Big Floppy Soft Ones

photo shopped no doubt

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photo shopped no doubt
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They look almost painfully pumped up - they foreskin is so swollen!
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Originally Posted by BigMeatNJ View Post
don't let anyone fool you...its great! I don't buy into all the "problems" having a big one brings. sure some pants or shorts are tight...but nothing beats dropping your pants to change or shower or even show off before sex and having a big soft cock and heavy balls hanging there. I'll be honest..it makes me feel proud and lucky ...in an unconceited way.

I agree.
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Six inches of girth flopping around.
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File Type: jpg Floppy misfit.jpg (33.4 KB, 2402 views)
File Type: jpg Floppy girth.jpg (50.7 KB, 1940 views)
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Originally Posted by poshboy View Post
... What does it feel like to have that weight between your legs? ...
It feels downright wonderful and is a large part of the reason I'm always either nude or going commando. I just love the swinging, swaying, slapping sensation of cock and balls against my inner thighs whenever I'm walking or jogging. And, unlike some previous posters, I've never found it to be a problem insofar as sitting on my balls or any other form of discomfort. You just get used to the need to do whatever is necessary to accommodate your package in various situations. I've also never been embarrassed by my bulge, it's a natural part of my anatomy so why hide it?

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File Type: jpg MyFloppy4.jpg (79.3 KB, 831 views)
File Type: jpg MyFloppy5.jpg (84.3 KB, 983 views)

If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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I tried to find true floppy one but I confess that sometimes it is hard to tell if a man is partially erect.

big floppy.jpg

big floppy 2.jpg

soft floppy.jpg
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All of these big softy pics have me rock hard;)
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Love this thread
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I'm pretty ambivalent about it actually. I'm 6" soft. I notice it the most when I'm freeballing in shorts. (Don't get me wrong. I'd rather freeball than swim in ball soup given this heat.) I wouldn't say it's "heavy," or at least I don't feel that sensation. I don't go around showing it off either.
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First one really emphasized the floppyness lol
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I would LOVE to have that dangling between my legs;)
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Originally Posted by socky View Post
Other than that it's good not needing to worry as much about locker room issues, but it's only a cock at the end of the day.
What the hell is it the rest of the time????
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thanks Mature54! I love these pics!!!
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big , floppy , soft

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