5 inch erect penis.

5 inch erect penis.3 inch flassid ,but in flassid look like so small. Is it small for adult stright male. acoordin to this site i feel i am kid.

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5 inch erect penis.

5 inch erect penis.3 inch flassid ,but in flassid look like so small. Is it small for adult stright male.
acoordin to this site i feel i am kid.
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5" is just about average, it's not small.
LPSG members are not good for comparison.

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It's totally normal so i wouldn't worry. Your normal size.

..... But yeah for lpsg standards most users are bigger than 5" flaccid let alone erect.
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I consider it small. I'm a little over 5.
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its not big but its not small either! don't get confused from allt he 7-8-9 inchers you see on this site, thats NOT the average
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Thanks a lot brothers.only i am worried because it not look like adult when comparin to all in real life. I think due to I did masterbate lot from young age.this cauuse tissue damage.I will 100% going to try pump.I think it will. make some diffrence.But I am job base person.Pump cost is like my one salary.

can any one help me & give his pump for month use.
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let me put it to you this way...im 7.5x 5.5 and my girlfriend avoids sex sometimes becuase of it...you can go buck-wild with a 5 and really get a girl off good and NEVER WORRY ABOUT HURTING HER!
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Thanks autoballer. Is your penis thet size genetic or you did some for grith or lenth.
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i think my genetic size would have been 6.5x5 i have always fooled around with pe here and there...mostly just jerk off in a way that is similar to jelqing... i've tried extenders(cant wear them long without slipage or pain) and pills dont work unless they are used as a healing aide for jelqing or pumping.... save your money and jerk off a lot... oh and you said you jerked off when young, thats what i did and if anything its better now, however i read if guys jerk off by going face down on a matress then they wont be able to enjoy sex because it isn't as intense. If you really want to start pumping start out getting a cheap $30 pump, just make sure the girth is close but larger than what you have, the ones with bulbs are safe because you cant really overdo it since they collapse once the vaccum is maxed on it. all results are temporary(unless you do it for months or years), but noticeable for a good period of time(maybe a week if you keep up with it)...
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