Teach me how to self-suck

Originally Posted by novascotia_muscl Guys, I want to learn how to self suck. I think that it is incredibly fucking hot to be able to suck you own dick and then swallow that huge load.

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Originally Posted by novascotia_muscl View Post

I want to learn how to self suck. I think that it is incredibly fucking hot to be able to suck you own dick and then swallow that huge load.

How do to learn how to self-suck? Any tips anyone?
I know what you mean.. its an impossible thing to figure out. heck, doesn't even seem possible, much less like you can actually achieve it!
Actually, I can do it... I know nobody believes me when I say it.. and I actually don't have that big, barely 7"... but I learned how via this video on youtube: Self Suck How to Autofellatio Guide: DON'T TRY AUTOFELLATIO until you read this guide! - YouTube . It tells how to find all the info. THere's all the info about it at www.shewhowatches.com, which is really the wealth of knowledge... that's how I learned how to self suck!
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I started when I was young, just to see if I could.
Now 30 years later, I still can and do.
(with practice it has become much easier)
It is a popular misconception that one has to have a long dong to do it; this is not true; what you need is to be flexible.

I strongly advise seeking out a yoga class near you, because trying to do yoga positions at home without guidance can be dangerous.
Depending on the age one starts to do yoga, will depend on how long it will be before you reach your goal.


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Have a look at this site:

SoloSuck.com - AutoFellatio Kingdom self-suck site

I used to be able to do it when I was younger; as others have said, you do not need a long dick, but you do need to be flexible.

It WAS pretty hot swallowing my own load, but not as much fun as getting another guy to suck me off, or sucking off another guy.
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I Never could selfsuck. I really wanted to.. I was like 10 inches away from the head of it with my mouth.
Now I can deepthroat - get my lips to the base of it. IF I was a chick i'd be able to lick my clit!
I can suck on my dick all the way down... It took a while but I had help. www.howtoselfsuck.org was the most help- if it wasn't for that I'd be nowhere close! Ask me if you have any questions guys.

Learn EVERYTHING about How to Self Suck - Autofellatio at www.SheWhoWatches.com
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