Advanced Edging Techniques from a Master Edger

Advanced Edging Techniques from a Master Edger For edgers, it's all about the erection. Being hard is everything. The harder you are and the longer you stay hard, the better. The orgasm, if you will

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Advanced Edging Techniques from a Master Edger

Advanced Edging Techniques from a Master Edger

For edgers, it's all about the erection. Being hard is everything. The harder you are and the longer you stay hard, the better. The orgasm, if you will excuse the pun, is anti-climatic. Simple edging techniques involve being relaxed and comfortable, breathing deeply and slowly, listening to soothing music, using the right lubricant, varying stroke speed, length, hand grip and grip strength, pulling up and pushing down on the penis, etc. Once you get to the point where you can last 20 - 30 minutes or more before orgasm, it's time to move on to more advanced edging techniques.

Dorsal Vein Compression Cord
Blood flows into the penis through arteries mainly on the interior of the penis. Blood flows out of the penis primarily through the dorsal vein (the large vein on the top of the penis where it intersects the pubic bone). By relaxing and using reverse kegels (covered below) you allow more blood to flow into the penis, and by using a dorsal vein compression cord you can hinder blood from flowing out of the penis. The more blood in the penis, the bigger and harder it gets.

To use a dorsal vein compression cord, get some 1/4" cord that is about 1.5 times your waist size long. Then tie a simple knot in the center of the cord. Once you have an erection, slip the cord over the penis with the knot centered on the top. Then run the cord down through your butt and up around to the front of your waist, pull firmly and tie it off. This puts direct compression on the dorsal vein and hinders the amount of blood flowing out of the penis. (Note: you need to have a nice hard erection before using the cord.)

Reverse Kegels
Kegel exercises strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. You are using this muscle when you stop the flow of urine mid-stream - sort of a clenching that also tightens the anus. When you clench the PC muscle while you have an erection, you can make the penis jump up and down. When this muscle gets fully tightened it leads to ejaculation. A strong uncontrolled PC is often the cause of premature ejaculation.

For edgers, we want the opposite. There is no reason for edgers to ever do Kegel exercises. We want to relax the PC muscle and prolong the erection. Reverse Kegels involve gently pushing down on the pelvic floor, sort of like you're trying to push out a turd. You can also engage this by forcefully pushing out your urine stream (the opposite of clenching above). Once you get good at this, you can open and 'purse' your anus like lips puckered for a kiss. When your anus is this relaxed, you should be able to slide something small, like a pencil, into the rectum without any reaction from the anus, no tightening, etc. (Using something larger, like a dildo, will be too tight and create a reaction.) If you can stay this relaxed, you should be able keep an erection for a long time.

Ball Ring
Similarly the testicles get tight during sexual arousal as the cremaster muscle pulls them up to the body. The tighter they get, the more they put pressure on the base of the penis leading to a condition like a clenched PC muscle, which leads to ejaculation. Something edgers like to postpone. To alleviate this pressure, put a normal 2" cock ring (not tight) around the testicles so they can not pull up completely tight to the penis. This also helps keep the anus relaxed.

Edging Chair
As most guys know, more blood flows into the penis while your body is upright (standing or kneeling, etc.) then when lying down. However, lying down is more relaxing which is one of the primary tenets of edging. Therefore the best position for edging is somewhere in between. I have built an edging chair strictly for this purpose. The seat is about a foot off the floor and tilted back slightly so you can bend your legs or put them straight out. Also the seat is short so that your ass hangs off a little. The back is angled back about 60 degrees, is narrow enough so you can let your arms hang down, and is high enough so you can rest your head back. The entire chair is padded. Sitting in this chair is very comfortable, allowing you to completely relax your whole body. Ah, there's that 'R' word again. The other nice thing about this chair is since it is low to the ground it easily allows 'interested parties' to kneel or sit comfortably near the action.

In a normal session, I put on some music (Delerium's 'Karma' is a current favorite), close my eyes, sit back and relax. I stroke about 15 minutes before putting on the compression cord and after another 15 minutes or so, I slide a pencil-sized probe in my rectum. Once the probe slides out easily on its own, I know I'm fully relaxed. After another 15 minutes, I put on the ball ring. At this point, my cock, balls, anus, and hand are electric and tingling - 'every nerve like a firefly'. Finally about an hour or more after starting, I have the most incredible full body orgasm. There are times when I stop after an hour or so without orgasm - just let my body tingle for a while, then start again later. Using these techniques, I can also have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. The wonderful thing is since I go about this in a completely relaxed state, I can do this 3 to 4 times a day. And each time my cock is rock hard.

Being a bodybuilder, my overall muscle tone helps, and the muscle control, breathing rhythm, etc. came naturally to me, but I am sure that anyone can master all of the techniques necessary to be a master edger.

All of the advanced techniques mentioned above are shown here - http://www.lpsg.org/members/boatnik/...nd-w_2685.html
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Great info , thanks !
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Sounds like a load of work to me!
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Does sound like a lot of work but think the success of the technique is worth the work.

A Boomer who is having a wonderful time.
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Great suggestions - thanks!
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I'm more of the "grip it and rip it" school of wankery.
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Originally Posted by richard View Post
Sounds like a load of work to me!
It does sound like a load of work, but my experiences with edging have proven very successful. Each edging session I have gets a little better and produces some mind blowing orgasms. I appreciate any edging advice I'm given if it can bring even more pleasurable orgasms. Thanks for the great techniques and advice. Hope to report back soon on the successes!!

Starting to get into c2c. Check the chat room sometime to see if I'm camming
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good read
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Very informative post, bro... Thanks. I also prefer edging upright in a chair.

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Well done!!!
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well written and very visual. Bet it would be really hot to watch
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What are the key differences in just holding the base tight while orgasming so sperm doesn't come out and just stopping right before you orgasm?
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while edging is all well and good, it's not something i would get too involved in simply because i feel it would have a negative effect on a lot of my sexual experiences.... in the case of my very first sensual experience, it was based around tantric activity (his idea since he was experienced) and set the bar so high right off the bat that i honestly can't say that i've ever had another experience like it since.... no clothes even came off during that experience, and that was 10 years ago.... even in the case of regular sexual activity, i know of several guys who don't even masturbate because they're so used to having such easy access to sex partners.... when they suddenly hit a dry spell and hooking up isn't an option, they don't masturbate to get off because they don't feel it's worth the effort to get the release when there's nobody else there.... sometimes they will go weeks at a time without an orgasm, and i personally don't find that's healthy - especially when they complain to me about how horny they are.... great for the guys who enjoy edging and all that, but it's definitely not for me.... here is an interesting blog on the topic....


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You are obviously a cultivated, sophisticated, and intelligent hedonist. The brain is the biggest sex organ of all and you're clearly very well endowed in that respect! A big dick without a smart, creative, kinky mind controlling it is like a redwood tree falling in the forest when no one's around. And if you edge to Delirium, one of my favorite groups, you clearly have excellent taste in music! My compliments!!! I'd be very curious to see a pic of your edging chair, if you have any you can post here. Thanks!

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Sorry guys... Ten inches is my limit. Any more than that would just be making a pig of myself. ;-)
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Great tutorial. obviously many hours of practiced wisdom. Thanks!
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