Too thick to wrap my fingers around

nothing like a two hand grab.

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Damn what a great thick cock! :)
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I think I need to lie down. My ego just got smashed over the head
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Old 05-12-2011   #4 (permalink)
Account Disabled

That just looks unfortunate
Old 05-12-2011   #5 (permalink)
D_Yank Thompson
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Old 05-12-2011   #6 (permalink)
zetta2492 is offline

OMFG that thing is monster! What a pussy and ass pleaser!
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Old 05-12-2011   #7 (permalink)
SDCoug is offline

Frightening, for lack of a better word. A real shame that you are 100% straight; I would expect the willing (and sane) female, as your pants dropped to the floor, to gasp , do some quick mental calculations, then politely excuse herself, suddenly remembering that "those damn cold-sore thingeys are oozing again" (while she inserts her hand and begins scratching feverishly at her crotch).

In contrast, a right-thinking gay individual would simply smile while silently trying to convince himself that sphincters were way overrated anyway.
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Account Disabled

I hurt my vagina just looking at that. You certainly have a big 'un
Old 05-12-2011   #9 (permalink)
D_William Fuckner

what the fuck
Old 05-12-2011   #10 (permalink)
LADave is offline

WOW!!! That's all.
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Old 05-13-2011   #11 (permalink)
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That's unreal

From Iron, cometh Strength. From Strength, cometh Will. From Will, cometh Faith. From Faith, cometh Honour. From Honour, cometh Iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it forever be so
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D_Choad Lowe

damn, your hands are tiny

sorry, couldn't resist
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carter2006 is offline

Just incredible man... what are your stats?
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Old 05-13-2011   #14 (permalink)
barely8 is offline

PLEASE tell us the stats on that meat bat sir!


Barely10 if I measure in Internet Inches
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Originally Posted by barely8 View Post
PLEASE tell us the stats on that meat bat sir!
The thing speaks for itself.
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fingers, wrap

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