anyone used the bathmate goliath?

interested in purchasing a bathmate , but not sure which size to purchase. right now im naturally 9.5x6.5. from the specs ive found, the bathmate hercules maxes out at 8 in length and 6 in

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anyone used the bathmate goliath?

interested in purchasing a bathmate, but not sure which size to purchase. right now im naturally 9.5x6.5. from the specs ive found, the bathmate hercules maxes out at 8 in length and 6 in girth, however im not sure if the goliath would be too big for me to start with. i just dont want to go blowing money and having it either bee too big or too small. anyone have advice? ps, length would be nice, but im mainly looking to use this to increase girth, plus it just looks damn fun lol
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I bought the batmate goliath even though it's a bit too big for me. It can be a bit uncomfortable at times and when I pump for extended periods I sometimes get blisters on my mons pubis. However, I'm very happy with it. It gives me plenty of room to grow. With about an hours use I can get upto 7.5" girth but I tend to get a huge donut. I am taking a week off and going to start back taking it slow for a while till i get more conditioned to it.

By the way, the bathmate in my opinion is the best warm up exercise for PE. Try using it for 20 mins then clamping/Ulis/isolated compressions. Then stick on a cock ring or strap.

Good luck
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thanks for the info man! would you mind postin specs? before/during/after use and if youve seen any permanent gains yet?
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Lol your no where near 9.5x 6.5 so stick with the hercules.
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Alright for eboys sake either take my word for it or assume John Doe has a penis at the specifications I posted. What would you recommend to him? Id rather it be too big and eventually grow into it than buy one that gives me no room for growth and be out 100 bucks
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Okay for the specifications i would say the goliath would be fine.
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it doesnt look that large because im 6'2 and 280lbs. so if a big dick looks HUGE on a small built guy, a big dick looks average on a big guy. those are just the measurements my gf came up with the other night. and thanks for the reply eboy, ill give it a shot and see how it goes
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Yeah, goliath is good for those dimensions. I think girth is the most important factor, and apparently anything bigger than 6.25" is too big for the hercules. I know you're most interested in girth, but if you lost some fat pad it may appear longer than it does. I also suggest shaving your pubes for better contact if you don't mind looking like a 12 year old.
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yea i gotta work out to get rid of the chub around it and yea i shave, just been lazy haha
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Hi, was just reading your post and might get one myself.

If my girth is already 6" would I need a Goliath?
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i would because the hercules only supports a girth up to 6.5, so yould only get a half inch of gain out of it then have to go spend more money for the bigger one. i ordered mine yesterday and should be here in a few days, ill let ya know how it works
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Well I ordered my Bathmate on wednesday evening and was surprised to have it arrive so quick.

Had my first play in the shower and it felt good.

Went for the Hercules in the end as they had a good sale price, also Im not really wanting much girth increase.
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I have a bathmate goliath. Been using it for a bout a week now. I am on the larger side,thats why I ordered the goliath. I have some pics in my profile that show pre and post use. I have plenty of room to grow in it. I just took some pics using it in the bat and will post this soon.
Going off your stated dimensions you will be fine with a goliath.
good luck
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Me again I have loaded some pics of pre and post pump with a ruler that should be clear to read. Also some in use pics.
Feedback please
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May I hang in here? Despite the fact that length has to be developped here I decided for Goliath for the girth. There's not that much room for improvement at the other models.

Now I have some simple questions:

How do you use the measuring gauge and what does (A), (B) .. (F) mean?
I guess the sliders in the ruler are "before" and "after" markings, right?


7+ BPEL x 6.5+ EG ... it's not the length it's the volume that counts :)
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bathmate , goliath

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