desk.
“Hi Tom! Long time no see. How are you?” she asked. Sue was in her early twenties and one of the research nurses, although now full time in the healthcare unit. Tom had met a few times before, usually on his annual health checks. Sue usually did the main work-ups like ECG, bloods and blood pressure checks, and so on, before the doctor made their more thorough examination. She was an attractive lady with dark, almost black hair down to her lower back and an almost gothic look about her. Some of the male staff suspected her to have a vampire fetish. Rumours had also floated around that she was bisexual and regularly visited some of the more adventurous clubs in the local city centre.
“Hi Sue. Good thanks. How are you?”, said Tom.
“I’m fine. Dr Ross asked me to take a full sample series today. We’re going to need a full set of routine bloods, urine and I’m afraid semen as well.” She kept a straight face throughout but then looked up at Tom with a faint smile and one raised eyebrow, waiting for a response.
“You’re joking, right?” coughed Tom.
“No. I’m serious. Dr Ross is particularly concerned that you may have been exposed to significant gamma radiation and one of the first signs may be loss of your reproductive capability.”, she replied. Straight faced again.
Tom was silent for a minute. Sure, the company had done similar testing in the past. It was nothing to be ashamed of. Just a routine test, just like she said.
“OK.” he replied. “Anything for the company I guess”.
“If you could go into the private room over there and produce a sample I’ll get ready for your bloods. There’s a few magazines in the top drawer of the cabinet if you need some help.”. Sue looked up at Tom with a playful smile. “Of course, you could just use your imagination.”
“Yeah, right! The erotic potential of four white walls and a shelf full of kidney dishes, syringes and fabric swabs is really going to get me going! “,Tom joked.
“Well. Each to their own I guess.”, laughed Sue. She handed Tom a sample jar. “Here you go. Drop it off for me back here when you’re done.”
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Tom stepped into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. A small armchair and a couple of cabinets were the only furniture. He opened the cabinet drawer and looked through the magazines with minimal interest. Unzipping his fly he started to rub his dick, trying to concentrate enough to get a hard-on and get it over with. Eventually he settled on one of the magazines and sat down, flicking through it idly. After a while he found a page with a tall, athletic woman with a striking similarity to Dr Ineson although obviously not her. Tom laughed to himself as his eyes played across her huge jutting bosom, high up on her chest and so obviously fake. On the next page, the centrespread, she was laid on her back legs wide apart and pussy on show, shaved and moist looking with her overinflated breasts standing vertically on her torso above. One finger in her mouth gave her a mischievous look, as if to say come here boy, fill this up for me will you or I’m going to be mad. Tom could just imagine Jennifer with a similar look, laid on her bed and ordering a guy to fuck her stupid and satisfy her, or he’d be in big trouble.
Before long his cock was hard and the tip of his penis was signalling the soon to arrive stream of cum. He jerked his cock while grabbing for the jar, on the verge of shooting his load. Fuck! He thought, he hadn’t opened it yet. As his orgasm reached its peak he let go of his cock and tried to unscrew the top of the jar. Cum started to erupt from his cock like a thick jet. Fuck… fuck! He shouted in his head. Its gonna go all over the place and I’m not going to catch any… Embarrassed and exasperated he finally managed to get the top undone and reach down to try and guide any remnants of his cum load into the jar. To his surprise the cum was still flowing rapidly, splashing over the floor as quickly as before. Tom ignored this unusual fact for now and concentrated instead on making sure he caught some in the jar. After almost a full minute of ejaculation he realised he still hadn’t stopped cumming and the jar was already filled to the top. Oh shit! He thought, what the fuck is going on? After a few more moments the flow finally seemed to stop. He had come more in one go than he thought he could in a week. His balls ached and his cock was still rigid, almost seeming a little bigger than normal. Tom grabbed some hand tissues from the cabinet top and tried to clear up the mess he had made. He stuffed his still hard cock back into his pants and zipped up, with a little difficulty. He replaced the top on the jar and wrapped it in some more tissues, taking care to clean the excess away without smudging his details from the label. He looked at the jar again, a standard 30ml white top sterile sample jar, now filled to capacity with his still warm semen. That’s weird, he thought. He knew he had been pretty abstinent recently, due to long hours at work and no girlfriend for months, but this was ridiculous.
Sue called out to him through the door, with a gentle knock. “Are you ok in there Tom?” she asked.
“Yeah. I’m done thanks. Sorry, just clearing myself up.” Tom replied. He unlocked the door and stepped out, holding his surprising item, still wrapped in some tissues.
“Jeez, I thought you’d fell asleep afterwards or something. “, Sue joked. “Typical guy!”.
“No. Just took a little while to get in the mood.”, Tom tried to explain.
Sue looked over his shoulder into the room beyond, fortunately clean after Toms efforts to clean up the puddle of cum on the floor. The magazine he had been reading was still open at the centrefold, laid on the chair in full view.
“Well, someone has good taste I see!” said Sue, indicating the magazine with her eyes.
Tom looked awkward and tried to ignore the insinuation.
“Hmmm, those are pretty big tits alright. Wow, she looks like someone we know!”, joked Sue. “Are you hiding a little crush on one of our favourite company personnel?”.
Tom tried to change the subject. “Here’s the sample.”, he offered the jar to her.
Sue was still smiling to herself, casting one final glance over the magazine while taking the jar from Tom. Without looking she removed the tissues and sat the jar on the work desk beside her and sat down, noticing the contents for the first time as she did so.
“Holy fuck Tom!” she exclaimed, “You didn’t have to fill this up. Oh my god. How many times did you blow your load you filthy thing!”. Sue looked amazed at the jar, picking it up and turning it over in her hands, marvelling at the volume it contained. “Those pictures must have really steamed you up! That’s fucking scary!”.
“Erm… look, this is a little embarrassing.” Tom replied, “I just came the once to be honest. I don’t know why there was so much.”
Sue looked up at him. “Serious?” she said, then noticing his sincere expression, added. “Well. That’s pretty impressive Tom. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a load this big before and I’ve been doing this job for a few years now.”
Tom was almost pleased with this compliment. “Well. To be honest I also had to clear a fair bit up off the floor as well… you see I didn’t get the top off the jar in time.”
Sue whistled to herself and put the jar back down on the work desk again. “That’s got to be some kind of record I guess. Wow.”. She smiled up at Tom. “Any other secrets you need to tell me about before we do your blood tests and take some measurements?”.
Tom looked at Sue for a second, wondering what to say. “Ermm….”, was all he could manage.
Sue, noticing his look of surprise, immediately clarified herself and laughed. “Perhaps I should explain. I’m just going to take your blood pressure and weight, that kind of thing. I don’t need any other measurements thank you. “. She paused. “Unless you’ve got something else to brag about other than your really quite remarkable cum load.”
Tom blinked. This was taking on the kind of connotations he hadn’t expected when he had turned up to the clinic this afternoon. “Well. Nothing quite so spectacular I can promise you. So maybe some other time.”, he said.
Sue almost looked disappointed. “OK. Well, I will have to ask you to stand on the scales then sit here while I take your blood samples and do your blood pressure.”
Tom stood on the scales briefly then sat down and waited while Sue took the samples and set the automated blood pressure machine running. After a while she made a short note of the readings on her paperwork and put everything away.
“Right, that’s it. I’m all done.”, she said. “Dr Ross will be here soon so why don’t you strip off to your underwear and get behind the curtain so that she can complete her examination and that should be everything.”
“Sure. OK.”, said Tom, starting to undo his shirt and trousers.
“Don’t mind me I’ll just finish off filing my paperwork and I’ll be out of here.”, she said turning to her filing cabinet and sliding Toms medical documents into a folder to leave on the work desk.
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Tom had removed his shirt and was slowly lowering his trousers when he noticed a huge wet patch soaked into the front of his boxers. Sticky fluid was leaking from his groin and had started to run down his legs. The outline of his still erect penis was also plainly in view behind the wetness of the material, clearly the fluid was accumulating from ongoing ejaculation. Tom looked down, shocked. After almost ten minutes his cock was still producing semen. As he investigated further he realised his balls were much fuller and rounded than normal, accommodating a lot more of his underwear than usual. Sue must have noticed something as she leaned over to look at what had attracted Toms attention.
“Oh my God! Tom!” she exclaimed, genuinely surprised. “What the hell is that?”
Tom grabbed at the soggy mess trying to cover it up and disguise the clear shape of his still hard cock. Although maybe just a little more than average in terms of size, Tom was still vainly attempting to hide his obvious erection. The leaking cum was now pouring from his boxers where they had already saturated.
“Oh shit.”, he said, cum all over his hands now.
“Holy fuck! Is your cock is still jizzing?”, Sue asked, amazed. It was more of a rhetorical question really.
“Oh man. This is crazy. Can you get me something please?”
Sue just stared for a moment before collecting herself. “Yeah, sure. Here you go.” She grabbed a box of hand towels and wipes from a shelf and handed it to Tom. “Do you need some help? Maybe you should take those off? You can’t still wear those.”
Tom looked down at the soaked mess that remained of his boxers and agreed. “Yeah. I think you’re right. Do you mind?”
Sue nodded her head. “Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ve seen plenty of guys naked before.”
Tom dropped his trousers then his boxers. They hit the floor with a heavy wet splatting sound. He then attempted to clear up the mess but his cock continued to leak more cum.
Sue just stared again, goggle-eyed. “That’s fucked up Tom!” she cried, “I can’t believe its still coming out of you….Look at the size of your balls though, no wonder!”.
Tom looked down, his still erect penis was sticking out horizontally, obviously weighed down by the hugely expanded testicles that hung in his scrotum now. Both were around the size of a generous grapefruit and his skin was distended as they gently swayed back and forth almost halfway to his knees. He had the appearance of some kind of elephantitis victim. His cock poured a steady flow of cum, dripping onto the floor of the examination room and accumulating a small puddle there now.
“I don’t care what you say but those have got to be the biggest balls I’ve ever seen.”. said Sue, “How do you keep those hidden?”.
“They’re not usually that big!”, explained Tom, “What the hell is happening? Its got to be something to do with the accident last night.”
“You’re telling me? Oh my God. You’ve got to see Dr Ross now, something has to be done. You can’t keep cumming like that forever can you?”, Sue asked.
“No. I can’t stay here. This is crazy.”, said Tom. He pulled up his trousers, stuffing a hand full of paper towels up and around his groin and cock as he did so. “I’m going home. I need to get away from here.”
“No Tom. You’ve got to stay!”, Sue cried, trying to hold him back as he went to leave through the door.
Suddenly Tom felt angry. Scared and tired, and now feeling desperate he grabbed at the door and tried to open it. Sue leant against the door, trying to hold him back.
“NO!”, he cried out. “LET ME GO!”
Sues hold finally gave way and she slipped to one side, sliding slightly on the trail of cum fluid on the floor and almost falling to the floor. She gathered her balance and turned back to Tom just in time to witness the second strangest thing she had ever seen in her life.
Toms anger had peaked and he held onto the door with a look of anguish, frustration and rage. His temples throbbed and his heart and breathing rate were rapid. His trousers had slipped down slightly, still loosely tied and the zip still undone but his cock had now sprung free of its confines and was bobbing away madly in time with his heart beat.
Sues wide eyes and facial expression showed the full extent of her amazement as the object of her attention swung obscenely from Toms groin, the long graceful arch of its shaft stretching out for at least double its original length. The mass of his cock now looked like some ridiculously overinflated salami, like someone had taken his cock and pumped it so full of air that it was almost at bursting point. The veins stood out with the thickness of pencils and traced a network of such complexity it was like a road map of a city centre. His bulbous cock head had swelled so large it was almost comedic, bright purple and the skin tight like the surface of a balloon. His whole cock throbbed and pulsed like an alien being, released from its prison. Sue realised that suddenly his genitals looked proportional, but also wildly disproportionate to Toms body overall.
Sue was speechless. Toms cock was now like something out of a freakish porn video. It was like the pictures of cocks you see on some websites where the liberal use of photoshop was obvious. How the hell did this happen? She wondered to herself. It was only when he got angry that his cock had suddenly expanded to such a huge size.
Tom finally collected himself and pulled up his trousers, not seeming to notice his new massively enlarged penis. He seemed disconnected, away in some kind of dream state. His breathing rate was starting to slow and his cock was beginning to lower to a semi-flaccid state. He swept it up in his hands, squeezed it unceremoniously back into his trousers and zipped himself up. He left the room in a gentle jog, still seemingly oblivious to everything else around him.
Sue stood up and followed him out of the room, watching as he stumbled along the corridor, knocking over a stand and tray of medical equipment with a loud clatter. People had now started to walk out into the corridor to hear what all the noise was about. Tom continued on down to the main entrance and outside to the car park beyond. Sue followed him out, now needing to run to keep up. She hadn’t thought to call out for any help or to run and find Dr Ross, or anyone else for that matter. She wanted to see where Tom was heading.
Tom ran and ran, past where his car was parked and on to the gate of the GMS grounds. Pausing briefly to negotiate the parking barrier, he turned and instinctively ran up past the building along the perimeter fence and then under a grass covered bank where the pedestrian access passed below the main road and towards a nearby park. Sue lost sight of him soon afterwards, as he disappeared into trees at the corner of the park. Beyond this was a long sweeping expanse of industrial buildings, many of which were derelict. She would never find him in that maze she thought. Turning back she started to walk back to the GMS building, remembering as she did that she had her mobile phone in her pocket. Dialling a number the voice on the other end answered.
“Hi. Dr Ross. It’s Sue……….…... Yeah, I’m outside………….…. Yeah. Did you hear the commotion?................ Well, I need to talk to you……..……. Yes, its Tom…………...…. No, you won’t believe this……….…. Well, I should really explain to you in person…… .. Not at GMS though…….. Yes, I know……… Meet me at the Pigs Inn if you can ……… Yeah, downtown on Rekkard Street……… OK. See you in about 15 minutes…….. Thanks Betty.”
Hanging up, Sue thought to herself – that’s odd, Dr Ross didn’t sound too surprised to hear something had happened to Tom. She walked to her car, still almost unable to fully take in what had happened, or what she had seen. It had amazed her. It had completely confused her. But it had also incredibly excited her as well. She hoped they would find Tom, and could help him with whatever strange accident had led to this whole bizarre episode. But more importantly, she wanted to see that amazing cock again.

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Old 05-09-2011   #6 (permalink)
ramsgate18 is offline

intriguing, keep going :p
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Old 05-10-2011   #7 (permalink)
hugefan is offline

Yeah, intriguing is the right word. Definitely continue! :-)
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Old 05-10-2011   #8 (permalink)
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Do hope that you write more of the story. :)

Sex with me is not so much a bang, more of a dull thud.
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Wow this is good, keep going. It's like a Dan Brown novel or somthing, only better. hahaha
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this is really something!
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Good story! I'm waiting for Tom to yell in the heat of passion: "Hulk Cum!" ;-)
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Old 05-11-2011   #13 (permalink)

More please!
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Originally Posted by oldbrownshoe52 View Post
Wow this is good, keep going. It's like a Dan Brown novel or somthing, only better. hahaha
This is better than any Dan Brown novel.
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got us hooked, i hope theres more
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hulk, mpg, original, story

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