Mandingo's best scene?

Thank you for all the great mandingo stuff. he is so hot and what a beautiful penis.

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Thank you for all the great mandingo stuff. he is so hot and what a beautiful penis.
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Agreed. It's not just that it's tremendously long and thick; it's shaped wonderfully, it gets fully hard almost all of the time, and it's striated with those big veins running up and down the shaft.

Most of my favorite scenes are when there's lots of O's flying around. Some of those have already been mentioned here, but there's one with a pale redhead who works a Tina Fey look with the glasses in some of her scenes, including this one with Mandingo:

Trinity Post Mandingo - Ebony sex video - Tube8.com

Trinity's very sexual and enthusiastic, loves showing off her hot, flexible body, and seems to love black men in general and Mandingo in particular. She had another scene with him which was also nice, but this is better. "Oh, you got me screaming!...Fuck, you're making that pussy cum!," she says here. Generally, she's on fire throughout their sex, at times overwhelmed by his size, but not in pain.
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As already mentioned his scene with Christie Lee is the best one, hands down.

After that id prob go with lauren kain and brittney skye(her body is just incredible).


Brittney Skye an ... - XVIDEOS.COM

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Originally Posted by tinkerr View Post
In my opinion it is/was him vs Amanda Blue, but the reason im questioning it in this thread is because i recently watched his scene with Kristina Rose in Mandingo Massacre 2 and it is so unbelievably hot:

Kristina Rose takes Mandingo in the ass - Pornhub.com

& vs Amanda Blue (he barely breaks the 10 minute mark with her):

Amanda Blue Mandingo Taboo 3 - SlutLoad

Really intrigued to find out what other peoples favorites are too.
I'd seen the Amanda Blue one before and it's probably my favourite. I love the way he gets the hardest i've ever seen him then blows his load before he's even got half his dick in her for a few thrust. Beats the shit out of almost every other scene i've seen with a dick bigger then mine in it where the guy usually has to wank himself off (often edited) onto her face. It actually looked like both of them were seriously turned on.

I suppose my taste in porn might be a little different if I suffered premature ejaculation but I have the opposite problem, which isn't quite the blessing it sounds in real life, at least not with the women i've been in long term relationships with...
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Christie Lee is my favorite.

Close seconds are Tammi Rose, Venus, Kami Andrews when he is in the towel in the beginning, Tiffany Mynx the first time they worked together, and I also like Amanda Blue.
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Lorena Sanchez is a very beautiful woman with a terrific body; she and Fred made terrific love:

Lorena sanchez fucks mandingo - VIDGRAB

He goes down on her and kisses her first with his long, wide tongue- who can blame him? It's understandable that he would want to pay special attention to this one. "I can't believe it's real," she says after making him rock-hard with her hands and mouth. Her amazement at his size doesn't distract Lorena from working to please him, as she asks him what he likes.

He mounts her in doggy; as she wiggles away at her clit with her fingers, she's in another world. "That's a fucking big cock, babe...AAHHHHH!!," she shouts out as he bottoms out inside her. He begins stroking shallower and quicker, getting her chanting, "Ah si, ah si, ah si, ah si..." After a while, he says, "You're just cumming all over the place!"

After flipping her over into mish, Fred says, "Fucking pussy's so tight!". "Not after you're finished with it!", Lorena responds, laughing happily, openly, joyfully; that feels like a real, candid reaction to their great sex. "You're fucking stretching that pussy out!"

She brings him off hard as she's finishing her last orgasm; he tosses plenty. "What did you do?", Lorena says, thick cum dropping from her chin and breasts and down the middle of her, stringing down her cunt. "You loosen my pussy and then you make a mess of me." Some theatre, sure, but real chemistry as well.
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Jaden Foxx looked like teen white trash in her scene with Mandingo, but with lots of GREAT body:

Mandingo Takes On Jayden Foxx - Hardcore sex video - Tube8.com

The scene is taking place in a cheap-looking dining room; we can imagine the teen sexpot sneaking a fuck with her black lover while her family is out. Mandingo's body is in its best shape here, and the angles the camera finds while Jaden sucks his cock make him look even longer and thicker than normal; he's also rock-hard for the entire scene. She says nothing while wrapping her mouth and hands around him, but Jaden lets out a couple of short laughs as she realizes what a incredible, gorgeous penis her new lover has.

Little is said during their fucking, but the collision of these extraordinary bodies and the intensity of their sex is very entertaining. At one point, she realizes their fucking feels great and isn't going to hurt: "I think I can handle Mr. Mandingo," she says in happiness and relief.

"My pussy likes that!", Jaden says soon after Mandingo begins stroking her in mish; her body looks amazing as she lays back on the dinner table and gets fucked by her huge man. Her body looks great in doggy as well. She's popping her ass on his dick furiously at the end as he grimaces in ecstasy, and finally brings him off with big loads of thick cum. "Keep cumming...how did that feel?", she asks, as his sperm stops streaming out. She knows the answer- FANTASTIC!
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Mandingo & Dulce
BBC+Latin Pussy=? you be the judge....Kyd - xHamster.com
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Thick12,your posts are really sexy. Wow! I love mandingo. Agree with you on the cock thing. I like the scene with Autumn from "once you go black 1". She looks so hot and has an awesome big ass. She gets on her knees and spends ages worshipping his monster black cock,slathering it with spit and looking longingly up at her master. Beautiful. I like his scene with tyffany mynx where she cannot believe how big he is and his cock dwarfs her. Lauren kain scene is also awesome where she is in white stockings and I thinl he ties her to his dick. I think any scene he does with leah luv is wortha mention too.she is so dmall and loves big black cock. It is bigger than her arm but she is so enthusiastic!
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Account Disabled

Amy Brooke, Chastity Lynne anal 3some. Mostly the parts between Mandingo and Amy, but still a great scene overall.

Chastity Lynne and Amy Brooke deal with Mandingo - Free Videos
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August knight I meant
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This one at least deserves honorable mention, and someone he had a relationship with once (still maybe?), so you know they had their practice:

Mya Lovely Black N Nasty
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here is the August Knight one:August And Mandingo - Spankwire.com
she is so sexy and his cock looks so fuckin huge when she sucks his balls and licks the full length of it. her ass in that pink thong too. there is a great bit where he tells her to bite the head of his cock...it is nearly as big as her face!
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heres an austin taylor one. she is built for black cock and when she starts sucking it on 6.05 it looks especially huge. it is all shiny and glistens and she worships him accordinly
Austin Taylor and Mandingo - Spankwire.com
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Mandingo and sandra romain!
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interracial, mandingo, scene

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