forced to suck my buddy’s dicks

The other night I went out with 2 of my buddies, Shaun and Paul. We got shit-faced at the bars, hit on girls, had a great time. I have a strange sense of humor and

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forced to suck my buddy’s dicks

The other night I went out with 2 of my buddies, Shaun and Paul. We got shit-faced at the bars, hit on girls, had a great time.

I have a strange sense of humor and i sometimes I like to step in and hit on a girl that one of my buddy’s is about to hook up with. On a couple occasions, i’ve ended up taking the girl home and fucking her, leaving my buddy alone with his fist. this night was no different, or so it seemed…

At the bar, Paul pulled my aside and said “Don’t cock block me tonight!” He was pissed that I've stepped in before to steal the girl. I blew it off, like what are you talking about, dude?

Well, I got real drunk and ended up cock-blocking BOTH of my buddies that night. They both had girls on the line and somehow I fucked it up for them both. We ended up in the car riding home, 3 drunk guys, no chicks. And my 2 buddies were PISSED!! They called me a MOTHER FUCKER!

I thought it was odd that Paul hopped in the back seat with me while Shaun drove. He told me that I really fucked up tonight. That he was so fucking horny and he needed pussy. Or at least a blow job. That’s when I noticed he had his dick out. I’ve seen it before but not hard. And not this close up. He was jacking his 8” dick in the back seat, telling me how horny he was and how he needs a blow job.

That’s when he grabbed my head and forced my face into his lap. I was drunk and unable to resist at first. Caught me off guard. He ground his dick on my face and lips, but I wouldn’t open my mouth. I’ve never been this close to another guy’s dick before!

I tried to talk to say “what the fuck?!” But by trying to talk, that means I opened my mouth...which gave Paul the opportunity to shove his dick in. I resisted, he just kept holding my head down, pumping his dick into my mouth. He said, “every time you cock block us, you’re gonna have to take care of our dicks!” Us, I thought?

That’s when I noticed Shaun had pulled the car over, he opened the back door and had his dick out too. Paul said, “SUCK HIS COCK TOO!” And he forced me over toward the opened door. Shaun’s dick was smaller, maybe 6 inches. I said, “Guys, what the fuck?!” And by talking, yep, another dick got shoved in my mouth. I resisted but now I basically had 2 guys holding me down.

A couple pumps from Shaun, then Paul pulled me back on his dick. And a few pumps there until I just basically gave in… I started trying to treat them both to a half-way decent blow job. “That’s right, suck my cock”, Paul said. And that’s when he started shooting in my mouth.

“GROSS!” I tried to say, but Paul grabbed my hair and kept shooting in my mouth. Shaun held my head down too. “SWALLOW THAT SHIT”, Shaun said. When Paul was done, Shaun forced me down on his dick. “THAT WAS HOT!”, he said. And a few pumps later, he was shooting his load in my mouth too.

I never sucked a dick before in my life but here I was on the side of a country road, sucking off my 2 best buddies. Guys I’ve known since junior high. Afterwards, I pulled my dick out and jacked off in the back seat. Shaun started the car up and Paul sat in the backseat with me, he was helping me jack my dick until I came. “Don;t cum yet. Wait until we get home, fucker."
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Hot story, you should write erotica! It sounds like you got into it.
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Wow, that was sooo hot. Compliment on your writing.

I was hoping to read at the end ... to be continued.... :D
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Only a little bit rapey.
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Actually ... actually it is quite rapey.
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it was continued… that’s how i got a pic of Paul later that evening. (attached)
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hot story, buddy. sounds like you discovered something new that you like......
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Simply written, but effective - and hot. :P
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very hot...every guy needs to get his dick sucked in that situation.

almost 7" by 5.5 honest inches.
maybe you're here to chat or maybe to watch cams, but we can all be friendly and respectful with everyone, straight, bi, gay and curious.
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Very hot!
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thx guys. anyone interested in hearing part 2?
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trying to be polite and not ask
then again i think you mentioned pt2 coming up
(maybe you added soon?)
Thanks ...

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

'ave atque vale'
(hail & farewell)
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Yes, my friend let it pour out.
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Well if you're okay to tell me about it, then yeah, please post part two.

buddy’s, dicks, forced, suck

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