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Originally Posted by Boinkerz View Post
thanks for the compliments everyone, my head is generally shiny, but i make sure to take care of my skin using jojoba oil, bath salts, and clay

i have a new album up called "edging for hours"

i hope you all enjoy :)
I notice that the bottom pic 0216 shows the underside of your cockhead and that you have still an intact frenulum. Do you enjoy strumming it?

BTW, I have befriended you on LPSG.

Take care,

Thom./BigGlansDC on LPSG
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awesome... how long did you pump it up for??
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are frenulums rare? :X i never gave mine much thought

and to answer your question thickpig these photos are unpumped, i do have pumped photo album tho you can see the difference hehe
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[QUOTE=Boinkerz;3787936]are frenulums rare? :X i never gave mine much thought


I don't think that frenulums are rare even in the USA. Mostly all uncircumcised males have a frenulum. My frenulum was mostly excised when I was circumcised as a neonatal. I have a strand of a frenulum or a vestigial one. It depends on the doctor or urologist performing the circumcision.

Many years ago I had an affair with a young medical doctor at the university where I worked for thirty years. He was Jewish American, his mother Jewish, and his father, I believe, Episcopalian. Nelson who seduced me had a circumcised penis rather thick, a HUGE glans, and a fully intact frenulum. I wish I had the foresight then to stimulate his frenulum, even nibble on it, to see if it enhanced Nelson's pleasure.

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I'd like to see a shot of you pissing for the non-golds. I bet that with
your big piss slit you would have a thick stream coming from your hot
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Its beautiful

Don't be jealous of my boogie, don't be jealous of my boogie
You can say that you are not, but I always see you lookin'

It's too strong, it won't fit
It's too much, it's too tough
He talk like this 'cause he can back it up
That's what I'm looking for
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Looks like Darth Vader's helmet :)
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i have to ask if i can suck that for you ?
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cockhead, fat, shiny

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