Staying hard after Ejaculation

I have a question that I hope you guys can help me with. I am able to maintain an erection after cumming. Even after cumming serveral times in a row. Is this common? I've talked

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Staying hard after Ejaculation

I have a question that I hope you guys can help me with. I am able to maintain an erection after cumming. Even after cumming serveral times in a row. Is this common? I've talked to some of my female friends and they have never heard of it. I'm wondering just how common this is?
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depending how horny i am i can do it too. My record is 6 cums in a span of like 3 hours non-stop. the secret is not strokin when you cum, let it ooze out, the orgasm is not as strong, but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc is intense.

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I can stay hard if I just keep going right through my orgasm. I've never seen a downside or had a complaint about it.

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You will find that some guys can do it, but probably most cannot. While I can stay hard for a short while after an orgasm, I'm usually too sensitive to continue with sexual stimulation.
I've only had one multiple orgasm in my life, that appears to have been an exception to what is 'normal' for me.

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I'm usually able to stay hard as long as I'm still stimulated. After the 2nd time I need a rest though. I find that the more orgasms I have though, the less hard the orgasm will be. From the beginning through the second orgasm I'm rock hard, but after that it softens a little.
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Yep, i'm not a man but i had partners that was hard after cum...some not wood hard but hard and semi hard...

Is the best thing to happen (in my oppinion) because there some men who take longer to get hard again...and its hard to wait for him to get hard do to it again...
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Yes! Semi wood! I'm famillar with it as well It usually only takes a handjob or a few licks of my tongue to get him up again

Okay,I'm back
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Yep Honey!

Up and doing it again!!!

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YES! There are just times when I HAVE to get him up and running again!

Okay,I'm back
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Multi-ejaculatory- I am, always have been, its fine. I never feel satisfied going just one time though...

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jeff black

I can usually stay hard for a while too... I didn't develope this ability until recently though. I just chalked it up to luck.. nothing worse than blowing early and losing ur hard on... this way, I just keep on fucking...

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I take a long time to come, and this means about 45 minutes or so on average, but perhaps half an hour afterwards I can get it up again and scrrew for quite a while with a very stiff dick. I can't come twice though.
After that I usually take a little nap and get a bite to eat.
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Hah! I can't do that, the only rare occasion is if I blow too early, in which I guess I keep going as if it dosen't count. Althogh I can't keep hard through multiple organisms, I can stay hard for a very long time. All that's left now is to work on my bodily endurace, to keep up with my sex drive.

Before you undertake surgery or exercises , heed this warning. The strength of an erection is much more important than its size... To have an erection your penis needs blood and sexual energy. If the penis is made too large, without enough blood and sexual energy you will have difficulty getting hard.
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I agree with most of the other guys, it depends on how horny I am.
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D_Humper E Bogart

I put too much effort into blowing, so it just leaves a "murdered" dick at the end of it.

ejaculation, hard, staying

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