9" Too Big For Her

I really wouldn't know what to tell considering that I'm a virgin and 2 inches smaller than you. I guess you can try going as gentle as you possibly can with her and have tons

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I really wouldn't know what to tell considering that I'm a virgin and 2 inches smaller than you. I guess you can try going as gentle as you possibly can with her and have tons of foreplay so you can get her as wet as possible before going any further in. You probably already know this. I don't know man, just be careful with that thing.

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Can an administrator change this over to sex with a large penis please
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If this hasn't occurred to you already...stop jelqing.

Go easy with her. Do lots of foreplay and make sure she comes at least twice before you have intercourse. Buy and use big condoms and lots of lube. Go slowly, enter her gently, and let her control the rate and rhythm at first, or the entire time. Aim down toward her ass in missionary to try to get under her cervix, because you will bash it if you don't seek the deep spot.

There are lots of good posts on this site with that sort of information. Good luck and let us know how it went.

Sex is sexy without the why.
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Originally Posted by jelqer9 View Post
OMG come on people just one answer lol
You read my post inccorectly. The person I was saying the following to:

Originally Posted by Fade View Post
That isn't a Women's Issue, nor is it pertinent to this thread

You might want to try looking through these, instead
Was THIS guy:

Originally Posted by Clintriprock View Post
How much did you gain with jelquing. How long before you saw results. I'm good sized but can always use more
I made a legitimate reply to the original post. Check the 7th post

"New game! Everyone pretend to be a nice rug, winner doesn't get shot in the face!"

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Originally Posted by jelqer9 View Post

Okay yall on friday I am going to take a new girl out Friday to the movies to see Ted. (Funny as shit by the way I already saw it and I dont mind seeing it again.) This girl is petite and I think she has only had sex with one person. My question is, am I too big for her?

The reason why I ask this is because my ex-girlfriend and I had a few problems during sex. When I got bigger from jelqing they got worse. Four problems were me trying to get in her, I would have to almost force my way into her and then I would have to go slow until she said I could go faster. She would have me stop sometimes then keep going. She didnt like being ontop because I was too long. And sometimes the day after sex she would be in pain because she told me I was just too big and that it hurt.

My ex-gf was very permiscuios before I met her. Which one of the reason why I started jelqing was because she felt too loose. Then once I got much bigger she was VERY tight. And my ex use to take some dick apparently, I mean some big guys. After I got bigger she told me it felt like she lost her virginity again.

Im not saying that I am going to try to have sex with this girl friday. But Shes alot smaller and thinner than my ex and I am a little over nine inches and pretty thick.

Any advice from the ladies and well endowed men on what I should do when the time comes?

Thanks yall and serious answers please. Dont tell me my dick is not 9 inches and blah blah because I have pictures and video, I tried asking this on yahoo but its better on here because I have proof.

*And I may repost this again if I dont get enough or good answers, FYI.*
How the hell do I know if some dude is too big for some other woman? Do I run around fucking dudes with her pussy? No! Are you too big for her? Ask her!

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.
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The size of the chick has nothing to do with the size of her pussy, just like guys size has nothing to do with the size of his dick. The tightest girl I have been with was also the biggest, weight and height. Dont worry about it till you get there.
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Me and my girl still have issues to this day (a year strong) about how long and somewhat thick I am. Use plenty of lube, I can't fit in anyways but I let her decide how much she wants, you ask if it's too much, if you should slow down, put in more, etc.

Eventually she'll get used to your size, give it time and patients

I need a bj..
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just fuck her and u will know !
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All women are built differently, just like men. If you try a couple of times and it hurts her everytime, stop trying. She is not built for big dick.

Some girls can take big dick, some girls can't. Just like some guys are big dicks and some guys don't.

There is someone out there for everyone. But everyone isn't built for everyone.
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I was a virgin until my ex...some of y'all are mean! Lol
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Dude..Im going to call bullshit on this story for one simple reason. You say your ex GF was a ho and she fucked a bunch of big dicks and got stretched out. Then you claim you started PE and now its tight like a virgin. That is 100% untrue. Your girth is not that huge for one and for another thing fucking a bunch of guys, hung or not does NOT stretch a woman's vagina. My God..do you really believe that? How do you explain older women with tight vaginas? Im over 40 and I've had sex literally thousands of times since I lost my virginity and my BF will attest to the fact that I am TIGHT inside.
How do you explain women who've had babies which are about 6x the circumference of your dick and are still tight. Having sex does not stretch you out. Im sorry but that is not how the body works.

Yes you have a large penis and yes it may hurt her but not because of anything youve done or who youve been with. If it hurts its because she's sensitive or shaped in a way thats not accommodating or maybe she's tight, but any woman can feel pain from any man, large or small. There is only one way to find out.

I just DNGAF
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You are long, but not really that thick. So if it hurts you most likely am pushing too much of your meat in (for that particular moment ..).

And I don't believe that PE can change your dick in a way that it feels too loose to a point she feels like a virgin. Just like that. Unless .. You weren't really hard before. With a floppy dick it of course will feel more loose.
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What is jelqing anyway?
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i have received the very same feedback from girls i have had sex after a break , and when i have been jelqing meanwhile. it really makes me - especially thicker , but longer also, because it makes me HARDER: for me it takes some time before i get fully hard, it happens usually during intercourse only (many have said they love the feeling the dick growing inside). and i think this is the case for most big dicks , at least according to big dick porn where guys have obviously difficulties to get fully hard. so from this part, the story is credible to me .

because i have similar problems at the moment, i sincerily hope that the old recipe of just trying to be sensitive & understand her sweet spots, but also the ways you can hurt her, will get your sexual chemistry working - then the fun starts.

ps: about petite girls having small pussies - this is really not the case: the size of body doesnt tell anything about how much girl can take inside.
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Fade and Older Guy gave you some really good advice.
Seaside makes a valid argument.

*most of the folks here were trying to be helpful... you can just overlook the smartass remarks.*


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