Had my first LARGE PENIS experience... will my vagina ever be the same??!

Hi eveyone... so I will first tell my experience and then lead into my questions. Sorry in advance to the more experienced and navigated members if I am posting this in the wrong area, but

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Question Had my first LARGE PENIS experience... will my vagina ever be the same??!

Hi eveyone... so I will first tell my experience and then lead into my questions. Sorry in advance to the more experienced and navigated members if I am posting this in the wrong area, but I need some opinions/answers.

I recently joined this site just a couple weeks ago after my first experience with a LARGE penis. Mainly because afterwards, I have become mesmorized with the feeling it gave me.

Now... previously, I've only had experiences with pretty average men in both length and girth (about 5.5- 6 inches in length by average and not really girthy at all) and even had one ex-bf who was below average in the girth area but not so much length. He was actually almost 7 inches in length; however, the girth... very, very sad. I do not think I've ever seen or heard of a penis that thin. But I will say this... he was an amazing lover. He just knew what to do with his cock and it helped that he had an upwards curve :)

With that said, and to add that I have not had many lovers either. I've had oral sex/fooled around with plenty of men, but actual penetration only with a few. Soooo.... this brings me to my first LP experience... (By the way, I was not curious or searching for one. He was a guy I was dating, and I just so happened to discover that he was very well endowed.)

To make a lonnnnng story short, I will just say that when I first saw his cock, I was like "Whoa, how am I going to endure this. That thing is a Monster"!!! He basically said it may take a few times for me to be able to "take it" easily but that he had confidence that all would be okay and he would not hurt me. Anyways, foreplay started: licking/sucking my nipples which instantly gets me soaking, followed by rubbing and sucking my clit and fingering with one finger then two. I was pretty aroused and he could tell I was ready with how insanely wet I get. (Sidenote: My whole sexual life I've been wondering if my wetness was "normal", I don't know what it is to "dry up" as I've heard or need any form of lube- be it saliva or a product. I soak through panties and even jeans. With sex, I'm the one who leaves a puddle- but that is a whole other thread haha). Anyways, he put me on my side and got behind me, rubbed the head on my lips for a minute while talking to me and making sure I was ready. Oh, I was ready haha! I have to admitt, it felt like I was a virgin again. The excitement of the unknown. Its amazing that at 30 years old, that I was feeling like this! Amazing! He decided that this was the position for whatever reason that we were going to attempt this. By the way, his cock was about 7.5 inches in length and so damn thick!!! I don't know the exact girth, but my goodness it was a fat dick. I'm no size queen so I can't even guess. Also, my very thin dick ex use to tell me how tight I am- so this monster cock scared me big time- in a good way though! Even dildos, the most basic ones and even cyber skins, are uncomfortable for me, so while masturbating I always use either my vibrator or fingers and go for the clitoral orgasms. Okay, so back to where I was... he's rubbing his head on my lips, kissing my back and neck. I'm moaning and practically backing into it and begging at this point! Then he slowly starts putting himself in... okay OUCH! He pulls away and goes again and again and little by little he is getting further inside me slowly and working up into it. It was a kind of welcomed pain. I'm feeling him mostly inside me- atleast half or more. It felt amazing at the medium pace he was now pumping. I did feel a stretching sensation of my vagina and a slight burn. Not a salt on a wound burn- more of a burn from the tightness and fullness and more towards the 6, 3 & 9 o'clock areas of my vagina, but mainly the bottom. So anyways... eventually he turns me on my back to get on top of me and we both are stunned when we saw that there was blood all over him and me and the sheets. He told me it was fine that he must have brought my period on, but I was confused because I was not expecting or due for my period and the blood was bright red and not like the kind of brownish/reddish blood that I see at the start of my period. But we were both so in the moment that we continued. He was now on top of me and getting in so deep. At one point, he was full on fucking me silly. And I could not orgasm for the life of me. I came so close a couple of times but nothing and this NEVER happens. I typically have multiple orgasms during intercourse and average atleast 2-3 times regularly. I'm assuming my vagina was too stressed or could have been the bloody vagina. I was still very wet, but the creaminess was lessened. Although I didn't cum, it still eventually felt sooooo damn good, and I was satisfied! He of course came really hard and said it was an experience he would never forget ;) Yay! Now here are my questions/concerns:

Did my hymen just now get broken after all these years? It was not my period. The bleeding only lasted that night. I'm 30 now and lost my virginity when I was almost 17. I've have had plently of rough and deeply penetrating intercourse- but I never had any bleeding during my first time or anytime after...

Did I tear somewhere? When I got in the shower, I put my finger in me to see if I could feel anything different, but nothing other than a slight feeling that my pussy felt like I could press down a little lower in the bottom end of it.

Have I now lost the extreme tightness of my vagina?

Is it going to feel that different to my next partner than it would have without me having a LP experience? Especially if he is smaller? I'm assuming smaller in girth not length since I don't think the length has anything to do with my situation.

If I am torn or stretched, will kegels do anything to help?

Is this common? Could it keep happening?

*Thanks for taking the time to read and any comments would be appreciated. I am just upset at the thought of losing any of the elasticity I've always prided myself with. I still feel very tight, except a tiny bit looser in the bottom end. Maybe its in my head?

Also if any of you are curious, I am no longer dating this guy having nothing to do with any of the above. The sex was great, it did only happen that one time. The connection was there between us... but the distance and our lifestyles just put a lot of stress between us personally- so I told him it was best for us to just go our separate ways.

So, this brings me to this site and my new found fascination for the large penis... and I would definetly try it again!!! :)
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Didn't cum - burning sensation - bled all over. Yup, I see the enjoyment.

Sounds fishy to me.
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Be kind or be quiet.
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you're one of the lucky ones, Ms. Serial
*blech face*

"Men are awesome", I say.
"NOT ALL MEN", the Mensí Rights Activists chimes in before freezing where he stands.

Iíve got him now, Iíve won.

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No, your elasticity will never ever come back. Welcome to the slippery slope of larger and larger penises. By the end you'll be living on skid row letting bums park their Volkswagens in your coochie.
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No I didn't cum- but it still did feel amazing without having it end with an orgasm on my part. I said it was not a "burning like salt on a wound" burn. It was different and difficult to describe. As far as the bleeding, I didn't even notice it until we switched positions. Anyways... IT WAS ENJOYABLE and exciting. And the painfuls parts, I got past and had a good time. My experience, not yours to judge. And you say fishy? Really? Look dude, I'm not here to be false or ficticious. I am just looking for opinions, etc. to help me, not knock me down! This is all new to me... have some respect.

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Serial Kisser... what is "tl;dr"?
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And Hand Solo... I don't know if you were just trying to be funny or sarcastic with your last line there... but if not, than that was just crude to say.
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Originally Posted by XAsianSensationX View Post
And Hand Solo... I don't know if you were just trying to be funny or sarcastic with your last line there... but if not, than that was just crude to say.
Oh, no, I'm always in deadly earnest. I can't stand driving through San Francisco anymore and seeing all the down-and-out size queens with tail lights poking out of their cavernous vaginas. It's more than I can bear.
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Okay... good for you... but you are being rude & judging me. If you truly read my post, you'd understand that I am not a size queen, nor am I promiscuous! I just wanted answers. Im not here to be bashed! Why do you even take the time and bother posting on people's threads unless you are being mindful and helpful. Ridiculous.
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there's no reason to get all huffy.
is not Ms. Solo's fault you broke your vag.

"Men are awesome", I say.
"NOT ALL MEN", the Mensí Rights Activists chimes in before freezing where he stands.

Iíve got him now, Iíve won.
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I liked this thread better when it was all lavender.
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hope you all had your fun. now can we get back to her queries ......
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Broke my vag? Wow, I guess ignorance is common here. My vag is not "broken", thank you. Really, do you even know what you are saying and how uneducated you sound?Someone "PM"ed me that if I posted a verification picture that maybe you all would stop bashing me and the mods would warn you all to stop. I think I may just do that... but its sad, I have nothing to prove and this is not what I came to this site for! Bullies... smh!
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i'm interested to know if putting all foreplay aside, was the vaginal intercourse the best you ever had? do you think you will now start to yearn for more big penises?

i don't know the exact answers to your queries so i don't want to feed you any BS but i'm interested to hear the opinions of fellow members who are verse on this area

experience , large , penis , vagina

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