extremely high&tight cut

Have you seen this guy: Besnijdenis - Hugo's fotodagboek Isn't it the highest circumcision ever? Have u ever seen higher? I'd say it is 2/3 of inner skin and only 1/3 shaft skin left...

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extremely high&tight cut

Have you seen this guy:
Besnijdenis - Hugo's fotodagboek

Isn't it the highest circumcision ever?
Have u ever seen higher? I'd say it is 2/3 of inner skin and only 1/3 shaft skin left...
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i would like to know, but then again dont really want to know how is it even done? though i agree it is high cut...

sorry if there's a 'Y' missing in my posts, its not working well... :-)
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Do you think that this guy received a sleeve resection circumcision?
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I clicked on the link and looked around the picture diary... If you don't like seeing blood and stitches on dicks, I'd advise against it.
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It looks like a normal adult circumcision to me.
If anything, I'd say they took more care than usual, because he was an adult.
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Originally Posted by BigGlansDC View Post
Do you think that this guy received a sleeve resection circumcision?
I definitely agree with BigGlans DC. It looks like they removed a section of the outer skin and left the all of the inner foreskin untouched. This one is a little unique because a sleeve resection is usually done at the base so that the scar can be hidden in the pubic hair.
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Here you can see how much of the inner skin this guy had before: Besnijdenis - Hugo's fotodagboek
After circumcision it looks like it has streched....?
AFAIK sleeve resection doesn't mean that the scar is far from the glans and hidden in pubic hair. It depends on preferences of a man or surgeon.
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Not a normal adult circumcision by any stretch. That is extremely high. Very few adult circumcisions result in that aesthetic.

Fact : There isn't any rigorously-gathered, carefully-tested, thoroughly cross-checked, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, overly replicated, peer-reviewed research on the effects of circumcision with respect to sexual response. Just pure hearsay and anecdotes from both sides of the argument. If you are happy with your penis. Cheers. If you are not happy with your penis then find what works best for you and deal with it.
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That is very high. I bet it feels awesome though with almost all of his foreskin retained on the shaft. It looks like his frenulum was left intact too.
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Here is his story translated using google translator:

For circumcision

After one year, or 10 thinking, reading and fantasizing, I come to the conclusion: that piece of skin goes off! I'm going to be circumcised in Recklinghausen, just like fellow forum cut45 a while ago to do. His topic has led me to this German specialist.

Basically I have no complaints about how my penis was. No deficit frenulum or tight foreskin or whatever. I think just the feeling of a bare glans so much better. Which expresses itself in a retracted foreskin always (for years), during subtraction. The feel of a circumcised cock, I have often imitated by Leukoplast with the skin to withdraw and to fix, like this: CIRCLIST - Splash Page / preferences / feelcut.html.

At some point you start to wonder if it 's skin can not definitively better. And so I made the decision.

The wish was a high and tight circumcision. As high as possible so that as many inner sheet of the foreskin is preserved.

Day of the circumcision - Thursday

So, it happened! Just got home .. it all went very well.

At 11.15 I was already there, just in time to do some paperwork to the secretary. Lists of possible drug use, sign that you understand what will happen, etc.. and pay of course, 1250, - Euros. Furthermore, she told me friendly and clear about what would happen. Dr. Busing came after about 10 minutes along too. Straight to the point, I want to know (high and tight) and the incision lines with marking pen. I wanted to as high as possible so that the inner leaf is preserved. He said the head probably would go down a little ways with an erection. He therefore proposed to the frenulum a little to cut. So do not cut or remove a bit of scoring. That seemed fine. After marking the direction I was operating department with my medical records in hand.

There I was quickly and taken to a bed. Undress, show that the whole thing shaved, OK apparel, hat, bring it on! First came the surgeon to pass by the local anesthetic to give. An injection at the base, and a little bit just below the frenulum. The first not to feel, the second a bit painful. After I had a small inspection still feel that circumcision should be very tight, based on the markings. So I asked if there was a half inch more could be left on the inside leaf side, no problem.

Moments later a numb feeling in my penis and sleeping, but not numb. I could walk to the OR, which is nearby. There was very real to a man or 5 in green jackets, table / bed in the middle with a thick bulb at the top :-) Like in the movie is. And considering I did not bowl in a hospital, it was really special to see. Well, lying, waiting, relax.

The lot was disinfected, and two surgeons went to work. There were also two assistants who kept me informed of how it went and if I felt good. During the circumcision himself talked to the surgeon himself and the rest heard what happened. After half an hour I think the skin was removed and they let me see it. A square piece of skin of about 8x10 cm. And after fifteen minutes attached was it done. I could see em first and it looked really neat. Two of the sutures are thick and clearly visible, the rest extra thin transparent that you hardly see. All yourself. A small demonstration compress with cream and return to the waiting area.

As a sandwich and coffee, and a check if everything was good I could get dressed. Compresses, creams and pain relief inherited.

And now back home, I believe the anesthetic begins to work out a bit now. Fortunately no pain.

Day 1 - Friday

Last night for the first dressing change. It was a painless, but it did bleed a little again. A few quick pictures and pack again. It does not look bad, but some red and swollen under the glans and the bonding edge is obviously still very fresh. Tonight slept pretty well. A few times to wake half erection. But then luckily it dropped off again. The very fact that I now have a tightly circumcised dick will already have mild agitation. Difficult to get your mind a little to curb.

The German doctor also recommended a fairly simple repair method: the first day showering, but then does not lather the penis, just briefly about the shower. Any further cooling with ice (I have not done) and after a few days if a bath. I have asked to use Counter Tubex or similar anti-scar creams, but it did according to him nothing. The cleanliness of the adhesion was more decisive. We shall see.

I like the preliminary to enjoy the sun, and a bit of gaming.

Day 4 - Monday

Last weekend went well. Saturday was the swelling at its peak, especially the front page under the glans was very thick. This made it less comfortable to walk with them. So much of the weekend and hung lazily on the couch now and then cooled with ice. Luckily there was Formula 1 on TV :-) Today the swelling much less. This morning a lot of itching. The stuff I did on the gauze (a spray with soothing / cooling / antibacterial gel) is now, so now I keep it dry gauze. And if I'm just not home, it can pretty skies.

Day 5 - Tuesday

Tonight without gauze underwear and slept and even had an erection (at least not marked). The swelling has not completely gone, but it's slowly improving.

Day 6 - Wednesday

Yes, the swelling is almost completely gone, only the bruises yet .. Today, again largely with gauze d'r to run, no I really can not tolerate - the stitches itch it too much. A full erection is now also painless, provided I keep the tension off from my pocket to keep up ... Nice to see how the result is erectile. But there are as frustrating to have to stay!

Day 12

The first 3 stitches have been loose. The wire can I still do not. Among the other stitches are tiny scabs. After showering, they are soft and I wiped them away whenever possible. I also went back to work, an office job, so it poses no problems. Well I had a dry gauze around it done to prevent irritation or itching.

Day 13

The loose threads of the stitches, I pulled out with tweezers. I also see now that there are two other let alone resolved. I think a week they all have really be! I am also the healed suture edge started daily rubbing with Contrac Tubex. An ointment that will reduce scarring. Today for the first time without gauze to the wound went to work. Itching a lot, because the wound and cover are always against pubic stubble. And those pretty shots. Is simply the most comfortable to use gauze.

After three weeks

A few days ago I have most of the sutures have cut loose and pulled out. Advantage is that the irritation of the wires is almost gone. Therefore, I use pads anymore. Now, after three weeks I have all the stitches out. It was a little noodling, because those tiny stitches were almost invisible, but they are out. Meanwhile I have already masturbated twice. In addition, I have the tension on the skin as little as possible, through my legs to pull. When an erection is a considerable tension on the skin. Stand I have confidence in the firmness of the skin and healed edges, but I prefer not to take risks .. In a few weeks I can if it is good weather to enjoy.

After three months

Time for an update:

The result is great! The feeling to be circumcised still gives me a good feeling. It's not that I'm constantly working, even I feel my head not continuously exposed. The only thing more likely in the coming months will be better is the sensitivity of the circumcision edge. This is still quite sensitive, and some hard subcutaneous. Perhaps this is some blood clots, maybe it is scar tissue that is no longer moving away. Time will tell. The tightness I admit, is flaccid I sometimes think that "he should have been tightly circumcised, but I think in erection just right: a good, smooth skin. That's just the consequence of a grower, it can not be in both states just as tight as you want.
Masturbation is quite different. Without lube, and I do not like circumcision seems to irritate edge. The direct stimulation is great, but just five minutes into subtraction is not there anymore.

I am happy with the decision I have taken. I am even happier with the fact that I'm able to take this decision and no one had done before me!

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Actually, that's a good looking cut. I didn't think it could be so high.

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I think it looks perfect, IMO all circumcisions should be a high and tight as possible
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Originally Posted by twhite833 View Post
I think it looks perfect, IMO all circumcisions should be a high and tight as possible
I met someone who was cut while in Israel. He's high and tight too - not quite like this but still it looks great. Now I'm seriously thinking of having mine redone.

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For a caucasian guy, that's a pretty high and tight circumcision. I think high and tight circs are hot, and when I was circ'd as an adult about 5 years ago, I went to a surgeon specializing in aesthetic circumcision, and told him I wanted to have a high and tight circumcision, and wanted to be cut halfway up the shaft. He did it for me using the sleeve resection technique, and I'm very pleased with the outcome.

I have seen some pics of Asian guys who were cut all the way back to their balls. I don't know if that's a cultural thing, or if the pics I saw were just out of the ordinary, but I've never seen a caucasian guy cut that high.
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"I have seen some pics of Asian guys who were cut all the way back to their balls."

- do u have any pictures of such circumcisions?
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cut, extremely, high, highandtight, tight cut

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