Big Floppy Soft Ones

I do like showing off (subtly) when the opportunity arises (no pun intended). Here you go: http://www.lpsg.org/members/zyz/albums/new/638811-w1.html

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I do like showing off (subtly) when the opportunity arises (no pun intended).

Here you go:


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Thats NOT very nice Zyz!! Seriously!!
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Having a big softie can be troublesome.Buying underwear becomes an issue not to mention all the stares in lockerrooms and even on the street since the bulge is clearly noticeable. Some people like to showoff but its really embarassing on situations that u want to hide it
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There are drawbacks to having a big soft one. For example underwear can be a tight fit and there can be chaffing issues. I have to wear tight underwear so my cock isnt too obvious but that is uncomfortable. If I play sports or wear tight pants I need to use talc as I get chaffing due to my above average (6"+) soft girth. I'm sure others can relate to this problem! Other than that it's good not needing to worry as much about locker room issues, but it's only a cock at the end of the day. We all have one, the grass isn't that much greener...


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A couple more big soft ones

big floppy.jpg

floppy soft.jpg
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Guys, thanks for all of these pics...there is nothing more sexy than a big floppy soft one!!
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My flacid cock
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I love how the cocks in the first pic seem to be gravitating towards each other.
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I'd give anything to have a huge "problem" like this...
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don't let anyone fool you...its great! I don't buy into all the "problems" having a big one brings. sure some pants or shorts are tight...but nothing beats dropping your pants to change or shower or even show off before sex and having a big soft cock and heavy balls hanging there. I'll be honest..it makes me feel proud and lucky ...in an unconceited way.
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a couple pics of my big floppy
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File Type: jpg z1.jpg (49.4 KB, 1819 views)
File Type: jpg zzzzz3.jpg (22.9 KB, 1923 views)
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some more
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File Type: jpg DSCN2017.jpg (44.7 KB, 979 views)
File Type: jpg DSCN1482.jpg (45.9 KB, 970 views)
File Type: jpg DSCN1598.jpg (52.8 KB, 929 views)
File Type: jpg DSCN2337.jpg (50.4 KB, 1060 views)
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You always post the best stuff, thank you. All these pictures are good, the first one is awesome.

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6.75" - 7" soft here. Im quite the shower.

I'm Young, I'm Black, I'm Gifted
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big , floppy , soft

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