Any clips with guys using poppers

Love poppers and love to see guys do them an clips of some popper use? Sure would appreciate it thanks

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Any clips with guys using poppers

Love poppers and love to see guys do them an clips of some popper use? Sure would appreciate it thanks
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Whats a popper.
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I thought everyone knew what poppers are.Just joking.Poppers were more popular back in the 80s,90s,but its little bottles of what use to be amo-nitrate(sp?)before it was outlawed.Now its little bottles of a generic(I call it)amo..Use to sniff poppers.Made you feel like,at least for me,real horny,could cum any second.But that was just me.Havnt done poppers in several yrs.now.Not as good as it use to be.
Just about any of my favorite monster cock Max Delong videos,especially the older vids.You can catch Max doing poppers.
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its like liquid ink for markers that you sniff that makes your heartbeat really really fast and makes you lightheaded. its like a super high for 3-4 minutes. people use them before orgasm and when they are about to cum while being high on this, the orgasm is super intense. i use to do it all the time, but then i got over it cause of the health risks involved. but yes, the orgasm is really intense.

aside from that, people use them to relax a bottom before anal.
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nice movie thanks. Just like to do them once in a while they can be fun and make sex so intense.
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Type in poppers in the serch windows on most of the sites,they have EVERYTHING.
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lol like your avator uncut1
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It's a fast and short acting vasodilator makes your bp drop (loose your hardon) but then your heart compensates by going faster (the rush) those with a cardiac history (MI) stay away- everybody else be cautious.

God is just Santa for grown ups
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Yes back when it was real amonitrate,but the stuff they use today probably wouldnt hurt a fly.Just an opinion.
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clips, guys, poppers

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