I'm just curious. Is Xtube worth it? How would you review it?

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I'm just curious. Is Xtube worth it? How would you review it?
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There are some good videos on that site. But I'd make sure my anti-virus is up to date if I were you first because sometimes there are viruses on the video page.

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XTube is probably the best of all the vid sites, but it gets buggy and can give you problems.

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It's a great site... if you pay for it. It has free vids but most of them kinda suck. It's pretty worth it if you can find some good ones. And if it does lag like it normally does.
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Lags and slow loading time. Got good videos.

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Is it simple? Is it like other porn sites where you have to go through a million things just to upload videos, or is it close to Youtube, just simple click and share?
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It's one of my favs. Espically if homemade stuff is what you like. The site it self has it's issues, but I'd say atleast once a week you'll find something you like.
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i love it to the point that ive been on it as long as i have with lpsg. it has way more variety with gay vids and a lot of home made videos.
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YES, everything you can think of will be on there....even me....(shamless plug)

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I wouldn't click on any of the ads or links on the sides. Where it says "view in HD" it misleads leads you in to thinking you're being taken to another part of xtube when actually it's something totally different. Other than that it's good for user generated content. I would never give my credit card number to them or any of the sites they advertise though because they seem sketchy.

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