Underwear habit

in my teen age when i was in school i wear underwear and wear it whole time through out to my college now im in university i just wear on university time other than tht

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Underwear habit

in my teen age when i was in school i wear underwear and wear it whole time through out to my college now im in university i just wear on university time other than tht when im back from university i just throw it. the thing is i think my penis is bent downwards coz of wearing underwear all the time. and i masterbate alot now a days since 2 months i stopped masterbathing. now i want to cure it make it straight or upwards. make my penis erect towards upwards or just straight can any one help me out. for reference check out my penis photos in my profile and video too. please tell me is it bent or it just my misunderstandings....
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You have a great curved cock, buddy - why would you want to "straighten" it? Looks GREAT as it is!
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thnks mate, i just wondering if my penis straighten, but if it looks ok, cool thn im doing nothing with my lovely penis.
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Judging from your video, you've got a slight curve, but I wouldn't worry about it. Every penis is different, that curve just makes you unique!
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having a curved penis is perfectly normal. more men than you thing have a curved penises.
curved penis runs in the family and i think this maybe the case with you. i would strongly suggest that you speak to you father or brother to find out if theirs is the same. more than likely it is and they too may be concerned about it too, not realising that is it normal. please dont be shy, you are grown men and yous can discuss how yous can deal with it.
it can also be Peyronie disease, this is usualy cause by scar tissues but is not always the reason. i dont thin you have this cause Peyronie’s can causd disconfort during sex and some pain when erect. im sure if who have problems when erect or having sex, then you would mention it in this post.
if you think you have Peyronie’s then please visit a doctor. i think there is an operation to fix this.
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i showed my penis to my friend and he says tht he didnt see any curve in my penis, its pretty normal and shape is ok too, as u said every one has a different shape of the penis only he suggest strongly to me is to stop masturbathing this is because of masturbate.

and according to my mates in lpsg.org they all said tht i dont have peyronies desease at all, just a different type of penis i have, and i feel no pain when i got erect and my shape is not 90 degree curved thnks god.. ;) :) :)
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