Climbing Orgasms?

Anyone else ever had these? When I was a little kid I discovered that by climbing a pole I would sometimes get an amazing feeling in my lower stomach and genital area. I obviously didn't

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Climbing Orgasms?

Anyone else ever had these?

When I was a little kid I discovered that by climbing a pole I would sometimes get an amazing feeling in my lower stomach and genital area. I obviously didn't know what it was back then but looking back at it now it was clearly an orgasm.

I searched the internet and found that a lot of other people get the same orgasms, even as adults, when climbing poles or ropes. No one seems to know why or how it happens though.

I remember the sensation being incredible though, even better than orgasms now that I'm an adult. I need to go find some place that has a pole and see if it still happens lol.
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D_Judith K Rantz

The friction and heat combination would be my guess.

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I like to think I am pretty intune with my body, howeve, I have never experienced this. I guess I should climb more ropes? Sounds similar to those, usually woman who can lean against dryers and spin cycles?

Regardless, the human body, so facinating.
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Interesting....When I was between 11 and 12 years old, I was really skinny and tall (6'2"). I loved to look at pictures of bodybuilders on the back of magazines. I decided to build up my body but had no equipment and nowhere to train.

I faced the end of my bedroom door and pulled myself up and then let down. As I progressed in the number of "chin-ups" I could do, I made it harder to do by holding up there for as long as I could, moving my legs up and down as though riding a bike.

I should point out that a) I knew absolutely nothing about sex and b) I wore my grey canvas-like swim trunks to "look like the bodybuilders."

One day, after coming in from mowing our lawn and the neighbour's, I was really sweating. I pulled on my trunks and went to my bedroom door and went through my "pull-up" routine. This time, on the third "hold" up there I felt a tingling in my gut somewhere and this fantastic feeling came over me. I couldn't believe how fantastic it felt. I had no idea what had happened. I thought I'd broken something!

I dropped down from the door and noticed, for the first time, that I had a very hard erection and the front of my swim trunks had a big dark, wet stain. I pulled my trunks open and saw the flood of white stuff that was sticky.

That was my first orgasm and I repeated it sometimes two and three times a day and my closest buddy, who was 13, asked me if I ever "jacked off." I had never heard the term, so he described it. I realized he was talking about the same fantastic "result" I had had doing my Door Pull-Ups.

I think it's the stress & strain plus the contact my erection had with the end of the door as I held up there.

Lots of guys have had the same experience climbing rope in gym class, as I did, too.

Cheers & you're right, it's an amazing orgasm.
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I did that as a kid too. Didn't know what it was.

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I spent my recesses in first grade shinnying up a pole. Dropping down and then doing it again. Not better than sex but quite pleasurable for my young body.
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Oh yea! Didn't know why/what....but definitely gave me a hardon.
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They call 'em "coregasms." You can google it. I sure did the first time I had one.
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this may have something to do with the connection some people have between their pec/breast/nipple area and their genitals.... do all of you who experience this feeling also have really sensitive nipples?
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Happened all the time in wintertime PE before I got a regular girl friend. Try to explain that cloroxy-smelling wet jock to your buddies as you get naked for the shower!
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Yup me too, guess it's fairly common, I had no idea how much fun it would be to climb a pole, or I would have started sooner! LOL
It was pretty amazing, I didn't orgasm that I was aware of though,
had I known it could happen I might have done it more often.
I'd forgotten all about it, it's a pleasant memory.

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Account Disabled

haha i thought i was the only one... That happened to me a lot as a kid... Climbing walls, trees... Once it really overpowered me and had to lay steel because it felt amazing... Havenīt tried it lately... Will do and see if it makes me cum
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This happened to me all the time. First time (and many times after) there was no penile contact at all to stimulate an orgasm; it seems to happen purely from the exertion of the chest muscles and/or (maybe) abs.

I was targeting building of pectoral muscle strength when it happened. Would have been about eight, and squirted a small amount of pre-cum.

Various different exercises were performed to get there, starting with simply holding my weight on a parallel bar-type setup, and later on, chinups or pole climbing.

Multiple orgasms per session are possible, at least prior to puberty, it seems.

The common feature I found is that orgasm only eventuates if I pushed myself through the feeling of "can't hold myself up any longer".

I've heard and read about many others that can do this, too, but kept it a secret for a long time, because I thought I was weird. Maybe I am.
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Happened to me all the time as a kid, climbing ropes, climbing poles. It was an amazing feeling, though of course I had no idea what was going on. I think it was to do with muscle contractions somehow, rather than any particular body contact. Had my first proper ejaculation this way, too. It was very nearly very embarrassing, but let's not go there. Really interesting to read other folk's experiences of this. I thought it was just me!
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climbing, orgasms

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