Whiteheads on Penis

Hi there. This might sound strange but for about a month and a half i've a whitehead on my penis. As i do with spots on my face, i popped it, but not the usual

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Whiteheads on Penis

Hi there.

This might sound strange but for about a month and a half i've a whitehead on my penis. As i do with spots on my face, i popped it, but not the usual watery substance came out. It was more of a thick substance, like squeezing puree out of the tube. Once i popped it, it didn't go away, it filled up again. I've tried to pop it other times yet it still fills up with the same thick substance and now another one is appearing.

I've only noticed them on the shaft, none on the balls, but i'm worried that there will be more. Im not sexually active, still a virgin, but im starting university in a couple of weeks and lookin' to get some action :P

What should i do?

Kind Regards

R x
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Sounds like you have a bacterial infection. I would go see a doctor, that white is white blood cells that have died off trying to fight an infection. We have bacteria on our skin at all times and sometimes it does find a way to get past the skin barrier, and when it does then it can spread. I would say a good antibiotic is all you need to clean it up. Again I would go see your care provider and let them diagnose the problem and then go from there....Don't put it off, you are just going to create a bigger problem, in the mean time cleans the area with Hydrogen peroxide and also with rubbing Alcohol, it may burn but that is a good sign its getting to the problem, but you still need meds for a cure. Hope this helps.
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Google Fordyce spots Fordyce's spot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These spots are common, but some are quick to think they are possibly a more serious problem. If this looks like what you've noticed, then don't worry. You may even see an increase of these as you age.

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Thank you for the advice guys. Big help :)


R x
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What should you do? See a doctor and/or dermatologist. Stat.

Good luck!
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I have them too. I've had them since my teen years. They show up best when I'm erect. When I pop them, they don't go away fully and will refill like you describe. And I'm also a virgin.

Oddly enough, my gf doesn't seem to notice them while giving me bj's all the time.
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I have a similar condition, sebaceous cysts at the sweat glands near my fun spot. Although I am a woman, my doctor told me that it is genetic and there is no treatment besides keeping my area clean.
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