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Originally Posted by mingemasher Hi folks, It's been a long time since I chatted. I can now do scrotal suspension, swing by the balls, hang by the balls... whatever you like to call it. I

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Originally Posted by mingemasher View Post
Hi folks,

It's been a long time since I chatted.

I can now do scrotal suspension, swing by the balls, hang by the balls... whatever you like to call it.
I do it in the garage daily for about one minute; I hang totally from my balls without any hands and freely.

I have a blog: Swinging By The Balls where you can read about the process and the impossibility of taking snaps!

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Why the hanging? It would be a whole lot easier and smarter to use weights attached to a rope attached of your balls. This way you could use as much weight as you wanted and have less risk of having your them ripped off.
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I started off with weights a few years ago and I've graduated! I've been hanging by the balls for a year now; but it's only within the last week that I've managed it totally without any hands, feet - quite freely. I'm hoping someone will volunteer to take photos soon.
My balls are more leathery now and can take the strain; I don't think they'll rip off after so long. I only weigh 9 stone.

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Just been on your blog, made me clamp my knees together!
Sure I read somewhere that extreme weights or what you are doing (whince) will just toughen up the ligs, making stretching unlikely. Personaly I belive in taking things slowly.
See gallery. cirus.
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If you stretch them too far, will it have an adverse consequence when you've aged? I mean, you go to get out of bed, and your balls hit the floor *plop* before your feet do.
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Dont hit the floor but have to lift them out of bed first so as not to roll on them.
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When you get geriatric they can be used as a sort of incontinence pad or even stuffed up, to plug the gap at no extra cost to the Taxpayer.
They could also be used to brush up the floor. :-)
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Hi Every one.

I have a dilema...maybe not to you, but to me.

I have what i believe to be a large penis - 9x7.
I am only 5'4" tall and about 145lbs

but my balls are not very big....compared to my penis.

so in essence I have two questions:
1. is there a way to somehow inlarge my balls
2. Does anyone have a plan for enlarging them and a plan for hanging them?

I do not cum much either. well sometimes i do, but not all the time.

can someone help me? PM me with contact info and I will respond if you can help.

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i have done this so much my skin got lose and it hangs
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How you started it. Mine so tightly attached to body.
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D_Melvern Nutter

Any pics from before(starting with stretching) & after?
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Keep stretching and sooner or later your balls will hang as low as you want them. My goal is about 8 to 10 inches with no weights
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Anyone looking for cheap ball weights just measure what size your balls will just fit through and get a machine shope to turn stainless shaft into the size you want and you can get 6 weights for $50.
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Originally Posted by killer cock View Post
1. is there a way to somehow inlarge my balls
2. Does anyone have a plan for enlarging them and a plan for hanging them?
There's no method I am aware of roe enlarging them, that would be a surgical option if anything.
Stretching is simple enough and there are plenty of resources on the net for advice.
Cum load is adaptable and depends on diet and hydration, plus arousal. Peanuts, Celery, Fruit and water while giving up caffeine and cigarettes will increase your load. And edging always helps of course.

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Gents: I never really thought that ball stretching was possible. I'd love to give it a go. My meat hangs lower than the two fellas. If having a pair of low hangers is within my grasp, so to speak, I'm game. How? I'm sure I can find a strap, but how long each day. From what I read, like 2-3 hours a day is a good start. I could probably use a 1 inch ball stretcher to start with. Not really interested in using weights, but wearing a stretcher while I'm at work would be great. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I agree.
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