Gay guys sucking "straight" guys

Do any of you have links to videos of gay men sucking off straight guys? I think it's an erotic genre.

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Gay guys sucking "straight" guys

Do any of you have links to videos of gay men sucking off straight guys? I think it's an erotic genre.
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Sucking a huge white cock....
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hot vido
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Like the straight guy.
The cock sucker didn't thrill me.
Wish they has someone that could suck a cock better.
Just saying.

Admire girth over length.
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Yeah, the straight guy is really hot. The other guy let his cum just run off his tongue, and land on the floor. What a waste.
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i can never get that site to play for me, just loads for EVER :(
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perfect guys but over all dead boring.

mike hancock has the best cocksucking vids.
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that dick is huge. at first i thought that was cody cummings he just kind of reminded me of him. - sort of .

as for the sex part yea the bj lacked i guess what u need in a better sucker.

it be interesting to see his friend come back. i guess. anyone got a link to that one did they jerk together or was he just mentioned i didnt see the other one with cliff
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does everyone really agree that this guy is 11" - from pube top to tip, or do you think he is measuring the under side ??? i find it really hard to believe, but thats why i am asking what you all think
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I found this one : Sucking straight college boys for webcam
I think I saw it somewhere before, in another topic...
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Originally Posted by warhold2000 View Post
I found this videos of straight guys being sucked by a gay friend on cam:
» 2 Straight Guys Showing, Playing and One Sucking The Other One… On Cam Straight Boys On Cam !

Is there a way of finding this video on Xvideo..sure would like to see all of it ?

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I think all the videos of this couple are in this blog:
I like this one: » Boys- Two Friends - One straight One Gay - First time Suck
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gay, guys, straight, sucking

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