Full body exam

I found some weird things on my body so I decided to make an appointment to see a dermatologist. I will be seeing him on Friday morning. I told the receptionist that I needed to

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Full body exam

I found some weird things on my body so I decided to make an appointment to see a dermatologist. I will be seeing him on Friday morning. I told the receptionist that I needed to have a few spots checked out so she put me in for a cancellation. I normally freeball. Should I wear underwear for the exam? One of the places I want checked out is on my pubic region. Have any of you gone through this recently? How was the exam and what was the outcome? Did the doctor remove any of the problems or did you have to come back for that procedure?
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At my annual exam I told my doctor that I put on underwear just for him. He laughed. I doubt that a doctor really cares since a full exam will demand that you take off whatever underwear you put on. I wore underwear mainly to take care of anything "left over" from my prostate exam. Sometimes the lube doesn't get completely wiped off, and I don't want my trousers sticking to my ass.
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My doc tells me to get naked and lay on the table. He gets this high power light and looks all over my body at the various moles etc and if it's necessary he'll remove them. I have one mole right on the inside of my legs, under my balls. He found it two years ago and every year when I go for my check up he lifts my balls and stares at the mole.

I have to say I'm really comfortable with him. He's a great doctor, very professional and caring. I guess being Czech and not American he doesn't have a problem with asking pointed questions. Like when I had my first check up with him, he noticed that was I circumcised and, holding my dick in his hands, asked why and actually studied the scar. It's obviously not common here at all so I can imagine his curiosity. He wasn't the first doc to ask about it either. My urologist asked too the first time I saw him.

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I have had an exam with a new dermatologist recently. The dermatologist asked if I wanted a full exam, and I chose to have all of my body examined. It won't matter whether you wear underwear to the office or not, they'll have you strip naked and put on a gown. When he exams you, he'll lift the gown and exam your pubic region.
The area I was concerned with, was nothing to worry about, but I had a few spots that needed attention, and she froze them off during my exam/visit.
Don't be bashful, a dermatologist is looking for skin problems, so show them all of your skin. They have seen better and worse.
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Wear, or don't wear, whatever you want. You're going to get naked anyways. I once went for a whole body check at the dermatologist and was surprised to see she was a very lovely young lady. She had short blonde hair and dressed plainly in a top and pants. She actually stood in front of me as I undressed. I took off my shirt and she looked at my upper body. I then removed my pants and she looked at my lower body. I was still wearing my thong at that time. When I asked her to check some moles on my balls, she asked me to remove my thong. When I did, she had me sit on the examination table and checked me out closely.
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I went in today and freeballed as normal. When the nurse showed me to the room, she said, "remove all of your clothing, including underwear and sit on the table." There was only the paper on the table, nothing else. So that is exactly what I did. When the doctor entered, he greeted me and started right away with what made me come into the office, two spots on my back. He then proceded with the full exam including looking under my hair (on my head). He did ask about my pa ring with the usual question as to if it hurt to have it done. He asked if he could look closely at it. I was surprised that he had to ask. Anyways, he did two biopsies and said that he did not think there was anything to worry about. He asked that I make annual appointments to check my entire body since I am fair skinned.
Thanks to those who answered as I was more relaxed for my visit.
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My annual exam is one of the few times a year I wear boxer briefs instead if a thong. Just in case there is any KY left over from the prostate exam. When my doctor examined my genitals and saw that I shaved except for a strip if hair above my cock, he said "handsome design". He is a good doctor and worth going to but has recently come out of the closet. My digital prostate exams take on a whole new meaning now.
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Wear whatever comfortable clothing you usually wear. If your dermatologist is anything like mine, you'll be naked soon, anyway. On my annual visits, after the nurse has taken vitals, she says, "Please remove all your clothing and jewelry (I wear a set of dog tags), down to your skin, and sit on the table. The doctor will be right in." There was a paper drape on the table, but I didn't use it. After I stripped, the doctor came right in, and started examining my skin. She started at my head and ended at my feet. Sometimes I was standing, sometimes sitting -- whatever position made it easier for her to examine that portion of my skin. She was very careful to examine all parts of my penis and foreskin, testicles and anus -- places she says others doctors don't look at for fear of embarrassing their patients. She found a few growths she didn't like the look of, took a few biopsies, and I was done. Nothing to worry about.
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Art, sounds like you got a good doctor. Those are worth keeping!
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