College Jock Showers

This story is actually a true, mixed with a little fantasy. I was in college: where you could always see an attractive guy walking to class sporting baggy shorts or sweatpants showing a nice swaying

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Talking College Jock Showers

This story is actually a true, mixed with a little fantasy. I was in college: where you could always see an attractive guy walking to class sporting baggy shorts or sweatpants showing a nice swaying bulge as he walked. Sometimes you could even make out the whole package. There was one guy in particular who always caught my eye, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. He was a jock, with the perfect body and had the most impressive bulge I have ever seen. Day after day I would witness it in all it's glory, with his shorts bulging at the seams. I couldn't focus on anything else anytime I was around him. He liked to wear those thin underarmour shorts, which tend to cling to the body - which gave a perfect silhouette of his manhood from every angle. I would often fantasize about him, and about how much he must make his partners cum - much more than I ever could.

I had admired him for quite sometime throughout my college years. Unbeknownst to me, my junior year we were living in the same dorm building: a freshmen dorm we got stuck in due to lack of space. One day, like any other I headed to the showers before bed - but it was a bit later than usual, past midnight and nobody else was around. In the freshmen dorm building there was only one communal shower per floor, which were not co-ed. I usually showered as fast as possible, as to not get aroused in front of the other guys. I loved checking them out but I didn't want anyone to think I was a creep. But this night, with nobody around, I decided to take a longer than usual relaxing shower.

About half way through, in walked the infamous bulge of my dreams. I had never seen him on my floor before so I was shocked when he walked in. I tried to act coy as he strutted over in his towel. Then it happened - he dropped his towel, and his massive member bounced free for my eyes to finally see. It almost didn't seem real in proportion to his body; it had to be about 6 inches soft. He was a real man with a real cock, and he made my average penis look shriveled and pathetic. I was in awe. He chose the shower head two down from me, and I could see his giant tool in my peripheral vision no more than 5ft away from mine. I didn't know what to do - I obviously wanted to stay and watch him, but I didn't want to get hard and him see me aroused by his presence.

I decided to take my chances and stay. I had now been in the shower for 30 minutes and had washed my body 3x over, but I didn't wanted to leave. I started to lather up again, taking some glances at him again. Im pretty sure he noticed, and we made eye contact and he gave me a somewhat hardened look. I was nervous, but this excited me even more. I couldn't help it anymore, I got an erection. I tried hiding it, but to no avail, it wasn't going away anytime soon. I decided it'd be best to get some shaving cream and shave my pubes to make it look like I had perhaps given myself the erection accidentally. He began to take notice.

There I was - hard as a rock, randomly shaving my dick feet away from the guy I had fantasized about for years. He turned his body for some reason, to start to scrub his lower back I believe, and was facing me directly. He was now looking straight at me and my hard dick. He noticed the situation pretty quickly, and let out a little laugh when he noticed how awkward I felt, and said "it's okay man, happens to me all the time when I shave, I always get shit for it." I didn't know what to say, so I just laughed in agreement and kept doing what I was doing. It kind of broke the ice, and he churned up a little conversation with me, saying he's noticed me around before and how it's shitty that we got stuck in the freshmen dorms... I couldn't believe this was all actually happening. Soon after, he moved over from the two showerheads separating us, asking if he could borrow some of my shampoo, and he was right next to me and my blatant erection. He didn't seem weirded out by the situation at all so I tried to just go with it. I handed him the shampoo and watched him clean himself. I was now just about completely shaven when he turned to hand me back my shampoo, and said "thanks bro, and good job shaving that cock - but can your girlfriend even feel it when your inside her?" and he literally flicked my dick. "Just kidding man," he said laughing.

I could have came right there. I tried to not appear turned on, and took his actions as an open invitation for a closer connection while we were in the shower. I responded saying "sorry I don't have a fucking horse dick," and I leaned over and grabbed his dick, wrapping my hand completely around it, and flapped it around. His dick was as big as mine was hard, and he was completely soft. He playfully punched me and laughed, making some jokes about me being gay for him. If only he knew. Considering the topic I asked him how big it was hard, and he said 9 inches. I told him I didn't believe him, even though I'm sure he was accurate, hoping his competitive jock side would come out - and it sure did. He kept telling me thats how big it was, and I told him to prove it otherwise he's just a pussy. And he did, he started playing with his cock to make it hard until it finally grew to full mast, an impressive 9 inches. I was in total shock... HOW COULD THIS REALLY BE HAPPENING?! The guy I had fantasized about forever was now showering naked with me, showing me his hard cock, and I had even touched it! I wasn't going to lie, I told him I was impressed and that he had the biggest dick I had ever seen. He laughed and said "yea, I get that alot." The comparison between our two hard dicks was drastic as we stood next to each other wrapping up our showers. Luckily it was so late and nobody was around to walk in on that scene.

We both grabbed our towels and started to dry off. I went over and sat on one of the benches to dry my legs, and when I sat my hard dick once again emerged and was popping out of my towel standing straight up. He was still hard too, but nonetheless decided to make fun of me for still being hard, and jokingly told me to just go jerk off already and make it go away. He sat next to me and started drying himself off as well, with his dick doing the same exact thing as mine, except much more noticeable because he was so much bigger than me. The next thing I did was the most bold decision I ever made. I suddenly moved my hand over and grabbed his hard dick and gave it a quick three pumps, and said "why don't you get rid of that already?" He looked stunned, but pleased at the same time... I hadn't taken my hand back off his dick yet, I was just holding it in all it's glory for that split moment in time. He didn't say anything. (What?!?) He was silent. I started to stroke his dick again, but this time for real.

He just sat there and moaned a bit, and let me jerk off his huge dick. I could barely fit my hand around it. I was in ecstasy. I finally made him cum after about 5 minutes of jerking him off. He came on my leg, which he found hilarious, later saying "thanks bro." Seconds later, he grabbed his towel and the situation was over; he instantly went back into straight jock mode. I wasn't sure what just happened. Did I actually just jerk off one of the hottest, most well hung jocks on campus? He was just grabbing all his stuff when he leaned over and gave my dick and quick pump, and said "I told you to get rid of that!" and he left.

That was one of the hottest times in my college career, and anytime we saw each other on campus after that we would always give each other a wink, but nothing else ever happened between us. I am happy enough simply knowing what lied beneath those shorts of his, and having the pleasure of making it cum.
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Great one man
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so HOT!!!
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so real! gave me a hard one!
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Damn. Nice got me raging hard
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Reading this at the gym and got me rock hard. Great story man
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Awesome Story!!

Unfortunate that there seems to be no future episodes

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
I Love him 100%, and his 50% belongs to me
It takes more love to share my saddle than it does to share my bed
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would be great if we could always take "advantage" of situations like this when they "popped up!"...
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7.2 - 7.5 inches! Always horny! Always looking for fun. Always looking for friendship!!!!!! I wanna bromance :(
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Maybe I need to start hanging out longer in the locker room? Maybe I could get in on some cock tugging!
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