Skinny Dipping

Oh man... I love to go skinny-dipping. If I could, I'd do it every night. Not only is it a major turn-on, it's a totally different feeling when you're swimming with nothing on. I like

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Oh man... I love to go skinny-dipping. If I could, I'd do it every night. Not only is it a major turn-on, it's a totally different feeling when you're swimming with nothing on.

I like to swim at night. Usually when it's dark, and it's cool outside. So swimming naked at twilight is ideal for me. But I'm not a very good swimmer so I usually swim in the shallow ends of the pool.

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Yes, there's nothing like the feeling of swimming, sunning, walking, etc. nude. I used to belong to a health club here in N.O. that had nude swimming (before it went co-ed) and I swam and hung out in the back yard all the time in the buff.

If you don't have a place at your own home to do it (because of lack of privacy etc.) then perhaps there are places you can go where you won't be at risk of being arrested, besides which, it's more fun with like minded people. For more information check here:

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My son learned to swim and grew up with a private backyard pool. He thought it was strange when I finally bought him a pair of swim trunks for gym class.

He's 15 now and lives with me. The skinny dipping pool is very popular with his friends.
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One of my ex's friends had a pool in his backyard, and four of us went skinny dipping there one night. Right in the middle of Capitol Hill, too. I tried to get his very cute housemate to come out & swim, too, but I think she wanted to just head to bed instead.
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I totally agree about feeling the freedom of skinny dipping. Have done it in pools, lakes and the ocean. And I love the feeling of having the sun and maybe a cool breeze drying you off.
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Love to skinny dip... I also walk around the house naked most of the time because I love the feeling of relaxed freedom.
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Originally Posted by SurferGirlCA
Skinny dipping is great, but why limit being naked to the swimming pool? I love being naked around the house and in the backyard - a benefit of living in SoCal.
With the record temperature (100 degrees F) in Southern California today, why don't you drive down the I-5 to Black's Beach or San Onofre and skinny dip at a nude beach?

P.S. Newport and Huntington are going to be packed today!!
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Skinny dipping is awesome! Have done it in the pool... couple of times in stresms... not a great idea there though, things tend to shrink up.. haha
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Originally Posted by ChingChongWOW
I agree, ive been skinny dipping with friends many times on our lake. I often pop a boner not cause its sexual but becuase the sheer sense of being naked in the water and the feeling of freedom that comes with it.
family has had a cabin on the lake since i was a kid: always ran down to the lake in the morning for a quick swim without suit-- always popped a bone, if i didn't still have one, and so did my brother, and sometimes even dad-- nothing strange or unnatural. Grateful that i grew up knowing that cocks got hard-- no surprises: was great being bigger than bro and dad, too
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When ever I can I go for it!!
Was on a camping trip a couple of years back on a warm night, and a gang of us, guy and gals went for a mass skinny dip.
Great fun and happy memories

I couldn't think of a signature
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No skinny-dipping for me. My fat ass would block the sun, create chaos, cause people to vomit and likely end up in jail, with my luck...

"You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life."
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I love to skinny dip with someone at night after dinner from time to time in my pool ! It is just so relaxing and freefeeling and best of all, it can create an atmosphere for further relaxed intimacy!
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i remember going to the public pool as a little kid (still in the single digits). used to go to the deep end, dive down to the bottom, pull down my shorts, and stay down there until i couldn't hold my breath any longer before pulling up the shorts and surfacing. it felt so good being completely free in the water. it's a fond memory--thanks for rekindling with this thread!
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and exactly which health club is this?

Originally Posted by TitanicJake
My brother works at a health club. He lets me in after closing to skinny dip. My friends and I all swim naked. It is not sexual but it feels so good. There is just something about taking off you clothes and jumping in the water. It hugs your body and it feels so good. We do it once a week and we all pop boners at first. We laugh and just swim and dive and dunk each other. I think if I had my own pool I'd be in it naked all the time.
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I love the feel of cool water around my nuts and against my asshole. I'm a slave for it.
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