First Time You Saw a Huge penis

it's really weird...in 12 years of school and playing all kinds of sports, i have never seen another guy's penis in person. makes me feel like i haven't really lived. lol.

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it's really weird...in 12 years of school and playing all kinds of sports, i have never seen another guy's penis in person. makes me feel like i haven't really lived. lol.
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Mr. Russ

In eighth grade a guy pulled his shorts up and walked arond strange as a joke. His bulge was huge and I knew I was much smaller. But I never saw that guy nude.

There was a semi-retarded student in my gym class. We had to take group showers and I hurried through it. I was changing and glanced over at the showers. I saw his huge flaccid, and slightly bent dick just hanging there. It was like six inches. WOW! He was walking nude from the shower to his locker. It was flopping all over the place.
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My own.

I was masturbating when I was about age 13 when it hit me.

I held on tighter after that.

Thank you, thank you, you've been wonderful....

You're sitting on a gold mine, Trebek
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From ages 4-8 I lived in 2 communes. Both were clothing optional. I saw so many weenies that I didn't really pay any attention. When I was 12, I took a shower near my dad's friend at the YMCA. He was gigantic. I was amazed. I never looked at him the same after that. I didn't see one that big again until I was 22 and showering in college.
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Originally Posted by HickBoy
how romantic...
LOLOLOLOL.i was going to say the same thing!
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Originally Posted by JohnTheHorse
Does anyone remember the first time you saw a big cock and what you thought about it? I remember seeing adults a couple of times when I was younger - my uncle was who I think must be my adult size with morning wood once and a few other people as well. I was shocked and amazed at the time. Anyone else?
The first time a saw an adult penis i was visiting the US with my many cousins and somebody found a magazine, Playgirl i assume & we saw it and giggle all week long about it...i was 14. I remember the quantity of pubic hair kind of shock me and find that adult male very "strange and old".

And than saw in reality at 17 and found it much more beautiful looking because he was a "young" one not like the one in the picture ...
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The first time I saw a big penis was when I was 14,I was spending the night at a friend's house and I accidently walked in on her older brother in the bathroom,he had a 10 inch cock and I must say I've been hooked ever since
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[quote=Mr. Russ]In eighth grade a guy pulled his shorts up and walked arond strange as a joke. His bulge was huge and I knew I was much smaller. But I never saw that guy nude.

Had a slightly similar experience. We were about 14 and this guy, who I thought wasn't anything special, took his trousers off and showed the biggest bulge in briefs that I had ever seen!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that since!
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I saw a horse walking along with its penis dragging on the ground. :D
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I have seen some penises in my teenage years, but those were the ones of my brothers, and they were all more on the small side, or average if I'm being generous, and I didn't have much interest in seeing those either.

The first time I saw a penis that I was interested in was before the first time I had sex, it belonged to the guy I was going to lose my virginity too. Maybe that is the reason why I am in the big-dick rail now, he was a rather large guy, three hand widths then, which would give him about 8, give or take a half-inch. We were both first timers, so it didn't seem so extraordinary to me. I noticed he was larger than my brothers, but with those being my only visual experiences, I thought his size was usual. It felt good too, after we had more practice (it was his first time too), so he spoiled me, and his successors, most of which were smaller, had a hard time giving me pleasure. I remember blurting out to the first guy I had after him, "I thought you were bigger!" Ha, I'm a brazen broad! Needless to say, he deflated at that comment, but we could get it back up, and had some fun still.

A few of my female professional mates used to call me "Bear Fox" during the 80s. You guess why, and you win a prize...

A reply to that one would be one of the rare exceptions where a PM from a stranger would get a reply ;-)
My idea for a MasterCard "Priceless" ad campaign:

Pack of XL condoms shredded: $ 11.99
Panties torn: $ 25
Bed broken: $ 950
Mindblowing sex: Priceless.

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For me it was when i was about 10 years old. Showering with some friends after gymnastics in school. I can't remember really good but i thought that we all three (the others didn't want to shower) had a hard-on. This black friend of me had such a big one! I think it isnt really big now, but for his age it really was. There was also another half-blood friend, and he was big to, but the black one was absolutely huge, as i remember.
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Ops...again i did not read the question exactly... i thought was first time i saw a penis...

First time i saw a big penis was 3 months ago....
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I had seen one large one when I was 12 on a campout, but it was not in th emonster category. When I was 14, my neighbors had asked me to babysit for them one night. They had two boys, 9 and 8, a three year old girl and a six month old boy. I was easing my way out of babysitting and had introduced my neighbors to a friend of mine who they were happy with. I asked if they had called Carol up and they said she was busy. Anyway, when I got over there, I found out why tehy called me. The husband's 25 year old "mentally challenged" brother was staying with them. He was about 5'10" and well over 200 pounds. Seeing I was only 125lbs at the tiem, I was somewhat concerned.

The two younger boys were always a challenge, so I knew I had my hands full. Because this was only a three bedroom house, they had the boys sleep with George downstairs in the family room. They would keep telling George it was time for him to go home or it was snowing outside (it was July) and he would freak out.

Meanwhile, the little girl comes downstairs after having a bad dream, gets on my lap and after a few minutes she starts rubbing my cock (that is why you may see me post an opinion when I see sex stories about incest or underage kids with adults). I found out that the girl did this for her brothers all the time and later as I thought about what happened and her lack of shock over the size of what she was touching, I suspected that she was doing favors for Dad too.

After explaining to the girl how it was not appropriate to touch someone there, I took her up to bed. As I was sitting back down on the couch, I hear this laughing and yelling coming from downstairs. I run downstairs to see the two boys laughing and jumping on their beds while watching in awe as George was stroking his very hard and enormous cock. At that time I was about 9" and had yet to see anyone come close to what I had. He was just off the charts in all aspects and he wasn't completely hard. After probably the longest three seconds of my life as I surveyed the scene I just lost it and asked George why he was doing that. His response was "it feels good!". I went up to him while he was still stroking his flagpole I told him with as piercing look as I could that I knew it felt good, but it is bedtime and I want you to fall asleep now. I looked over to the boys and they were already under the covers scared to death as they had never seen me so mad.

I retired from babysitting that night.
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The first time seen a large penis, I was like 13 at a group meeting at a local college. We had woken up that morning and as i sat there trying to get dressed with my little weenie, our group leader got up and he stood there in his boxers and as he tried to get his jeans up his dick slipped out of fly, of course he was wood yet and he had a whopper, probley around 8" of uncut meat, im sure he must of seen me staring with mouth open in awe, but at that time realized that there are big ones out there. as seen many times since though college showers and at our local gym.
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Has to be my dad...first time I remember seeing his 'equipment' I was about 6, eating breakfast watching my little 4 year old bro side on... my dad walks into this scene, again side on, totally nude and opposite my bro, only I find myself amazed at this huge thick piece of meat and large balls which seems to be almost touching my bro's blond hair. It really emblazoned on my memory...just burned in there, I remember thinking how nice it looked, and being totally honest, I wanted to walk over there and feel it, it looked so good (jeez there's an embarrassing admission...).

Saw it many times over the years, dad liked to walk around nude and I was awoken many a time by this great big dick and balls sometimes semi bobbing around when my dad sometimes came in to open the curtains.

Gotta say it was a nice thing to feast your eyes on...
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