Oral Sex by someone with no teeth.

I was always wondering if anyone has ever had a blowjob by someone with no teeth. I could only imagine that it would be incredible.

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Oral Sex by someone with no teeth.

I was always wondering if anyone has ever had a blowjob by someone with no teeth. I could only imagine that it would be incredible.
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I can give you Grandma's number if you like
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Incredible is the adjective to use. Yes, royboy, my cock has been blown a couple of times by a dude who removed both his uppers and lowers before giving my tool the best, most loving suck it had ever had and none has lived up to it since. The sucking was awesome, that and the nibbling or gumming on it with his soft gums covering his hard bones can't be described except perhaps for incredible. Get one when you can, man, you're remember it forever.
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teeth are the structure to your face, only people i find attractive get near my wang, teeth are hot, no teeth are not
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Don't knock toothless blow jobs until you have had one. I have had them from men & women.
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Great feeling...I would definitely date a hot chick with no teeth. I guarantee you no one would make fun of her when you put that vision in their heads.

"What's the big deal? I'm very oral, very attracted to men and women, and love making people feel good. I'm a giver and it's just sex."


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Being a guy who has near full dentures, and who L O V E S to give head, i feel like I can really concentrate on the dick and not have to worry about keeping the teeth away. Actually have only had the opportunity to do it to two guys since have the choppers removed, and have not really asked them how it felt.
Anyone want to give it a LPSG testing??????

"FUCK ME" - Keanu Reeves, Speed (1994)
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haha, i've thought of going for an old lady for that reason
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many people hae their teeth removed early in life for all sorts of reasons, I was blessed by being with a partner like that- Good looking and an absolute peach of a blow job - especially as i could just hold his head down and bang away fully in and out without fear of being scraped by his teeth
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Incredible? MORE LIKE CREEPY! Just find someone good at giving head ;-)
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I always gave my bj's removing my upper false teeth, and they all enjoyed it very much, comments having the best blow job they can get, anyone ready to experience, volunteer here, lol

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What made me think of asking this question is I have heard some men in SF were getting their teeth pulled so they could accomodate large cocks.
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I have to say, someone with no teeth would be so unattractive I think it'd ruin the blowjob, even given that mechanics that might be more suited to the task that someone with pearly whites.
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if in LA or Glendale area I can demonstrate

just dont be a gross pig i'll swallow "it"
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I don't know if I'd keep my hardon if somone took their teeth out. It'd just be too weird for me.

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