How do you put your penis in your underwear?

Up. I tried several time to down, but during walking, my leg push it up.

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View Poll Results: How do you place your penis in your underwear?
Pointing up 416 23.84%
Pointing down 1,123 64.36%
Other 206 11.81%
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Old 12-05-2006   #76 (permalink)
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I tried several time to down, but during walking, my leg push it up.
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Old 12-05-2006   #77 (permalink)
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pointind up and a litlle to the left , but after a while my cock finds his way and ponts down.
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Old 12-05-2006   #78 (permalink)

Originally Posted by lilbear View Post
I go commando 24/7- my cock goes to the right (dress right) and my HUGE balls make for a nice basket on my right thigh.
So that's a real term? A while ago, my friend told me that tailors will ask a man if he "dresses right" or "dresses left," and that what this means is "Do you tuck your penis on the right side of your pants or the left side?" I thought my friend was joking.
Old 12-05-2006   #79 (permalink)
cuthroat_8.5X6.5 is offline

depends, normally i wear boxer shorts then i just let it hang comfortably, but for work i wear jocks for support cos im getting up and down all the time, then i always point it down and sorta tuck it in
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Old 01-06-2007   #80 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by RupinX View Post
I pack mine to the right side (as displayed in my avatar)
That certainly looks that the left, unless you have reversed the picture
but nice meat dude
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Old 01-06-2007   #81 (permalink)
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If wearing briefs, over the balls and all in front, very visable
If in boxer briefs, then to the left normally and down the left leg, looks good when semi, looks impressive when hard, but uncomfortable.

Must try the pocket rocket style

It really depends on the underwear and occassion
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Old 01-06-2007   #82 (permalink)
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I don't oftern wear underwear, so it just hangs down the left leg, when I do wear boxers, it does the same

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Old 01-06-2007   #83 (permalink)
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Whenever i wear my boxerbriefs i just pout it down and sorta curve it inward in the pouch type thing. It gives off a bit of a bulge but its comfortable so idc if people look.
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Old 01-06-2007   #84 (permalink)
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I have a really big ball sac, so I pull my underwear up (jockey elance briefs) just to the point to where my cock and balls are firmly in place (cock pointing down), then I pull the extra sac up and over the head of my cock... and then pull up the underwear until it fits nice and snug. This makes a nice fat potato shape that can be disguised neatly if I want to... I'm cut super tight so I chafe easily with repetitive movement, so I like everything to stay in one uniform immovable chunk... can't wait until Summer arrives to freeball again!!!!!
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Old 01-06-2007   #85 (permalink)
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I dress up and over toward my left hip, mostly out of necessity.

As a grower, my flaccid arrangement can go either up or down with equal comfort...but I still get random semis and full hardons quite a bit (probably because I'm naked the vast majority of the time and wearing any fabric is a novelty of sensation) and my natural erect position points sharply vertical (45-60 degrees), with my penis itself also having a slight upward curve.

If I were to dress down (I wear boxer briefs) and pop a boner, it would be extremely uncomfortable. In slacks, it pops a tent straight out from my crotch. My 501's are tighter and will contain such movement, but it feels like I'm trying to lift a 4-stone weight with my cock, and the tubular protrusion growing down my thigh isn't subtle.

Dressing up and left allows my cock to expand toward my hip along the crease where my leg joins my torso. While it isn't as visually impressive to the casual observer, it's a damn sight more comfortable for the owner.
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Old 01-06-2007   #86 (permalink)
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Boxerbriefs, down and to the left. If I pop a boner, I have to pull it up and aim it to the left. It's pretty obvious so I try and hide it with a jacket or sweater or something.
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Old 01-07-2007   #87 (permalink)
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Like Dad (big one), I (little above average) would wear it down in my youth. I remember some uncomfortable erections as early as 10 years old, and, noticing some friends who wore it up also had up-pointing erections, I began experimenting with wearing it upwards (mine points out when hard). But, the obvious erections bothered me at this angle, so I usally let it dangle back down without readjusting. Being rather obsessed with "vertical" erections most of my life, I came to think that my non-vertical erection must have been caused by wearing it down in my youth. Now I can wear it up more often without so frequent erections, and I notice the slight downward curve of my youth has straightened out to a straight erection (though certainly not as hard).
Perhaps I should start a new thread on penis position and its effect on erction angle and curvature. Kinda makes sense...
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Old 01-07-2007   #88 (permalink)

very carefully

there is a game i play
try to make myself okay
try so hard to make the pieces all fit
smash it apart just for the fuck of it
Old 01-08-2007   #89 (permalink)
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It goes down my left leg.

Dressing "up" is not an option, it would have to go under the waistband of my underwear, which would be uncomfortable.
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Old 01-08-2007   #90 (permalink)
D_Ben Jergen Hoff

up and to the right so I can hide it in the groove of my leg :)
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