Gay BJ

Is there any straight guys here that has had a blowjob given by a gay guy? If so tell us your story

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Question Gay BJ

Is there any straight guys here that has had a blowjob given by a gay guy? If so tell us your story
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Hey Platinum, I received a couple bj from a gay guy...and...I have to tell you that it was awesome.....nothing beats a hot girl giving you head...but, at least this guy, really knew what he was doing
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that cool!
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I've always thought the experience was better when you're with someone who owns and operates the same equipment.

Sarcasm is lost on so many people...

A US standard 12 oz beer can (Miller, Bud, NOT Coors) is 4.75 inches tall, 2.375 inches wide, and approximately 8 inches in circumference. That means that your "beer can" cock is nearly 20% shorter than average, and too fat to actually use. In doubt ? Take a picture for comparison, or insert a can into your orifice of choice and see how it fits.
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be interesting to see how many Strs come out, with there stories OP
me follow ..

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

'ave atque vale'
(hail & farewell)
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I did from the same gay for a few times. He was good n really enjoyed it, but it was hard to stay hard unless i was high. Then it was amazing.

Love to share comments, send me a message before you add me as a friend.
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I was curious (hence the name) and worked up the courage to go to a gay sauna/den, I dont know what you call them haha.
I was just keen to walk around and look and bump into a guy with a huge cock that would let me watch him and maybe play with it a bit...but ofcourse that didn't happen!
So there I was in a room with porn on the tv just stroking myself. A few guys walked in, watched me for a minute and left. I was to shy to make eye contact even! Then one asian guy came and sat next to me. Nothing about him turned me on at all, except for him being so horny watching me stroke cos I like to show off. He then just got between my legs and started sucking me! Once I got over the "gay" thing (about 10sec) I enjoyed it immensely. He had a deep mouth and made me cum quicker than I ever have before with a blow job. Probably about 4 or 5 minutes. I cleaned up and left with him begging me to come into a private room with him. The gay thing had come back strong and I wanted out lol, poor guy, sorry if you are reading this.
My one and only experience...think I will end up back there though looking for the guy with the huge cock jacking in the corner that looks like he needs a hand.


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