how to make bulge in pants look bigger

Any idea how to enhance my package naturally so it shows better

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how to make bulge in pants look bigger

Any idea how to enhance my package naturally so it shows better
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This works for me: With the idea of pulling the fabric tighter across the crotch, hence giving definition to underlying items, underwear that enhances the ass cheeks takes extra fabric in that area, yielding less for the front. This is one reason the bubble butts generally show larger packages in front. Undergear makes the butt enhancers. Have fun experimenting, mrdavy.
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Go commando or wear boxer shorts.
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Originally Posted by oldredneck1
Go commando or wear boxer shorts.
This definitely helps a lot.

I normally just wear 'tighty whitey' [god I hate that name] style underwear and show no more bulge than the next guy... but if I go commando... well, look at my avatar .
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Cock ring. (around the whole package) That makes you look absolutely huge.

I also like showing a "basket" rather than a trouser snake, so I opt for suporting boxer briefs: Brands like 2xist and Unico

I also have a few bikini briefs from Puma and Calvin that are very comfy and show a sweet bulge.
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You could always hand everybody you meet a strong magnifying glass.
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You can line your Jockey briefs with a shoulder pad or a cup from a lady's bra. That should keep 'em guessing.

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For some reason my Calvin Kleito man thongs always seem to make everything more noticeable. Perhaps the advertising was true
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Use Photoshop like my avatar!

Don't drink caffeine drinks, they will shrivel your cock! Drink things that improve the circulation down there such as Panax ginseng and gingko biloba tea, ginger drinks, wine.
Eat spicy food
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I prefer the "basket" more myself so I wear trunks and they push everything up front and make my jeans bulge more than briefs or boxers.
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Ergowear.com trunks pull everything up a bit and create a nice big bulge.
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some N2N underwear simulates the effect of a cockring, I recommend their tropic boxer briefs for example.
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stuff a pair of socks down your undies...

and take off your clothes
i want to take pictures of you
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I too have found that the N2N with the "built-in" cockring show GREAT!

I'm a 100% Freeballer/Commando guy. But in some of my European-cut slacks, the trouser snake look is just kinda offensive -- even to me -- and I love looking at VPL (Visible Penis Line).

http://www.n2nbodywear.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=N2N&Product_Co de=E1&Category_Code=c-ring

It takes everything you got -- puts it all together in a nice HUGE PACKAGE -- and it's all 'up front'. And with the Slingshot -- there's no binding and pulling. The only fabric is around your member... not up your arse or under your butt.

I love it... if I have to wear something -- this is all that I own!
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Thanks guys for the info keep those ideas coming
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