Richard Gere

i came across this just surfing around. the guy looks like hes packin. enjoy http://www.staticbeth.com/richard%20gere.jpg

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Richard Gere

i came across this just surfing around. the guy looks like hes packin. enjoyhttp://www.staticbeth.com/richard%20gere.jpg
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Fake. RG is small. See his tiny meat in the "Breathless" remake.
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Yes, sadly it's true, he doesn't have much down there in reality. I have Breathless, American Gigolo and An Officer And A Gentleman on DVD. He
shows his dick in all of them and it's tiny. Also I wish his balls were as big
and hung down as low as those in that fake picture. In reality though his
balls too are quite small! He was a very good looking man when he made those movies so at least there's that to get off on. It is also a turn on just
to see him naked, particularly in American Gigolo. I found out that he was a gymnast when he was younger and most gymnasts that I've seen don't have much down there either. I bet they're fun in bed though!
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I recall reading a magazine interview with RG years ago. Rolling Stone? Not sure. Anyway, the female reporter wrote something like, she met him at his home, and asked him what it's like to be a sex symbol. RG unbuttoned his levis and exposed his package. "I was not impressed" was what she wrote next. I thought it was funny. I bet RG didn't.
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Originally Posted by alex8
Alex8 once again you're great! Rhyming time.

Thanks for the Playgirl pics esp., I had only seen them with his privates blurred out before. You are very generous in sharing these pics with us!

Also you know what? He is soft in all those movie scenes so maybe he
isn't "tiny" when he is hard and maybe is a grower? Certainly he appears
longer in the Playgirl pics. He is still very good looking and that is always
enough for me! Alex8 or anyone else who might know, could you help me
with something? I have An Officer and a Gentleman on DVD but it is the
widescreen version. It cuts the bottom off from most of that scene in pic "trois". I've seen that movie in fullscreen on HBO and it shows a lot more
of "him" when the fly in his boxers opens. I've looked forever for the fullscreen
version on DVD but haven't found one yet. Was it even released on DVD in fullscreen? I'd sure like to know so I could stop looking for it, if not.

Thanks ahead of time if anybody knows and replies!
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Originally Posted by alex8
damn he is small.
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Small or not the man is delicious!!!

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he is not small it looks average to me. plus he could be a grower we haven't seen him erect.
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From the movie American Gigolo


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WOW, that was yesteryear . I didn't think Richard Gere had a lot of appeal in the '80s, but he certainly has over the past few years. I think his performance in the movie "Chicago" was excellent, sexy, and mature.
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Mr. Gere is one very, very handsome and sexy man.

All you need is love.

9x6 1/2

Half Italian
Half Puerto Rican
Full Rivas!
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I have heard Richard Gere is supposed to be hung and there are some pictures of his cock out there from American Gigalo. I can`t find any though, anyone help me out?
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Yeah.... he's not that hung!
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This post in another thread has pics of his dick from American Gigolo and various other sources.

You fuckin' size queens are unbelievable!
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geer, gere, nude, pictures, richard, vintage

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