What vagina really smells like

I know a lot of guys cruelly refer to vagina as smelling like fish. I don't know how this rumor or legend got started, but in all the vaginas I have licked, fingered, and/or fucked

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What vagina really smells like

I know a lot of guys cruelly refer to vagina as smelling like fish. I don't know how this rumor or legend got started, but in all the vaginas I have licked, fingered, and/or fucked I have never found one that I would liken to the way a fish smells. (And I've been around enough seafood to know what they smell like too.)

Probably the most frequent exposure to different vaginas came in college (so the mi to late nineties), and in my 'research,' I'll tell you what one vagina after the other smelled like. It was not an unpleasant odor at all, mind you. But I found that if there was one often repeated fragrance across the board it was that of freshly sharpened graphite pencils. You know like when you're in school and you use the mechanical pencil sharpener with the crank or the electric sharpener plugged into the wall. It's that smell. Not offensive in the least, which is why I've never minded and usually relished eating pussy.

Of course, I'm not saying they all smelled like this. Some were decidedly foul-smelling. But if there was any common thread between most of the vaginas I came across it was that old familiar freshly sharpened graphite pencil smell. What do you guys think? Did I hit the nail on the head?
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i couldnt say i know what ur speaking of. and yes, i do know of a fishy smelling vagina...but i must like fish cause it doesnt necessarily have me running out the door. and there really isnt a common smell but my favorite smell is the illustrious "waterpussy"...its the type of thing that makes u not wanna have sex and just eat a woman out for hours...
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Therux, I certainly have come across vaginas that I have delayed having sex with in favor of eating the out for hours. And yes, fragrance played a large part in that. So did look and the fact that they issued a steady stream of delicious pussy goo. But I never heard of the term "waterpussy." Why do you call it "waterpussy?" What does such a pussy smell like?
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thats the thing it kinda smells and tastes like water. how do you describe the taste and smell of water? its just one of those things...ive ran across at least 3 other men who used the same term w/o first hearing about it from me...
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That does sound interesting. I don't know if i've ever had one with such a neutral taste as to be compared to water. I guess I've been with muskier women ( :. What I hate are the guys who are afraid of even the most normal musk that a pussy emits. You know, these jerks who think any odor a pussy emts must "stink." Idiots. I'm glad you didn't run for the hills when the fishy ones came across, therux. Although I must say again that I've never had any that have actually smelled like fish, I've certainly had some very strong (if not foul-smelling) ones. For some reason, most of them have also been awesome looking vaginas (hairy with thick pink lips that pop out to 'greet' you) so the smell didn't dissuade me from going down on them for at least 4 minutes at a clip.
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D_Pokin Joe Frazier

When it's bad it smell like fish scales when it's good smells like pink cotton candy
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usually when it smells like fish it's a bacterial infection, and you should stay away, haha
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See, I just don't get that. I've gone down on between 50 and 60 vaginas and I've never smelled fish.
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I'll tell you what it smells like...........my next meal.;)
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Cantaloupe and Salt

smells, vagina

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