Goodbye Steve Jobs

An amazing mind is now asleep. He was brilliant and you have to admit that whether you are an Apple lover or not. He will be missed. Farewell.

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Goodbye Steve Jobs

An amazing mind is now asleep.

He was brilliant and you have to admit that whether you are an Apple lover or not.

He will be missed.


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Oh no. It can't be true! Rest in peace, Mr Jobs.

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this guy was an amazing business man

rip steve
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Wow, a man who really did transform aspects of the way we live. A life lived incredibly.
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A sad sad day. Why do the good die young? A true visionary is gone.

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Steve Jobs, Apple founder, dies - CNN.com
No mention of the iMac in the article, which really relaunched Apple from a dying company to one that still had a niche.

I heard this on the radio when I was coming home and I thought a part of the computer industry as we know it is now gone. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. He survived longer than most people who are diagnosed with that. I'm not a fan of him really, seemed to be too arrogant for my liking, although he was the absolute driving force for Apple. What will the future hold for Apple now?


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Definitely a hero.

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Not a fan of him or a member of his cult. I do feel for his friends and family who will miss the man but have no true feelings about his passing.

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A true genius and pioneer who will be sadly missed by millions who never had the pleasure of meeting him. The world will not be a better place because of his loss. RIP Mr. Jobs.
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I'm not a Mac person or IPhone guy but this is really sad. Man changed the way the world does things. RIP.

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Not a fan of apple products either but steve has change the world. RIP dude

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Another note...just imagine you are one of the few people that actually changed the world so much and you have to die so young. SO wrong!

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Thinking that I am the same age as him, I ask myself what have I done to change the world as Steve Jobs Has. You know what, he can RIP knowing that he has in his life done so much to advance our knowledge and appreciation of our cyber and real world. Great leader and humanitarian. An inspiring person who has enabled me to think beyond my capabilities. Thank you Steve Jobs

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They took our Jobs

Edit: Too Zune?

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goodbye, jobs, steve

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