Bulge Stories

Does anybody have any new and real bulge stories where somebody made a comment about it? See mine under the comments made about size thread.

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Bulge Stories

Does anybody have any new and real bulge stories where somebody made a comment about it?

See mine under the comments made about size thread.
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Originally Posted by ballmantx
Does anybody have any new and real bulge stories where somebody made a comment about it?
Not my bulge, but a friend's. We were 13 years and attended a small school. During lunch the kids had to stay out on the playground. We were having a ball game when one girl noticed my friend's bulge in his jeans. She said, "what's that?" So he asked if she wanted to see what it was, and several of us went into the basement where the playground equipment was kept. My friend told her to unbutton his pants to take a look, and his quite large cock dropped out. She was amazed, and he was horny, so he persuaded her to pull up her dress, and lay down on the bench there, and he proceeded to fuck her while we watched. Exciting "show and tell"!
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I've gotten a few unexpected comments on the street over the years. A few come to mind at the moment:

While walking past a bus stop last April, an attractive young man sitting on the bench blurted out "Now that's the basket I want for Easter!"

On Christopher street in NYC, I was chatting with a guy standing outside a barber shop, awaiting his turn. We were discussing the unusual heat that day, when he says "But your left leg must be cool." "Huh?" "It's got nice shade." He gave me a quick grope right there on the street, then ran into the shop. (I hang left.)

On a different hot day, I was walking near home (Sant Ana, CA) in just gym shorts. As I crossed the street, a woman passenger rolls down the window of a car stopped at the light, and shouts "Get a goddamn jockstrap, for Christ's sake!" I found it amusing that she made certain the male driver saw it, too. I think it may have been more swinging to and fro, than bulge alone, that prompted her comment.

I had two very different reactions a block apart while walking in Haight Ashbury (San Francisco). First, a guy approaching me starts to smile, then as he passes he leans close and quietly says "Nice bulge!" A block later, this other guy starts staring at me as I walk closer, then starts this rant: "Oh no! No! No! Not here! You take that shit back to the Castro!" (the gay ghetto in SF) I wasn't even wearing the tight 501s, just the regular ones.

A few weeks ago, I was putting on a pair of surgical scrubs (part of a costume), in which the pants were a bit small. A guy dressing in the same room looks at me and says "Do you have a rolled up T-shirt stuffed in there?" "No, I've just got on a cockring."

Years ago at the Boots and Saddle bar in NYC, as I stood against the wall one afternoon drinking my beer, I noticed the bartended kept shining a flashlight on my crotch. When I went up to the bar for a refill, I discovered the bartender had a bet going with a customer as to if it was real or stuffed. I settled the wager (real).

Once in Ty's bar while on business in NYC, a guy was seriously cruising me. I discovered that it was his birthday, and he was there with his husband. He's trying to convince me to go home with them for a threesome, while the husband was rather cool, no make that hostile, to the idea. A bit of an argument between them erupts, then the husband throws his drink, and starts to storm out, shouting "Well you just go home with you big-dicked California man! Just don't expect to see me around anymore!" I had never pulled my dick out-- he was that intimidated just by a bulge.

I've also met a number of fuckbuddys and tricks because of the bulge. I used to walk a lot for exercise, and quite a few times had drivers turn around, follow me, then pull into a parking space ahead of me. A few of them were actually good looking, and I let them have a suck, and one or two got taken home to get fucked. But, its the unexpected comments in public that I really like.
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Iím quite shy about bulging.

I usually feel embarrassed if I know I am..

Many years ago I attended a college work placement in a chain retail store.
They gave me a uniform to change into. The pants were incredibly tight. My penis was clearly visible and due to my slim frame at the time, it looked huge.
I was mortified, the thought of walking around the store with it all on show filled me with dread.

Luckily they had another pair of trousers.

I enjoy looking at guys with bulge, but in public I prefer not to be showing.
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ok I've got one.

So I'm trying on clothes at the Gap with a few ladyfriends (I always try on clothes with ladyfriends around, because if I don't have supervision I'll come home looking like George Washington, or Boy George, or John Boy, or something equally ridiculous).

Anyways. This was like a year ago... when those really tight emo type jeans were just busting onto the scene. I was initially opposed but a few ladyfriends insisted them upon me. So I went into the dressingroom, put em on, and came out for them to ogle me.

All of a sudden, their jaws drop, one of my ladyfriends actually looks away, and everyone turns beet red.

For some reason it didn't occur to me that it might be bulge. Flaccid I'm just a bit over average, not huge...

Cued me in when the (obviously) gay older fellow who worked at the store cruised by, I guess saw the puzzled look on my face, winked and said "I know what they're looking at!!!"

That gave me more satisfaction than almost anything in my life, which is kind of pathetic because it was through no effort of my own.

I like going to that gap now. Compliments galore.

In any case, that aroused curiosity in my ladyfriends, who asked to see... I honestly didn't think 7" was that impressive, but apparently they were in awe of it... That opened up a whole new can of worms so to speak, but that's the end of this story.

I didn't buy the jeans.


"My penis is as overrated as it is large " Slade-7"x5"
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At a restaurant with three friends I was sitting against the wall, and our table was in one of those long rows of tables with just a tiny bit of space between them so the restaurant could squeeze as many people in as possible.

At one point I had to get up to leave the table, so I turned to side step out through the narrow gap between the tables. At the edge of the table where I was leaving were the usual salt/peper, bottle of ketchup, etc.

One of my friends said "careful! you're gonna knock those over with that!" looking at my bulge.
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scorpio, it is so funny your story would elude to knocking over stuff, I have actually knocked over stuff with my buldge. When I read yours, I started laughing hystericaly. I cannot remember exactly the details because I have knocked over many times. I remember one time, I was trying to carry some groceries in and knocked over some of my wifes collectibles thinking I was out of the way of the end table. OOPS!!

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I've got a bulge story from yesterday. :)
Went with my girl to meet up with her new co-workers (just got a new job) at a pub. I was wearing my Unico boxer briefs so I wasn't hanging, rather nicely positioned just left of center and protruding quite well. When we got to the pub we approached an entire table full of ladies all around my age (23-30).
Needless to say, introductions were a bit funny when I go to make eye contact and shake hands and I see where they're looking.

I've never received a comment from a lady. But I've gotten several cat calls from gay men.
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Love reading the bulge stories !!

Please .....More !

More !
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I have one from earlier this week. At work I'm really careful about bulging, and I usually wear suits that hide it well. I wore slacks earlier this week, though, and even though I thought I was all right, as I walked past a lower office's cubicles I heard their intern say, "oh wow," to which her cube neighbor said, "yeah, try not to look directly at it."

I guess the top view is different than the side view.


My two cents isn't enough to buy some new suits.

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First of all I need to ask if those of you who show a bulge and don't really want to, do you dress right or left? If you wear your cock on the right, even smaller edowments will show up nicely. If you dress left, you will show less. I was in the garment busniess, making mens jeans, and that is just the way all jeans and slacks are cut.

I can't wear mine on the right, because it causes my balls to hurt. I dress left and my right ball and sometimes both balls will move to the right, needless to say, I really show off a nice basket.

I love the stares from men and women! Recently I was in a gay bar, and some new guy kept staring at me and my crotch. He finally came over and asked if it was real! Imangine that? Then his friend grabed my arms in a hammerlock and the other guy pulled down my jeans and there it was, nacked to god and everyone at the bar! I blushed a bit, then I was let go and I quickly put my pride and joy back into my jeans. I actually started to get a bit excited with what had just happened, and wound up going to the back bar and got one of the best blow jobs from the 2 guys!!

"Remember, no problem is ever greater than the solution" Harvey Firestein "Torch Song Trilogy"
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D_Coyne Toss

Here is what happened to me once

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Not more than a few months ago I was at work wearing my dress slacks.. we all know how great those are for hiding the bulge *sarcasm* so obviously I am completely visable... Well I happened to split my pants on the seam and was trying to cover it with an extra hot towel (I'm a waiter. A hot towel is what servers have hanging from their aprons.) Anyways, my manager realized that I had two and asked me why... When I told her my pants had split she went in for a quick fix. safety pins and what not. while down between my legs she ment to grab the fly of my pants and she got a little more than she was reaching for. "Well I guess I know what Kelsey talks about now." (Kels is my best friend/co-worker who has seen the real thing more than a few times...)

So needless to say I was felt up by my manger.
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Haha...a bunch of my friends and I were in this same math class in like 9th grade and my one friend would always get up to go see our other friend who was a girl, and he'd always have a boner. It was probably from sitting too long (not from seeing our girl friend) because we later found out he was gay. But it was funny she would always say "Oh my god look at his pants?" to her other friend. We never asked him about it and we weren't sure if he knew it was showing.

Just Curious (as usual )
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Lucky me, I don't show in public, but every time i wear jeans that need a belt (near all the time) fabric bunches in the fly looking like a tent. Only in high school did anyone ever say anything, and it was along the lines of "there goes dude with the 24 hour hard-on".

Before you undertake surgery or exercises , heed this warning. The strength of an erection is much more important than its size... To have an erection your penis needs blood and sexual energy. If the penis is made too large, without enough blood and sexual energy you will have difficulty getting hard.
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