Jerking off in the car???

Has anyone ever seen this....or done this? Share your story and pics if you have them :)

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Jerking off in the car???

Has anyone ever seen this....or done this? Share your story and pics if you have them :)
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No pictures, but a few years ago during band practice our guitar brought one of his female friends over. the entire time we were practicing she kept talking about how we all looked so tired, and that she would give us massages if we wanted, she actually said "I can give more than one massage at a time."

Now this sounds sexy right? But I don't wanna get down with someone who would fuck my bands mates too, the order didn't matter.

So I get roped into taking her home because I have the only car, sounds great?

She propositioned me when we got to her house and I turned her down. It was really a hot scene though, I was horny, but not dumb.
(I said no but my guitarist didn't, they have a baby now.)

So I headed back toward practice but my dick had gotten so swollen and hard that it was painful. I pulled over onto the side of the road (In a big, mostly unfinished housing edition(or suburb, whatever you call it. I'm not sure, I hate living in those subdivisions.)

The nearest house (maybe 50 feet away) was bustling with girls who looked my age. They were tanning and moving around in the front and side yards. I watched the girls run and play, having a good time; just being girls in summer. And As you can imagine it was incredibly hot.

The entire time I was watching and stroking my cock, imagining scenes; measuring the actual possible of coitus with one of these little summer bunnies. The thing we could do, the perversions I would introduce her to.

Normally I don't masturbate in public and I am not much of a voyeur but it was out outside, the girls were hot, and I was probably a little dehydrated.


And when I used to take car rides with my EX I would whip my dick out and she almost always gave me head, anytime and anywhere. It's always nice to have someone who appreciates giving head as much as I do.

We're only making plans for Nigel.

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A friend of mine suggested that we do this one time, and I was totally aganist the idea. I don't knw what it is, but anything sexual in the car (other than maybe some kssing and grabing) does not turn me on in the least bit.
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One of the best times ive had jacking off with a friend was one day when we got caught in traffic. it was literally stand still so he pulled up some pics on his phone and we both started gettin hard. i was a little bit older so i decided to whip out my hard as steel boner and start jackin it. He quickly followed suit and soon enough we were having a jerk session right in my truck. it was really hot knowin we could get caught and jackin w a friend too
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great stories y'all!! :) keep em coming!!
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long drive home on the interstate dying to get home to my girl, yah there have been a few good jerkin sessions nothing like busting a nut going 70mph! In my truck no one but the semis are high enough to see....smooth strokin in the right lane. not as good as the road head on trips with the gal though:)
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D_Phishwicke Phluffer
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definitely have gotten road head a few times
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Used to jerk off all the time on the way home after work. Worked late and dark roads made it almost a habit. Had to carry extra paper towels in the pickup! Several gf's were into the occasional roadhead too - feels great and less messy when they swallow it all down...
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My wife hardly ever does the driving when we go out, and after one night out, when i was driving and she was drunk, when we were about 5 miles from home she reached over and started undoing my flies. She didnt take long to get me hard, and on the straights, where i could drive one handed she managed to suck me while i drove. When i eventually came, with her wanking me furiousely we were about a mile from home. I had to pull over, or i would probably have crashed. When we got home she had to pay the babysitter. I had to change out of my spunk covered trousers, before i drove her home.

7.2 inches long x 6.1 round 00guage prince albert
5.5 x 4.5 soft
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It's one of those 'scenes' - SF van pool open air parking lot south Market/near AC Transit terminal. First one 5P crawled in back of van, happened to look at car
parked next to van, next to where i was seated. There was a nice looking guy
with seat pushed all the way back with his fly open jacking his good sized piece.
I was 'glued' to the window watching his performance and my enjoyment. Don't
know how long he was jacking but he came quick enough. I was so turned on but other van poolers were getting into van...he noticed them and zipped up and zoomed 'off'. Doubt he knew I existed but I watched the performance. He was so turned on that he never noticed I was in total appreciation, a nice looking well put together guy and very well hung 30-something suit. Could hardly wait the 45minute ride to get home to rub one out.
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Was driving south on I 395.. A long, boring drive.. Whipped it out, jerked off and shot a big load... Used a napkin to wipe up. Next day I took my car to the carwash. While waiting in line, a saw a glob of dried jizz on the windshield! Cleaned it off before the carwash guy got into the car!
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I got caught ones, I'll never do it again...LOL
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Originally Posted by chatterbox2010 View Post
Has anyone ever seen this....or done this? Share your story and pics if you have them :)
Do it all the time, helps keep me alert on those long lonely road trips here in the boondocks of the wild west.

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If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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Hot pics, Silvertip...

Yeah, a friend told me about it for long trips. I was going up to Maine, and decided to whip it out a few months ago. Was a good time, left handed, paper napkins helped, loved the idea of passing cars and trucks not knowing that I was jerking my cock. Wished there was a hot trucker at some point, oh well...
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I've done it before on the expressway, either going to work or coming home when I have been real horny....just pull it out and started stroking. Towel handy for when I shoot, which is always messy. It's always exciting thinking about who can see you while you're stroking. Always slow down when I pass by a trucker to let him get a look.
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car, jerking

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