Big Teen Dick Pics- Showing my face for the first time!

Hello all! You may have seen my pics already in my other threads or my gallery, but I recently decided I was ok with showing my face a bit. Thought you would like to see.

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Big Teen Dick Pics- Showing my face for the first time!

Hello all!
You may have seen my pics already in my other threads or my gallery, but I recently decided I was ok with showing my face a bit. Thought you would like to see. Reply to this thread and/or send a message or comment if it's something you'd like to see more of (or less of, I suppose).
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Very nice :)
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Very nice, glad your not shy, with that meat you shouldn't be
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Wow! very nice indeed. Keep them cumming:)
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Love the pics and your video too

Best. Deepthroat. Ever.
Voted No.1 of XTUBE 100 BEST SUCKERS (over 16 million views)

Private gloryhole in Providence, RI and Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ft. Lauderdale: Nov 2025
NYC: Dec 57

New video:

"You only work in a shop, you know... you can drop the attitude!" (AbFab)

"Young man, I don't know where that's been, but I can say with absolute certainty it won't be going anywhere near my mouth" (Gilmore Girls)
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wow very hot indeed!
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Everythibg is beautiful and would love to see more for sure let me know when

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Damn stud, how did someone so young get a cock so big? Walk proud my man walk proud!
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Hi Crazy...I read your other thread about trying to lose your virginity. The pictures in this thread confirm that you are (in my opinion) extremely good looking in every possible way (awesome face, hairy, massive hung, sideburns/beard, etc.). If I saw you somewhere, I would be interested immediately! However, I would be afraid to approach you because you seem to be too far out of my league...too handsome/too much of a stud...to be interested in someone who is average/old like me (I realize that you are straight and wouldn't be interested in another guy anyway). I think you have it all in the looks department. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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damn, man! Hit me up if ur ever in NYC - I'll hire a chick we can both bang.
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Hot face and Hot dick!
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You are huge and beautiful. I'd love to see some flaccid pictures of that
awesome cock.
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Fantastic photo's ! Well lit, well hung and well done.
They lead me to your Video, and I would like to comment but couldn't find a comments/reply box....
I'm sure you've learned a lot from it, and they will keep getting better.

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nice big cock carzy...handsome too!
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nice unit, bro! Put it to good use! LOL
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big, dick, face, pics, showing, teen, time

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