Is she a size queen or just trying to make me jealous?

So i just recently dated a girl and i wanted a second opinion. I can't really ask my friends this because it's an insecurity of mine and i dont feel like telling my friends my

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Is she a size queen or just trying to make me jealous?

So i just recently dated a girl and i wanted a second opinion. I can't really ask my friends this because it's an insecurity of mine and i dont feel like telling my friends my insecurity haha.
In relationships I'm a pretty laid back guy.. I dont mind my gf hanging with other guys for an example. I'm not a lovey dovey kind of guy neither which i found out is not a good thing b/c SOME girls need to hear once in a while.

The girl I dated is a virgin..or claims she is (her ex went in half way and she said stop). She pretty touched only three guys, her EX, this guy she fooled around with, and myself. She measured me with her hands and used a ruler when she got home and said im over 6 inches, like 6.5.. I'm about a 6.25 or a little under actually but I didn't argue haha. She giggled and jokingly called herself a freak/weirdo b/c she said she measured her ex before because she was curious. He was african american (we both are korean). I didn't HAVE to ask but I was so curious too and she said a little over 9? I didn't believe her at first b/c first of all she overshot me on my measurement. I asked if she could put two hands on it and she said yes and there would be more penis left to cover. I really feel like he was probably like over 8in.

I asked if she was shocked when she first saw it and she said no b/c she knew he was big b/c she felt it when they were making out and all..she said the guy she fooled around with (korean) actually shocked her b/c he was actually really thick and almost as long. She said he was really lean and tall so she didn't expect him to be so thick..I distinctly remember her saying, "like what is the chance a korean guy being so big?"

Then i kind of folded (felt insecure) and told her i'm a bit intimidated and she said no size doesnt matter to me. Long story short, I think in an attempt to make me jealous/or straight stupidity/or inconsideration when she was about to travel back home (korea, she was a brat? army? armybrat?) she asked if we can be in an open relationship incase she sees that hung korean guy and has feelings to hook up? I of course said no and said i think we should break up if you want to hook up with him..she quickly retracted her request saying "no I don't want us to break up ..blah blah"

Then one time we were just catching up on our day and i told her how my friend and i were talking about who be ONE person we would sleep with that we couldn't. She asked me mine and i said another girl..i THINK maybe she got upset by this, so when I asked her she said her EX, then quickly switched to the hung korean guy. I asked why and she simply said "because he was endowed".. then went off a little more saying how big he was (maybe to make me jealous. She dated other guys/hooked up with other guys but those two are the ones she kept in contact with. In fact she considers her ex to be her best friend (hence why i think she switched from her ex to the korean guy).

What do you guys think? We broke up and I'm pretty happy now actually b/c she was very needy..want me to text her back ASAP, and we were attached to the hip. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being with her.. but i guess when you spend so much time with one person you see how beautiful they are but also their flaws, and bad habits are more pronounced.
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Don't feel bad Im black and my babymom is Viet.She loves my dick im 8-9inchs hard too.She love wrapping both hands around it,Funny thing she is engaged now and she would still try fooling around with me.Grabbing my dick and stuff I know why lol.But you dont need those type of headaches.My ex said biggest she had was 11in Idk if she was exaggerating or what.Because when I had sex with her it was a very hard fit.But if shes still comparing you to him.Its to make you jealous or she still has him and his schlong on her mind.
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yeahh i think it might be both. she keeps saying how they are "just friends" but she went to visit him for a weekend and called me crying b/c she said he was frustrating her? Idk..also she didn't bring me up to him which i thought was pretty shady considering he is her "best friend"
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wait aftering being engaged she STILL grabs your dick? Haha did you do anything with her?
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