Do straight guys finger fuck their ass when jacking off?

well I'm a bottom so after my top is finished I like to jack off while he fingers my ass filled with cum... I mean like it gets me going to hard and then if

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well I'm a bottom so after my top is finished I like to jack off while he fingers my ass filled with cum... I mean like it gets me going to hard and then if he nibbles on my nipples... ugh I'm in heaven.
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Oh fuck yea....i was afraid I might hurt myself at first by w/ lots of lube and practicing and varying speed....Oh shit it feels good to be beatin my meat w/ one and finger fuckin myself w/ another! Love shower time, tooo, that way i can get as fuckin dirty as i want and clean myself up right away!! thought about getting a vibrator soon.
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it's pretty rare. i don't do it and i don't know other guys that do.
i think a lot of guys have never tried it so they don't go near that area lol
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I love to play with my ass when I cum.......it make it so much better for me......
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i do. no problem admitting it.

founder of the group - straight phone/skype pussy lickers

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I've tried. Didn't like it.

Confucius say man with no pic have prettier face and bigger dick
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I do from time to time. Would rather for my partner to though
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I do it as well, If not my fingers, than one of my dildos. All's well that ends well.
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I understand the people saying they don't care for it cuz it hurts, or it makes them feel sick to their stomach. But, saying you won't do it because it stinks too much? Seriously? Do you not wash your ass when you shower? Ridiculous. I've smelled a lot of people with bad breath that was worse than smelling ass. The flip side, I've tasted a few dirty cocks in my lifetime. Interesting fact, all have been in the last 8 years. Do people not shower everyday anymore?
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After manopause my wife complained about my size so I began to finger fuck her and she then helps me jack off by squeezing, twisting, and pinching my nipples. She knows my ass gets very sensitive during sex and she encourages me to ply my ass with one of our vibrating anal probe/dildos until I cum.

Here is a photo site http://jackinchat.com/profile.php?uID=13897



My e-mail address is anoldernjgymguy@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from you.
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The question makes no more sense to me than "do gay guys use lube when jacking off?".

What in god's name does sexual orientation have to do with whether something you do to yourself feels good?
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Originally Posted by Ren69 View Post
I was too curious and i did, it was hard at the beggin but i got pleasure, it was an incredible orgasm and an incredible shot!
I would love to help you have more of those shots Bud :)

sharing cock talk-all natural?or how have you grown? I am a straight acting male that happens to enjoy sex with other masculine men (Married/Divorced man here)
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I know several of my straight friends do enjoy it.
I know they do it well since I taught them how lol.

Solamente dici l'amore.

"imagination is part of reality" - roberto rosselini
"pasta and magic are life" frederico fellini
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I have my gf! Eat my ass and tongue my hole!
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ass, finger, fuck, guys, jacking, straight

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