College girls get Stud Cocked

I went on the trip full of hope, not only was I going to have a weekend at the beach with my stunning girlfriend Carly, but a few of her more attractive sorority girlfriends were

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College girls get Stud Cocked

I went on the trip full of hope, not only was I going to have a weekend at the beach with my stunning girlfriend Carly, but a few of her more attractive sorority girlfriends were coming as well. It was going to be me staying with 4 hot college girls at the beach!

Me an Carly were going steady for a few months now, and it was guaranteed ass for me, but I new her friends would also make for some good eye candy. One of her friends, michele, was a solid 10, easily as hot as any model and probably the best looking girl at school. She always was out of my league but ever since I started going out with Carly she was opening up to me a little more. Michelle was a tall statuesque blond with a fierce, sexy demeanor. A slighly hotter, more wholsome looking version of Paris Hilton. The other two girls coming where marly, a shorter, busty redhead and annie, another cute blond who would have been a 9 anywhere but was constently overshadowed by Michelle.

Carly was the most intelligent of the group, but she was also a stunner. She had brunette hair, a tight sculpted body, and really attractive intelligent green eyes that made me melt. It was good to be me.

We got to our beach house with four glorious days at the beach ahead of us. The girls immediately wanted to go to the beach, but me and Carly had been gropping each other the entire drive so we decided to go straight to the bedroom and enjoy some alone time while the other girls went to the beach. I went straight to work and made sure Carly was getting off by eating her perfect trimmed pussy before I pounded her for a solid 30 minutes , making her cum twice before I shot my load on her flat stomach.

“mmmm... this is going to be a fun trip” she said with a smile. I was in heaven.

We eventually got changed into swim attire and joined the other girls on the beach. Michele's body was unbelievable which was no surprise but I couldnt help stealing a few looks. Marly and annie also looked great, I was especially impressed by marly's tits which were barely contained by her swim suit. They had to be natural double Ds on her tiny slim body. Still michele was the real treat, she looked as good as any sports illustrated swim suit model I have ever seen.

It wasn't long before other guys on the beach tried to make approaches to the girls, most of them laughably bad attempts. Lots of ugly, older dudes spitting really poor game, the girls were hot enough that they were used to it and didnt even acknowledge the guys. The poor guys would walk away empty handed like lost puppys and the girls (and I) would laugh behind their backs. A lot of the guys were younger, testosterone full highschool guys on spring break. This one dueche looking guy Matt just couldn't take no for an answer. He was a typical whigger, looked like a trailer trash white guy trying to dress like he was black. He was not letting michele get away from him no matter how many times she shut him down. Eventually he bragged how he had a beach house with his friends and they had plenty of weed. At this marly perked up since she was a huge stonner and she eventually ended up getting his number (“ we can get weed from them and ditch him”) she told us. Whatever, hot girls get everything for free.

Later that night we went to a fun bar for dinner, michele was talking to a really attractive looking older guy and most of the girls found random guys who were sucking up to them. Me and Carly retreated to the back of the bar and started making out. We were getting pretty hot when Marly came back and interupted us.

“Me and Michele are going to go get high at that high school guys place, we are going to try to get some weed off them for the weekend too.”

“You are going to a highschool party?” I teased.

“HaHa you want to come?” she asked us.

“no thanks” I said and Carly just kept gropping me giving her friends the signal she was fine where she was.

Me and Carly ended up going home early, happy to have the place to ourselves again.

“I am going to give you a special treat” she said as sh slowly kneeled down before me. I knew what was coming and could barely contain my excitement. She pulled down by shorts and boxers and proceeded to suck my stiff 7 incher. This girl knew how to suck cock. A few minutes into it, Annie unexpectedly came home and walked in on us.

“Oh!! sorry!” she exclaimed, “ I didn't know where everyone went” she said.

I didnt mind, in fact I enjoyed the fact that annie had witnessed my massive erection with carly on her knees for it. I covered up out of respect and told here that michel and marly had gone to score some weed of the highschool guys.

“Oh... well I guess I will try to find them..” she said, she was obviously hammered. She left and me and Carly just laughed and she went back to work. What a perfect girlfiend I was thinking. Me and Carly were in bed sleeping at around 3 in the morning when we heard a loud commotion of the girls getting home. Carly wanted to go talk to her friends to see what she missed but I was comfortable in bed so I let her go do girl talk.

I couldnt here what they were talking about but it sounded very loud. About 20 minutes later Carly got back in bed with me, she had a weird smile on her face.

“What happened?” I asked?

“Well , it's really strange, Michelle is sleeping over there.”

“At the highschool guys house? What?” It was weird. Michele only went out with the top guys at our college, the football team quartebacks, guys who were going to the NFL, the best looking guys at school etc.. It seemed like a huge slip on her part from the immaturity and stupidity of the guy I had seen at the beach.

“Well , I wasn't there, but... the girls keep saying she got stud cocked...”

“Stud cocked? What does that mean?”

“Ok just don't get mad ok...” carly was talking down to me a little which I didn't like.

“We have this expression at our sororiety for when you have sex with a guy and hes .. you know.. the biggest youve ever had.. we call it getting stud cocked....”

I was silent for a moment taking this in.
“Who was it?” I asked

“That guy matt from the beach who was all over her..I guess thats why he was so cocky” she laughed.

“Michele must have been really high, she could do way better then that kid” I said.

“Yeah maybe your right, he seemed like an idiot to me... Marly is really jealous now, just girls being competitive... By the way... you definitely stud cocked me..” she said with a smile.

This calmed my nerves a lot. I grabbed here and proceeded to give her a good fucking before we both fell asleep.

In the morning we were eating breakfast but Michelle was still not home. We were eating with me , Carly and annie and Marly. Marly was still upset whinning that she had been the one who had gotten Matt's number so she should have had first dibs on Matt.

“Whats the big deal the guy is like 17 years old” I said to the group of hot 21 year olds.

“Oh my god, well you want to hear what happened?” Marly asked.

“No lets not go there” Carly said, which surprised me, like she was trying to hide me from something.

“ Well Tom wants to know” Marly said with a look of disdain which was returned by Carly.

Marly looked at me, “So we were getting drunk and high and the high school boys were oogling us. Matt was being really cocky and aggressive and we were teasing them for being so young. Finally michele started getting annoyed and she asked matt to just 'whip it out' as a challenge. We all thought he would back down since michele is so powerfull like that. So without hesitated he pulled down his pants and out it came...”

“SO Big!” interupted annie

“It was a beautifull big cock, and we all were just very impressed. Sorry Tom, but he had a huge one and it made me really horny. “

“Me too!” giggled Annie.

“So Michele, that bitch just grabbs him by his cock and takes him into the bedroom.” finished Marly.

“It couldnt have been that big, hes only 17” I said

“Umm Tom... Ive seen you and .. Ive seen Matt, and he may be younger but he was the big man if you know what I mean” annie said with a giggle.

“Hey!” Carly yelled to annie, “don't talk shit about my boyfriend!”

“What? he thinks hes so much better than Matt because hes older, sorry but Matt is bigger thats just the way it is” Annie said matter of factly.

Me and Carly were so upset at the confrontational nature of Annie that we decided to get out of there and go to a beach. I was red with anger the whole time.

We went to the beach but neither of us was having a good time. I was so mad that Carly's friends had been demeaning me in front of Carly, how had the weekend gone so wrong?

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Welcome back! Keep it up
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Great start to a promising story!
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Think we need more of this story!
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Great start, can't wait for more.
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Looking forward to more

21yo UK guy 7x6uc
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DAMMIT, I was getting deep into the story... CONTINUE!!
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Working on Act 2, give me a few days. Don't bother making suggestions, they will be ignored.
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Great start!
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Hurry with the rest!! please
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Good start. Looking forward to reading more. Like it so far.
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love your stories and style of writing! very hot
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hand in pants (waiting)

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The sun was beating down hot on me now. As I listened to the ocean in silence a more calm, rational viewpoint began to emerge. I was starting to recover emotionally from the sucker punch that had hit me over the past day. Here I was lying next to my beautiful girlfriend who adored me. It was silly for me to waste this time. I was just letting pride get to me.

I decided my first task was to smooth things over with Carly, make sure she knew the weekend was still ahead of us and not let this bizarre little episode ruin that.

“Lets go for a swim” I said , taking her by the hand.

“Im still pretty sleepy from last night, I think I will stay right here” she responded with a smile, but in a teasing way.

“Come on it will wake you up” I said, giving her shorts a playful tug, and making her laugh.

“Ok” she agreed and stood up, stretching briefly before she took off both her shorts and tshirt. I could see the heads snap around on at least a dozen men in my peripheral vision as she revealed her incredible body for the first time that day. Carly was usually fairly pale but she had gotten a pleasant golden tan and it really showed off her tight stomach. She wasn't muscular, just very toned, you could tell she worked out. I , but few else, knew she did both pilates and yoga daily for it.

“That's right, she's with me” I thought to myself feeling pleasantly smug as we walked into the cool ocean water. I was carying a beer in one hand, a beautiful babe in the other.

We proceeded to play, really just making socially acceptable pretenses for touching each other in a public place. We stayed there for at least an hour, and it seemed like everyone else around us just melted away. Carly suddenly was looking deeply into my eyes when she started getting more personal.

“Your not still mad about my friends are you? Because its not like you think.” she said

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It's not like all them even really want this guy or anything. It's just that Marly and Annie are always following Michele's lead.”

“You mean they just like all the guys she gets with?” I said, realizing it did make a lot of sense from what I had seen.

“Yes exactly.” Carly said laughing. “Maybe they are secretly into her... Im not sure..” Carly laughed, sliding her hand only just perceptibly lower on my abdomen. I new instantly that carly was giving me the signal she was ready to go. I let my unoccupied hand slip subtely down to her lower body. I started rubbing the back of her leg, and after a minute of harmles teasing, slipping my fingers inside her bathing suit.

“oh... you ready to um, find some place more private?” she said with a wink.

“Yeah lets see if anyone is at the house.” I said. I didn't really have any other good options, and was hoping the rest of the girls would have gone by now. Unfortunately when we got back to the house both Marly and Annie were still there. They were sitting on the couch watching tv and smoking a joint.

“We did bring some weed back by the way.” Annie said, offering me the joint. I realized she was trying to make up for what she had said earlier. I was not a big pot head and I had my hand around a still dripping hard body so I knew I wanted to decline, but I figured I would at least toy with her a little , gain some control back.

“Is that good weed?” I asked, taking the bag and inspecting it. I knew right away it was of poor quality even without being a heavy pot smoker. Perfect.

“That's ok , I'm fine, that doesn’t look so great” I said with a laugh. I was realizing now that everything Carly had told me was true. Marly and Annie really were helpless without Michelle to follow around. They were sitting around in an empty house wasting their vacation away.

“We are going to be going upstairs for a bit” Carly said somewhat awkwardly but I enjoyed the fact that she knew she was about to get fucked and was not going to try to hide it.

It was a good time again for me, Carly once alone, stripped down and proceeded to pull my swim trunks down.

“that's what I wanted!” she said as she exposed my fully hard member.
“oh yeah baby, your about to get stud fucked tonight” I teased as I swung my swelling cock for her.

“ok well just fuck me fast because I need it short and strong”, carly moaned

for some reason I was a little offended by carly's s sexy talk, why had she chossen to call me short?? I would show her who was the best cock, as I started nailing her in our normal style, her preferred position.

“Hey, lets save it for later” Carly suddenly interrupted.

It took me a few strokes before I pulled out, in complete shock. Carly had always been the more horny of the two of us, while I was always good for 2-3 nuts per day, Carly always seemed to be wanting more.

“Whats wrong?” I asked

“ Well... Im just worried about Michelle. It is just not like her to disappear like this.”

“ Dont you have her number ? Have you tried texting her”

“Ive called and text'd her a few times but she hasn't answered. Hey let me try some of the guys from the house.”

“Ok.. well let me know” I said.

I was starting to get a little angry again. None of us really knew these guys, and Michele had been gone a long time. I knew I wasn't responsible for her, but at the same time, I had come on the trip with them. These were my girls.

Carly was talking on the phone for a good twenty minutes. When she came back , I asked her what she had found out.

“Oh its ok michele is fine. They went to some show out in ( nearby town). “

“Who is they?”

“Well Michele and Matt obviously!” Carly laughed.

Ok, that was fine by me. It was Me and Carly time part deaux. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her closer. Her warm body felt so good against my muscular chest.

“Hey I have to go meetup with someone? Can you just hangout here for a bit?” Carly asked me.

“What's going on?” I asked

“ No its no big deal just family stuff. I have to meetup with my sister”

“Really, your sister flied all the way here? “ I asked, not believing this story at all.

“Look I just need to go somewhere ok. Stop giving me shit about it and you will get another chance”

I didn't know what she meant right away but I saw immediately that she was serious so I decided to let her go.

“Hey whatever you need, just let me know where you are” I said.

“Of course I will” she said, putting her clothes on rapidly.

Carly left and there I was alone in the house with Marly and Annie.

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“Hey you look lonely how about that joint now?” Annie asked.

I thought about it. What the hell was going on? Carly was having a family crisis on our vacation? Maybe a joint would be good for my nerves.

“Ok” I said as I sat down on the couch in between the two of them.

They were watching some awful reality tv show, only it was very clearly scripted and the actors were very poor. I almost felt like laughing at their cultural inferiority for enjoying this trash.

“Do you actually like this show? Can we change the channel?” I asked, taking two crisp hits from the joint after my important question.

“HA no it sucks but we think Brandon is hot” Marly said. I was starting to like her more and more. She was a little more honest than quiet annie, and seemed a lot more comfortable with herself.

“Well let me see what else is on?” I said, beckoning for the remote control that was on Marly's hips. As i set my glance in that direction I noticed her ample breasts were pulling her shirt down, exposing her more than ample cleavage. I looked up quickly, hoping she hadn't noticed.

“Nope, this one is all mine.” She laughed, holding the large remote controller provocatily toward her mouth.

“Do you think it is that big?” Annie asked?

“ Oh if michele was impressed it must be!” Marly answered with her typical laugh. It was just like Carly had told me.

“Why do you care so much what Michele thinks?” I asked, realizing I had gotten a little more stoned than I had first intended.

Annie gave a look to Marly that I couldnt interpret but they seemed to be communicating.

“It's just that she gets all the best guys” Annie said.

“ You think that guy was one of the best guys? Because he had a big dick?” I asked.

“Not big, huge” Marly broke in.

“Oh my god I want it!” Annie laughed, beginning to kiss and lick the remote controller she had been holding with both hands.

I stood and decided to go outside to get some air. I couldn't take the mindless babble of these two, no matter how great they both looked. What had happened to Carly? Where was Michelle? I decided I needed to answere these questions before forming a plan for the rest of the day. Maybe I could get this information off Marly and Annie.

“Hey do either of you have the number of the guys you bought this weed from?” I asked.

“Why” Marly asked.... Damn, this wasn't going to be easy without arrousing their suspicion.

“I want to see if they have any better weed. Don't worry I will buy it if they do.” I said.

“That's a great idea!” Marly said. I had done a good job .

“Let me get it for you.” Marly said. She was looking through her phone for the number then starting laughing.

“Oh my god I must have changed the contact name this is so funny” she said showing her phone to Annie.

“HAHA I Did the SAME Thing!” Annie yelled, bursting out laughing.

“What is so funny?” I asked.

Marly showed me her phone. It was contact information. Nothing atypical except for the name. Marly had saved the number as “Stud Cock.”

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