Arab men and penis size.

Never seen the Arab and Jewish penises but I would love to give them hand job. Would love to see horse-hung Arab and Jewish guys.

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Never seen the Arab and Jewish penises but I would love to give them hand job. Would love to see horse-hung Arab and Jewish guys.
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Altho I was born in the US, my parents are egyptian and lebanese
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I've been with 5 or 6 Arab men and to me they were similar to African/African-American men - the lengths were not always legendary, but to a man they were all very thick.
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Gosh I wish I could say the same as everyone else. I absolutely lust after Arab men but I have never been with one who is at best average. So far, all Arab guys I have been with have been about 4"-6" and I been with probably around 10. (there are a lot where I live). Mostly Lebanese or Palestinian. They ALL had amazing nice tanned bodies with thick black body hair and huge muscles. All so hot but none that hung, though the sex was always great and quite passionate.
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Maybe its the water?
I grew up in morocco, but have no moroccan dna.
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I have seen some small arab penises and one big one. It was very recently I saw the big one. The guy was uncomfortable, though. A strong, very dominant man. We had oralsex, and I was scared the whole time, hehe. I would say 8 inches (the same as mine), but thick. Maybe 6.3 inches. Cut, like most muslims.
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Here's my 2cents (or 2Fils)...

I live in Dubai - it's a huge 'melting pot' of testosterone filled (and oftentimes steroid-amped or popper-crazed) guys from around the globe...

I've had the pleasure of knowing ( but not always meeting):
Bahraini, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, Omani, Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Sudanese, Eritrean, Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian, iraqi, Syrian and Iranian (Persian) - to name but a few!!

I Grindr, Whatsapp and BBM with them all and exchange many a sorded conversation, including pic exchanges - almost nightly.
I've met and had fun with many of them too.

Conclusion - always humble, gracious, sincere and horny as hell....


...although slightly thicker on average than most other nationalities, they are well within range of all of us.

One of the smallest guys i've met was Lebanese- maybe 4 inches and thin-but dark, tall and good looking as hell. Also, A Syrian i've met was incredibly fit with hairy pecs, but he too had a smallish penis (5 or so).

On the other end of the spectrum, i've had the pleasure of meeting another Syrian with a dick longer than mine and nearly as thick (wider but flatter), hard as a nail with the coolest upward curve. He is tall, slim and has hair on his pecs and arms so dense you can barely see his skin. And he's only 25! His boyfriend is Lebanese, muscular, tattooed and a total bottom with a nice thick 8 incher as well---Fun night!!!

80% seem in the 6-7 inch range with 80% being on the thick side of girthiness.

I think it's the dark features, dense stubbly scruff and general beefiness of many that gives us the impression of very macho and masculine guys with perceived larger-than-life dongs.

The biggest dick i've seen in person was in the Middlle East - a whopping 11x7. - most have seen vids of this guy on various sites.

Arab you ask?
He's British!

Needless to say, i was extremely amped when offered a position in this part of the world and continue to enjoy my time whilst here...


I am who I am ...

8.25" x 6.75" (21cm x 17cm)
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I had a lovely Lebanese man. His cock was at least 9x6 1/2. He was uncut and had lots of foreskin. Apparently, not all arabs are cut. He was Christian and uncut. Gorgeous.
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I once took an a rab man home and boy was his penis huge, long and thick as a coke can. He was circumsized with a huge head. When i complimented him on his size, he thought nothing of it. It was a gorgeous dick to suck
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I knew one when I was in school aft football we had to take showers and he (Eyuni) was huge and that was not even hard
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My current girlfriend told me about one of her exes who is Iranian and she said his cock was super thick. I'm 5.5" thick at the base so I'm not super thin. Boy was I jealous ;/
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they come in all shapes an sizes like ev'one else
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Funny how most threads on this site descend into various gay members' fictional fantasies i.e. 'he was a big as a baseball bat' or 'he must have been 14" long and 9" thick'. Such BS.

Arab men are mostly average; some big, some small. Same as any other race. Some I've met have been tiny, whereas some have been hung.

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nice guy - Pornhub.com

Fat cock on this hairy Arab guy, and HUGE load in a creampie. Too bad he looks kind of dumbfounded.....
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I love the look of Arab men, Hispanic men, and white men. Don't really care about their dick sizes as long as they look super cute and sexy.
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arab, men, penis, size

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