Clitorally well-endowed

Let me just say I am dying to find a woman with a huge clit somewhere in western Canada. I live in Edmonton. Once you've seen a big one, tiny just won't do. Jack

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Let me just say I am dying to find a woman with a huge clit somewhere in western Canada. I live in Edmonton.

Once you've seen a big one, tiny just won't do.

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any size is ok but the larger ones are easier to suck on etc. as long as it is good for the lady i wouldnt ever say anything about it being too large or small. a yummy clit - labia is all great too eat no problem !!
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Originally Posted by Dragonfly20 View Post
And then there are some of us ladies who have the tiniest clits.
Thank goodness mine gives me pleasure that is out of proportion to it's size.
Yes I can have clitorial "O"s with very little effort and most times they are off the richter scale in terms of intensity.
If a guy can't find it, he doesn't know where to look.
can we see some pics of it?
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Hmmm...Could we have a lok so we can decide?

I think it's a big turn-on!!
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Originally Posted by bignuncut4me View Post
A question for the group. I recently had a very unpleasant experience with a male lover whose ignorance and audacity astounded me, so much so I thought to raise the issue on this forum. To make a long (no pun intended) story short, after a very intense and from my perspective mutually satisfying round of oral sex, Mr. Expert on Female Genitalia expressed "concern" that my clit was too big.
I'd never heard that before; in fact, I've often received compliments (especially from gf's) on my responsiveness and size, but I never knew I was above average until I did a bit of research on the subject. So, my question is; large clit...turn-on, turn-off, doesn't matter.
Oh, and by the way, Mr. EFG was summarily dismissed from my boudoir
Have you ever seen Denise Masino? Now that's a clit! It's huge! Totally HOT!
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Originally Posted by robbyrobby View Post
Have you ever seen Denise Masino? Now that's a clit! It's huge! Totally HOT!
That's a big clit indeed!

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yes I must confess I love big clits and small cocks
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Originally Posted by ILguy23 View Post
Steroids will do that.
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I have always been attracted to big clits, the largest I ever got my lips around was about the same size as Denise Masino's and she was also a bodybuilder. It just made her more attractive to me.
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Old 05-27-2009   #145 (permalink)
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Dismissed from the bedroom?

I agree, lousy sex = DISMISSED,
"Swipe, declined!" For sexually confident women like the lady poster, and as a mature 40-ish woman.... Men, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

I recall having sex with a man who hadn't had sex with his wife for a couple of years I was told. I assumed he masturbated like all men and had some control over himself, too. He was in his late 50s (maybe even early 60's) , and I encouraged him to get Viagara in our prior talks, even told him how to go about getting it so he felt more comfortable, etc. He told me he didn't need it, that he would have trouble keeping it "down." Yeah , right, not so fast!

Warning to men who are "BIG TALKERS," better live up to expectations you create and if you can't keep it up, you should be amazingly adept at least with oral and a woman's clitoris, large, average and even small. This man was a lousy f**k, and by the time he decided to take the little blue pill I offered him, it was much too late. I realized how inept he really was as a lover, plus not very smart concerning women, and his own sexuality... Now i understand the reason his wife hasn't f**ked him in two years )probably been more than that really, but that's what he was willing to admit to-LOL), he just doesn't "get it." And he had the nerve to blame his lack of performance and abilities on the use of a condom, puhleeeez!

I realize this post may be a bit off topic, however, when above lady poster remarked about a dismissal, I had to laugh, to remind men to try to listen to a woman when she's telling you something! Sometimes some women know men better than they even know themselves!

I think I must have left skidmarks in the driveway at this man's house --couldn't wait to go home and satisfy myself, fantasize about someone else!

Originally Posted by ILguy23 View Post
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Originally Posted by ILguy23 View Post
I never touched anything remotely close to this clit. I wonder how it feels and reacts to sucking and licking. Hmmmmmm.....
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Size of a clit is less important than its position and knowing what to do with it. Some clits are just better for licking than others.
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Would love the opportunity to play with a really big (natural) clit. All the women I have been with have had average to small
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I dated a girl once who's clit was like sucking on a thumb...

When the going get's tough, the tough turn pro.
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What I could never understand is when women mastubate, they almost always rub their clits and rarely pentrate themselves. Yet, when they have sex, they are all into the penetration and rarely get their clit rubbed (unless it's oral). Why is this? I love rubbing a good hard clit with my cock. The bigger the clit, the better the rub.
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clitorally, wellendowed

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